Boston Marathon hit by explosions

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Some translation is in order here:

And to heck with the 19-year old's right to a fair trial. Because at some point soon it'll be payback time for some vicious empire blah blah blah

Actually a guy bought as a rebuttal to the inevitable conspiracy theories that are already infesting the interweb.


I guess 'the guy' knew it was bound to happen whomever he is. Beware of the guy and "the internets." Trust and obey, it's the only way for sure. But more importantly I find it's best to trust no one. Fear of foreigners and expecially ones from oil-rich territories highly coveted by Exxon-Imperial, BP and the like is the way I roll now after this news media extravaganza out of Boston.

Hey YOU! Small Poster

Whether conspiracy theorizing, or caught dead to rights doing unAmerican activities, it's the same thing rilly.



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Suspected Marathon Bomber May Never Speak Again, Israeli Director of Boston Hospital Says

A good demonstration of their adherence to the Hippocratic Oath, given the ideology that the alleged bomber's brother is reported to have held.

That is why you posted that, right?


As an aside, I heard a snippet of cross country checkup on Sunday. As luck would have it, it was the caller who mused a few times about whether it might have been the Masons who pulled the strings on this one.




And speaking of making shit up, here's the Daily Mail's version of the thrilling arrest:


BTS: More Questions Than Answers...(and vid)

"Abby Martin talks to Mickey Huff, Director of Project Censored about media coverage in the wake of the Boston bombings."


Crosstalk: Labeling Terrorists (and vid)

"In the wake of the Boston bombings, should we reconsider the use of the term 'terrorism?'"


4/19 The Date It All Came Together

"April 19, 2013, is a day to remember, not so much for the killing and capture of two 'terrorists', but as a milestone in the rise of the 21st century American surveillance police state.."


Orwell Does America  - by Pepe Escobar

"Welcome to the sweet abyss of an Orwellian vortex. 2013 increasingly looks like 1984.."


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NorthReport wrote:

Apparently the FBI had Tamerlan in their crosshairs previously, based on a tip from a foreign country - perhaps Russia.

Has this been reported in the USA or North American media yet? ...

uhhh, post #203 ?

#159 actually...

'They Were Set Up, FBI Followed Them For Years,' Tsarnaev's Mother To RT

"...But her biggest suspicion surrounding the case was the constant FBI surveillance she said her family was subjected to over the years. She is surprised that having been so stringent with the entire family, the FBI had no idea the sons were supposedly planning a terrorist act..."

shades of the Toulouse shooter Mohammed Merah and revelations he was a protected asset of French intelligence...

Were the Tarnaev's set up by the Gladio Crew? This sounds like a plot line from The Parallax View with Warren Beatty dated 1974. The bastards aren't even trying to be original.

Three Days of the Condor w Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, & Max Von Sydow as the sinister Joubert wrote:

[after Joubert unexpectedly kills someone]

Joe Turner: Why?

Joubert: I don't interest myself in "why". I think more often in terms of "when", sometimes "where"; always "how much".

Joubert doesn't care what the names of his faceless bosses are - he's just a jobber himself and only really cares about the 'how much?' end of things. Just like their jobbers in 1980's Afghanistan, El Salvador, Guatemala & Nicaragua, 1990's Bosnia & Macedonia, 2000's Libya, Syria, Mali etc ad nauseum. We know something about the real terrorist network and how they operate. Just like the mafia, all the power the corrupt and treacherous bastards have left is threaten to off and whack one another as well as any innocent bystanders who may come in handy. It really is a sad thing to watch a vicious empire coming apart at the seams.


How the Boston Bombing is Already Being Exploited to Introduce Tyranny (and vid)

"...For a few days, Boston became an Orwellian nightmare. They city lockdown and subsequent militarization was swift, though any intelligent and guilty suspect could have easily left the area beforehand.

This kind of response to catch only two supposed perpetrators is outlandish, unless you understand that it was not about catching the bomber.  rather it was an exercise designed to test the malleability of the American people during a crisis scenario..."


Like Fifth-Rate Marx Brothers Without the Laughs  -  by Arthur Silber

"...The Killer Klowns of Death who patrolled Boston and environs last week are exactly as competent as that young, doubtless 'well-intentioned' guy who took your order at lunch -- and got it wrong."


