Bloody Sunday Report

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Bloody Sunday Report

The families of those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday and the soldiers involved are studying Lord Saville's report on the events.

The outcome of the Bloody Sunday inquiry, the longest and most expensive public inquiry in UK legal history, is due to be made public later.

Ken Burch

The report also stated that the British Army fired the first shot. 

After thirty-eight years, finally, the truth.

And David Cameron actually apologised for it in the Commons.   


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Hopefully this will lead to better treatment of Catholics in the north. Doubtful, but hopefully.


Im sure the Catholic in Ireland are treated as well as they ever will and this report will do nothing to change that. Especially since it was a civil rights march, organized by a protestant. Its the peace accords and agreements that have made the difference, not an expensive, long overdue report that will actually change nothing and soon fade from view. Its not like they will prosecute the soldiers or anything