Black in the slammer

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Black in the slammer

Worth reading, if only for the hilarious and telling punchline. I'm surprised Black published it, even though it is a line no writer could resist:

As for this CBC interview, I can only hope that someone emails this passage to the warden of the institution where he expects to get time off for good behaviour:

"It’s quite Spartan, and you are subject to the authority of unskilled labour frequently masquerading as figures of much more natural or earned authority than they actually possess," he said, referring to prison guards and officials.


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He really is an inflated blowhard, isn't he? Laughing


He did admit to being guilty of hubris, yes.

And considering he denied all the other stuff, that is saying something.

I also seem to remember that his "lordship" wasn't all that natural or earned either. He had to pay for it.


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He's not worried? Obviously Canadian prisons are different from US prisons.