Boston Bombing Suspect Acted as CIA Agent: Wayne Madsen (and vid)

"...There is some evidence that the mother is correct about at least the older son Tamerlan Tsarnaev of being co-opted either as an asset or some sort of agent or informant by the Central Intelligence Agency..."


Boston Bombers' Uncle Married Daughter of Top CIA Official

"Ruslan Tsarni married the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller, who spent 20 years as operations officer in Turkeyl, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Hong Kong. In 1982, Fuller was appointed the National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia at the CIA..."


US Domestic Security Turned Massive Failure

"...from the very beginning narrative started to form, they placed these suspects into another camp and particularly into a terrorist camp. President Obama initially was very careful not to call this an act or terror and not to use that word, but the next day he was calling it an act of terror.

There started to be rumors that having come from Chechnya, which has a large Islamic presence but not normally associated with Al Qaeda, they got radicalized. I feel that from the very beginning that was the best case scenario in a lot of people's words, to have them be Muslims, who became radicalized, and did this [as] part of jihad.

I feel this will only increase people's tendencies towards islamophobia."


Has Brzezinski's Terror Come Back To America?

"The manhunt for the suspected Boston bombers has ended...sort of. Now America's great game of 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' - cranks up as to who to blame for motivating the Tzarnaev brothers. The purpose of all this of course, is to distract searching for the real culprits.."

howeird beale

[url=][siz... Boston Bombing Web of Lies[/size][/url]

Julie Levesque wrote:

Canada’s Complicity in the War on Terror

Three days after Boston was locked down, invaded by a colossal police-military apparatus on a surreal “teenagehunt”, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police made a very timely announcement: they had foiled a terrorist plot targeting a Via Rail passenger train. Or so they say.

In a very absurd press conference where three RCMP officers repeatedly answered questions with “we cannot comment as the investigation is ongoing”, the only information they seemed very eager to disclose was that the suspects “received guidance from Al-Qaeda in Iran”.

lNow it's Al CIA'da in Iran. Too funny. Our corrupt stooges should be ashamed of themselves.

Julie Levesque wrote:

We may recall a “terrorist plot” revealed in late November 2001. According to mainstream reports, Ahmed Ressam, who was convicted of plotting to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in 1999, had also planned to bomb a Montreal area with “the most visible concentration of Jews in Canada — a vibrant area of some 5,000 ultra-Orthodox Jews who stand out because of their traditional outfits of black coats and hats for men, long skirts and wigs for women. » (Ingrid Peritz, Montreal’s brush with terror, The Globe and Mail, November 30, 2001.)

The Globe stated further:

Members of the Hasidic community in Outremont responded with shock after hearing that Mr. Ressam and Samir Ait Mohamed wanted to detonate a bomb in the area because it was predominantly Jewish.

The stated choice of explosives — a bomb on a gasoline truck — evoked the detonating power of the fuel-laden planes that ripped through the World Trade Center. (Ibid.)

Samir Aït Mohamed happened to be a fake Algerian refugee and “an informant for Canadian law-enforcement authorities [RCMP].” (Mike Carter, Montreal bomb plot revealed in Ressam case documents, Seattle Times, November 30, 2001.)

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) was also involved in a terrorist plot. Joseph Gilles Breault, a.k.a. Youssef Mouammar or Abou Djihad, had threatened to attack the Montreal metro with a biochemical weapon in 1998. He was a CSIS agent.

Canadian Gladios felled by their own swords. Hi-larryous.


Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect May Have Known Canadian Jihadist

"A Canadian boxer who was killed while fighting with jihadists in Russia has emerged as a key contact who may have set the elder Boston bomber on his path to violent extremism..."


Sibel Edmonds - Video Interview: CIA, Caucasus & Tsarnaev Brothers (and vid)

ex-FBI analyst and whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds interview


Ottawa Sun Editorial: Harper Showing Real Leadership

"As more deep background rolls out on the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and the movements of Canada's alleged VIA Rail bomb plotters, one politician in this country has shown leadership truly worthy of the world stage...

In the Harper government, we also have a foreign affairs minister in John Baird who has no compunction condemning the odious Richard Falk, the UN's special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories for using the Boston bombings to launch yet another of his vile attacks.

