Bolsonaro: ecocide, genocide and class violence in Brazil

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Like Trump, no problem "walking with Israel" (stomping over the Palestinians) while at the same time supporting anti-semitic white supremacists. This was bad during the last Brazilian dictatorship, and got a hell of a lot worse in Argentina (both countries with significant Jewish populations).


Brazil's Fascist Threat And US-Backed War on Latin American Leftist Pink Tide

Moderate Rebels episode 29: Max Blumenthal and Ben Norton are joined by Brazilian political analyst Aline Pivato to discuss the election of fascist Jair Bolsonaro as Brazil's new president, and the regional impact. We talk about his far-right extremism, support for military dictatorship, threats against leftists and Evangelical, pro-Israel politics.

'Another factor we did not fully understand is Israel's role in all this. There were rumors that the Israel Lobby in the US were lobbying for Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro was baptized in Israel two years ago. Throughout the campaign he said that the relationship with Israel would be an important part of it. And somehow this turned into 'a sign' for the Evangelicals here. On Sunday when people were celebrating Bolsonaro's win, you saw Israel's flag everywhere...'

We also address the US-sponsored war on the left-wing Pink Tide in Latin America, which has also been beaten back in several countries Aline, who is a professor in Venezuela, explains how Trump and Bolsonaro will ramp up aggression against Caracas..."

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..from post #51

The lesson of Brazil


The Shock

At this point, everyone is in shock. The natural reflex is to point to the dreadful manipulation of the right, through the use of the media, elite corruption and repression. That’s completely true. The election campaign that just ended illustrates the tremendous slippage of the current liberal democracies, and not only in Brazil (think of the United States). There is a strong tendency to turn politics into a huge show where anything can be said. One might have thought, however, that the left, the PT and the popular movements should have seen it coming.

The victory of a fascist comes two years after President Dilma Roussef was overthrown in a “constitutional” coup, the logical and natural consequence of which was Lula’s imprisonment. Even before that, in 2013, the right had taken the initiative by organizing real mass movements in the street to confront the inanities of the PT government, unable to tame the repression and reorient the country to the needs of the people instead of mounting megalomaniac projects (the Olympics, among others). With various media, police and judicial operations, the PT apparatus found itself in hot water. These episodes, events, scandals and other phenomena have of course been reflected in and mobilized by a highly-organized Right in Brazil, deeply embedded in the state apparatus, “armed” by a vast coterie of “service” intellectuals and firmly seated in a racist and reactionary culture that is the legacy of 500 years of social apartheid and slavery.

Dark spots of the left

That being said, it is necessary to look elsewhere. A product of the great workers and democratic struggles of the 1980s, the PT emerged from oblivion with a project of emancipation that boasted some new features. The need to “democratize the democracy” and redistribute wealth to the popular sectors resulted in a broadly attractive and arguably hegemonic project. This kind of “not so quiet revolution” seemed an ideal way to change this country without too many clashes and grinding of teeth. Once elected in 2002 after a decade of slow and partial victories, the PT enjoyed a state of grace, spurred by an economic boom propelled by rising resource prices. This giant country of agrobusiness and mining and petroleum industries amassed a lot of money, and this allowed Lula and his government to redistribute part of the wealth without harming the interests of the better-off sectors. They were never supporters of the PT but they could tolerate it with the thought that the new governance had the effect of pacifying popular demands and moderating more radical sectors. For example, PT governments continued to refuse the major demand of the MST to implement an extensive agrarian reform, thereby reinforcing the power of agrobusiness, the most dynamic sector of Brazilian capitalism. The same thing can be said for the political system.

Shortly after Lula’s election, some dissident sectors had dared to take their distance by insisting that no real change could occur in Brazil without a ruthless fight against a thoroughly rotten political system. Elected officials at all levels, civil servants, members of the judiciary and the repressive apparatus were gangrened by perverted manipulative practices and a corresponding ideology in which the supreme principle is personal profit, anchored in a deep hatred of the people. Lula and the PT leadership simply chose to live with this system.


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Students in São Paulo debating resistance to Bolsonaro after the election. (Pic: Margarida Salomão on Twitter)


'Where there is Indigenous land, there is wealth underneath it.'

"Bolsonaro is literally calling for Indigenous genocide and people still refuse to connect the dots between settler colonialism and fascism."

No surprise either to find CBC shilling for the 'business opportunities' it offers Canadian capital.


Heard of these people’s before and if no one objects I’ll post the link here


Brazil's 'Slow Motion Coup' - General Admits Intimidating Court Into Imprisoning Lula da Silva

"Last weekend, a high-ranking general of Brazil's military, General Villas Boas, admitted in an interview to the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo that he threatened Brazil's Supreme Court so that it would rule in favor of Lula's imprisonment..."


TRNN: Bolton Meets Far-Right President-Elect Bolsonaro to Nail Down Cooperation With Brazil (and vid)

"National Security advisor John Bolton visited Brazil on Thursday to find areas of agreement with Brazil's recently elected far-right leader Jair Bolsonaro. Key targets include Venezuela and Cuba...."