'Once again, Richard Falk has spewed more mean-spirited, anti-Semitic rhetoric, this time blaming the attacks in Boston on President Obama and the State of Israel,' said Baird as he demanded Falk's immediate removal.

'The UN should be ashamed to even be associated with him.'

This, folks, is what true leadership looks like and sounds like.

It's not to be taken for granted."


Indeed. And this is what fascism and Zionism sounds like. The time grows short to act against it...


Of course, if you aren't completely sucked-in by our imperialist gendarmes in the rcmpee, CSIS, FBI & CIA bystanders to it all operating from the shadows, then you're obviously a conspiracy theorist.




If the anti-conspiracy theory skeptics had two clues to rub together to try and ignite a thought of their own, there's always the risk that they'll set their brains on fire, but it might also dawn on them that the problem of terrorism would partially solve itself if the mall cops weren't in the business of cultivating it.  It's almost as if every terrorist we know of has had their very own CIA/CSIS handler at one point or another, or was otherwise known to certain elements of the security apparatus.


Fascism Alert! Bloomberg: Terrorism Requires A "Change" In Our Quaint View Of Constitution


“It really says something bad about us that we have to do it," Bloomberg said of using magnetometers in schools.

But our obligation first and foremost is to keep our kids safe in the schools; first and foremost, to keep you safe if you go to a sporting event; first and foremost is to keep you safe if you walk down the streets or go into our parks. We cannot let the terrorists put us in a situation where we can’t do those things. And the ways to do that is to provide what we think is an appropriate level of protection."

Sounds like a "protection" racket. Well if anything is certain, it's that terrorists dislike Americans for having so many freedoms. And the only way to counter the false flags is to remove those freedoms. Bloomberg wants to acquiesce to the next would-be teenaged terrorists out there, somewhere, plotting against America. God help them.


Three more suspects have been taken into custody in connection to last month's twin bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed three people and injured hundreds of others, Boston police say.

Police posted a statement on their website Wednesday saying there is no threat to public safety and that there is no additional information to be released at this time, adding that more details will be provided "when they become available."


I think it's worthwhile to bear in mind that most, if not all forms of anti-social behaviour contain elements of the political, including the differentiation of attacks upon society into the specified categories of 'deranged murder' and 'terrorism.'


Dirty Wars: Terror Begets Terror / Jeremy Scahill - Breaking the Set (and vid)

Abby Martin interviews Jeremy Scahill


Canadian Jihadist's Video May Have Inspired Boston Bomber (and vid)

howeird beale

NDPP wrote:


Family of Boston Bombing Suspects Received 'Stunning' $100,000 in Government Benefits: Report

For services rendered...?


100k between 2012 and 2002. That's $8,333.33 per annum. That's $694.44 cents a month.

$694.44 dollars a month for a family of six; then divided between the assistance the parent's family continued to receive and the assistance Tamerlan, his wife and young child received, including the value of the food stamps.

And, being social assistance payments, I'm sure the Post wouldn't be inclined to round the value of assistance down, unless the recipient was, say, John Major.

I would think a good socialist would take the opportunity to connect the hateful laissez-faire attitude of the Post to its mockery of the poor, rather than legitimizing this stigmatization. I would think a good socialist would use these statistics to point out the miserly nature of relief in a state where both the Kennedy and Bush families maintain their palatial estates.


Thank you for so clearly delineating the calibre of your intellect  and character.


howeird beale wrote:


I would think a good socialist would take the opportunity to connect the hateful laissez-faire attitude of the Post to its mockery of the poor, rather than legitimizing this stigmatization.

The Telegraph actually. Their views not mine.


RT: Boston Bombing: What You Aren't Told (and vid)

[Ep 14] "Triggers pulled on #4th, 2nd & 1st Amendments, distracted by flag-waving; clunky FBI propaganda


NDPP I like most of your posts but I think he was pointing to the comment that I believe was yours, "For services rendered...?"  I too found that post offensive as soon as I read the story and realized the payments were for things like welfare and food stamps.


Fair enough...I didn't realize the nature of the payments at time of posting either. Will remove comment.