Lessons From Bolsonaro's Victory  -  Glenn Greenwald

"Brazil - a long-time center-left country - just elected an extremist authoritarian. Why? Can't blame Putin. Migration is a non-issue. It's because the ruling class failed, lost all credibility & people opted for anyone who was its enemy. Learn this lesson."


TRNN: Neoliberalism is Fueling the Flames of Fascism (and vid)

"After performing in Brazil, Roger Waters discusses the rise of Jair Bolsonaro and the murder of Marielle Franco."

Part 2


Israeli Troops Are Arriving in Brazil...(and vid)

"...And an attempt for the country to interfere in Venezuelan politics."


Huge find NDPP!

Big speculation now, where to start?

Ok, Venezuela. Whoever Iran helps, Israel is right there. So good chance that Iran and probably Russia are helping the Venezuela military to a much greater extent than we can confirm. 

Also it’s a well known fact that the Israeli military is an obedient servant of US imperialism. They could be there to help defend Bolsonaro? But for US imperialism to resort to this, there must be a strong threat that the Bolsonaro regime is under. Probably something that we would never know thanks to the imperialist corporate media. 

Either way, clear military build up in South America. The odds of war are increasing 


It's also true that there's been a disaster in Brazil involving the collapse of a large mining tailings pond and Israel regularly contributes troops to assist in such things. It's good PR and Brazil is a friend of Israel. Canada does the same. That's their story. Others have their own.

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“This Is Just the Beginning”: Greenwald on Rising State Violence & Homophobia in Bolsonaro’s Brazil


GLENN GREENWALD: So, this is what everybody was afraid of when Bolsonaro won. He got elected based on his promise to unleash the police and to authorize indiscriminate violence in the favelas, where the poorest people in Brazil live, largely black; to give the police immunity for when they engage in indiscriminate slaughter. He’s talked about this as a war. He is using the Duterte model in the Philippines of just going in and indiscriminately killing poor people, killing drug dealers but also innocent people. And the governor of Rio de Janeiro is, on some level, even more extreme.

And this is probably the first overt manifestation of that policy, where 13 people were killed. Folha, the largest newspaper in Brazil, reported that at least several, if not most, of the people killed were executed after they surrendered, which means it was just summary execution. The police laughed and told the frightened residents that the next time it will be 20 people who are dead. So, this is just the beginning of what is certain to be a very frightening climate.

As far as Congressman Jean Wyllys fleeing the country, that obviously is very frightening, as well, given that the other prong of Bolsonaro’s appeal was his constant, vicious homophobia, depicting gay people as pedophiles, as a threat to children. And Jean was a really courageous figure. He was, for a long time, the only openly gay member of the Brazilian Congress. He was literally physically bullied. They would bash into him in the hallway when they passed him. They would call him “faggot.” He suffered a lot over the last decade. I know him personally very well. And he just reached a point where he was getting very specific death threats, saying, “Here’s your address. Here’s your license plate. We’re going to chop your mother up and send her—send you her head.” Horrific things. And he decided he just no longer could withstand that level of fear. My husband, as you said, ran for Congress, came in right behind him, and therefore legally took over that position when Jean Wyllys renounced it. And my husband is now one of two openly gay members of the lower house of the Brazilian Congress and is already facing similar kinds of attacks and similar kinds of threats.

That’s the climate that has been created here in Brazil, quite deliberately, by President Bolsonaro. But, you know, we’ll see how things unfold. There’s a lot of opposition in the media, I’m happy to report. There’s a vibrant left-wing movement coalescing against this, and I have a lot of optimism about the ability to fight against this.



The Strange Case of the Guardian and Brazil

"When challenged on why the US DOJ's role in Lula's case had not been reported, a Guardian writer argued that the 'public wouldn't be interested.' Throughout Lula's prosecution his defence team held regular press conferences - the Guardian never attended."


Brazil President Raises Eyebrows Saying Holocaust Can Be Forgiven

"Turns out, Chrystia Freeland's fascist amigo in South America is, of course, a Holocaust forgiver."


MUST HEAR: Amazonia: Ecocide & Genocide Spike Under Bolsonaro - DW Radio Report (podcast)

"So for the Indigenous there are hard times ahead...Now a Canadian group, Belo Sun, wants to create a huge gold mine there. They only want to stay there for 12 years. They want to mine 60 tonnes of gold over this time. Then what? Their motto is 'After Us The Deluge'. The Brazilian environmental laws are a mockery..." (19:45)


Thanks for posting NDPP. The Indigenous people’s of Brazil are in my opinion particularly unique. Some of these people’s live in complete isolation as they have before the onslaughts of the Portuguese invaders. I’m sure we can debate the details. 

This issue deserves more attention from babblers 


WATCH: Interview With Brazil's Ex-President Lula From Prison

"Former Brazilian President Lula spoke to Glenn Greenwald about a wide range of issues, including Bolsonaro and Brazil, but mostly about the dangers the planet faces from collective threats and global political changes around the world."


Which does not in the least preclude the most vicious antisemitism. (I'm thinking of Jewish comrades from Brazil and Argentina).