How the Boston Bombings May Change The World For the Worse! Who's Behind

"The relations between the suspected Boston Marathon bombers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) and the Boston Police (BP) is a point of contention and controversy."


Trolling for Terrorist Recruits in Caucasus

"It turns out there is a Georgian connection and a fund that was set up to conduct 'outreach' to Chechen youth..."


Family of Boston Bombing Suspects Received 'Stunning' $100,000 in Government Benefits: Report

comment removed


Boston Marathon, This Thing They Called Terrorism and the United States  -  by Bill Blum

"The American Empire is not anti-Islam. It's anti-only those who present serious barriers to the Empire's plan for world domination..."



The Terrorist 'Radicalization' of the Tsarnaev Brothers  -  by Gary Leupp

"...The moral question thus arises: If George W Bush could slaughter Iraqi civilians in the name of fighting Muslim extremism, and if Barack Obama can bomb innocents in several Muslim countries virtually at will, why can't Muslims kill US civilians in the name of fighting back?"

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

NDPP wrote:

The Terrorist 'Radicalization' of the Tsarnaev Brothers  -  by Gary Leupp

"...The moral question thus arises: If George W Bush could slaughter Iraqi civilians in the name of fighting Muslim extremism, and if Barack Obama can bomb innocents in several Muslim countries virtually at will, why can't Muslims kill US civilians in the name of fighting back?"

I will say an attack like Boston or 9-11 is fucked up, because, like any attack from whom ever that kills civilians, it is, but you’ll never hear me say “oh, how dare they” or “why did they do that?” I always laugh at the media when they state that. 

I get the idea most of my countrymen tend to think we can fight this "war on terrorists" without any casualties (aside from the military) which is totally unrealistic. I've expressed several times in conversations that you can’t fight a war and expect to not have casualties and when they find out I'm talking about civilians (USA citizens) as the casualties I'm talking about from reprisal attacks either aboard or here and not the inevitable military ones most are shocked and even offended. 

Not a very popular view down here. I must be hanging around you folks too much.Laughing 


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Not a very popular view down here.

We can just imagine. They're prolly good people, Bec, just a little misinformed is all.

I must be hanging around you folks too much.Laughing

Babblers are good people, too. Even them who suspend my posting privies when prescribing a dose of reality. Truth is sometimes not an easy pill to swallow. Open dialog is the way.


FBI Director Continues Cover-Up of Contacts with Boston Bombing Suspects  -  by Barry Grey

"...FBI Director Robert Mueller continued the official cover-up of the advance warnings and extensive contacts between the FBI and other intelligence and security agencies and the suspects in the April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon"


wsws wrote:
Russian security officials also alerted the CIA about the elder Tsarnaev brother in November of 2011, and he was placed on at least two US terror watch lists. There are also reports that in November 2012, Russia gave the FBI a case file on Tsarnaev detailing his contacts with Islamist separatist militants during his stay in Dagestan, and that Saudi Arabian officials sent a report the same year to the Department of Homeland Security warning that Tamerlan Tsarnaev might be planning a terrorist attack.

Well these capitalists and their security apparatus are surely just incompetent, aren't they? I mean, why would they ignore Russian intelligence warnings similarly 12 years after the mother of all terrorist attacks perpetrated by 19 alleged pseudo-Muslim hijackers whose real identities are still unknown to the FBI? It's obvious by now that the terrorists are keenly aware their acts of terrorism will cause a marked reduction of American freedoms. It's amazing how would-be terrorists are so clever in knowing how to undermine freedoms for tens of millions of ordinary Americans and many of who know nill next to nothing about what the U.S. Military government is actually doing in the Middle East and around the world . I wonder who's paying would-be haters to remain so hateful of ordinary Americans and their many freedoms? It's a complete mystery for millions of us.


[url= FBI Agents Involved in Arrest of Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s “FALL” Out of Helicopter and Die[/size][/url]

Two members of the FBI’s elite counterterrorism unit died Friday while practicing how to quickly drop from a helicopter to a ship using a rope, the FBI announced Monday in a statement.The statement gave few details regarding the deaths of Special Agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, other than to say the helicopter encountered unspecified difficulties and the agents fell a “significant distance.”Last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. And in February, it rescued a 5-year-old boy held hostage for six days in an underground bunker in Alabama.“Whenever things go really wrong, the FBI calls in the Hostage Rescue Team. It’s the government’s 911,” Coulson said.