"Spanish security forces arrested Jair Bolsonaro's military entourage at the Sevilla airport for possession of 39 kilos of cocaine..."


That is very amusing and confirms the mafiaish nature of the régime, but I doubt it will have lasting consequences. Alas.


'He Wants to Destroy Us': Bolsonaro Poses Gravest Threat in Decades Amazon Tribes Say

"We are in a situation of great danger. Bolsonaro is proving himself to be the number-one enemy of the Indigneous..."


WATCH: "Fires continue out of control in the Amazon..."


'The Fires Raging Across The Amazon Are Not Natural'

"The fires raging across the Amazon are not natural. These are fires that are being set to clear forests for agricultural land. We are raising funds to support Indigenous led responses to these catastrophic fires..."


"As the Amazon burns, 13 progressive Democratic Members of Congress request clarification on the US Department of Justice's role in Jair Bolsonaro's rise to power."

Bolsonaro is responsible for the fires. USA is responsible for Bolsonaro. Canada supports both.

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What a tragedy. i agree NDPP, those you mentioned are all guilty of letting this happen.


"I used to be called Captain Chainsaw. Now I am Nero, setting the Amazon ablaze." - Bolsonaro


"Canada and Brazil enjoy a deep relationship...numerous relationships between people as well as our close cooperation on security and defence, agriculture, education, technology and innovation..." - 'Canada Congratulates Brazil's President-Elect',  (Oct, 2018, Chrystia Freeland - Global Affairs  Canada).


How Jair Bolsonaro Emboldened Brazilian Agribusiness To Torch The Amazon & Attack Indigenous Peoples (and vid)

Democracy Now reports...


Canada Rejects Calls To End Trade Talks Despite Brazil's Stand on Amazon

"Global Affairs reports 'good progress' in talks with South American trading bloc. Over three-quarters of Canada's current trade is with Brasil. But can a truly 'progressive' trade deal be reached with a Brazilian president dubbed the Donald Trump of South America...?"

Of course not. No more than the neoliberal concrete-coffin CUSMA one reached with the Donald Trump of North America. Canada and the Lima Group have also just blocked a Venezuelan proposal for an emergency meeting of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization on the ongoing Amazon-fires ecocide.  Canada's increasingly active junior partner role in Pax Americana must be countered by Canadian progressives asap.


WATCH: Bees Are Dying Rapidly in Record Numbers in Brazil

"Nearly 500 million bees died in Brazil in just 3 months in 2019..."

Canada's support for Bolsonaro: Ecocide is Genocide.


Bolsonaro has a point. Everyone is crying about the Amazon and how it is the lungs of the earth while we continue burning fossil fuels at an ever increasing rate. 

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TRNN: Rainforest On Fire: Brazilians Mobilize Against President's Amazon Policies (and vid)

"Mobilizations took place throughout Brazil on Monday to declare their opposition to President Bolsonaro's environmental policies, which have contributed to the largest increase in Amazon rainforest fires in years.

'We breathe the same air. When it runs out for me, it runs out for everyone.' - Indigenous protester-

Shame on Bolsonaro! [Now let's get that TMX tar-sands crude pipeline built ASAP Trudeau!]


WATCH: "Wildfires burning unchecked is only the latest threat to the Amazon and its indigenous population. Alessandra Munduruku [Demands] Brazil's congress in April 2019 to force President Bolsonaro to stop destroying the land..."

Sound familiar 'Brazil North' ?

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vergonha em Bolsonaro!

Para baixo com Bolsonaro!


The Western oligarchy deposed Lulu and installed this asshole. Funny how our progressive Canadian voices are not calling for a new election with Lulu running.


Engler: Canada And Bolsonaro

"Justin Trudeau and Canadian corporations have contributed to the rise of a proto-facist Brazilian politician who has accelerated the destruction of the 'planet's lungs'. With over $10 billion invested in Brazil, corporate Canada appears excited by Bolsonaro. Brazil is now a member of the Canada/Peru instigated 'Lima Group' of countries hostile to the Nicolas Maduro government..."


Escobar: World Statesman Lingers in Jail While A Clownish Thug is in Power

Lula tells world he's back in the game from jail..."

Apparently Trudeau/Freeland and Canadian Big Business prefer the 'Clownish Thug'


KPFA: The Burning Amazon (podcast)

Maria Luiza Mendoza, director, network for social justice, Sao Paolo analyzes. "Destroying the Amazon is linked to international Agri-business. Only a global boycott will pressure a change."


On Contact: Future of the Amazon Rainforest

"Host Chris Hedges talks to Sonia Bone Guajajara, leader of 300 indigenous ethnic groups in Brazil about the future of the Amazon rainforest, its peoples, climate change and the policies of conservative Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro..."


Viva Lula! (and vid)

"Leaving here without my innocence is leaving like a rat..."


WATCH: Glenn Greenwald on Marielle Franco Murder

"The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald explains the shocking news from Brazil linking the Bolsonaro family to the murder of Rio de Janeiro city councilwoman Marielle Franco..."