Treacherous bastards.

Man with ties to Boston bombing suspect admits role in 2011 murders; shot during FBI questioning

Dead men tell no tales.


Boston and the CIA 'Snafu'  -  by F William Engdahl

"In the first part, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl discussed the role of CIA's Graham Fuller in creating the policy of using Jihadist Muslims as trained terrorists in Afghanistan and elsewhere against the Soviet Union.

Herein - largely drawing on the revelations made by FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds - Engdahl throws the spotlight on the entire CIA-sponsored Islamic Jihadist operations run through Fetullah Gulen across Turkey into Central Asia and Russia and China..."


Kill Shot? Photos Show Boston Bombing Suspect's Friend Took FBI Bullet to Top of Head (Photos)

"...They tortured a man for eight hours with no attorney, no witnesses, nobody. We can only guess what was going on there, until there is an official investigation. Maybe my son knew some information the police did not want to be made public. Maybe they wanted to silence my son,' Todashev's father said."


FBI Used Photoshop in Boston Bombings Evidence: Investigative Journalist

"An investigative reporter has revealed that the image released by the FBI as evidence on one of the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombings was doctored with a computer software such as photoshop..."


The FBI Murder of Ibragim Todashev - The Man Who Knew Too Much  -  by Bill Van Auken

"The killing of Todashev and the rapid disintegration of the government's official story - that he was shot after lunging at interrogators with a knife - is an extraordinary event.

It casts into further doubt everything that has been said so far about the Boston Marathon bombings."


BTS: Tsarnaev Trial Begins...(and vid)

"Abby Martin calls out the corporate media for its lack of coverage of the Tsarnaev trial in Boston, while incessantly covering the trial of George Zimmerman..."


FBI Asked Tsarnaev to Work As Informant Before Boston Bombing, Defense Claims

"Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the suspected bombers behind the Boston Marathon bombing last year, was approached by the FBI because of his extremist views and asked to work as an informant, according to court records filed by Dzhokher Tsarnaev's defense team..."


I skimmed past that at lightning speed. Proper netiquette demands not posting upsetting or horrifying photos without an alert, and posting them in a separate file. I'm not an emergency doctor, nurse, paramedic or other first responder, there is no reason for me to be viewing such images.

alan smithee alan smithee's picture

i was eating as I looked at the photos. Disturbing,indeed.

But those images capture the horror of that attack,I believe that they should be seen.

Much like I think the graphic images of the ongoing wars should be seen.It's a reality check.


My apologies to those who assume those injuries are real. I have removed the second pic, but left the link.

The first image was circulated in media at the time, and is widely available on the internet. I post it for anyone (like myself) who has taken any kind of first aid course and knows that you would never, ever, put someone who's just had both legs blown off (who would obviously be in shock if not dead) in a friggin' wheelchair and wheel them to god knows where. Where is the ambulance? And why is the EMR letting Joe Cowboy take the lead in the first pic? It's ridiculous. That's why the pic is posted. It has to be fake.


alan, I know some agree with you, but a diet of horrific pictures can also numb people. I don't want to ban them on this or any thread, but there should be a trigger alert.


Jas, fake or not, please remove the gruesome pics and post a warning if you are leaving links in place.

Catchfire Catchfire's picture

I've removed the photos. The theory you published is highly spurious, jas. I don't want to rehash old arguments about which conspiracy theories are appropriate for babble, but please do not dominate this thread with uncredible theories. And don't put photos like that on babble again, please. Whatever you believe the providence to be.


Um, was just going to but someone removed the post. wtf?

Can you give me the chance to edit it, please?


Catchfire, you apparently have never taken a first aid course yourself.

Do you think it's "credible" that someone who has just had his legs blown off would be allowed to roll around on the ground for several minutes before having his injuries looked at? And then be put in a wheelchair (while somehow not being in shock) with his legs drooping over the edge?

I guess I have an answer now to why we're not hearing any credible public discussion about this.


These ridiculous conspiracy theories have been around since the day after the explosion. Is babble really the place for such nonsense?

Moderators, please close this.


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