BOTH leaderships are wrong in the Israel/Gaza conflict...BOTH need to go

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Ken Burch
BOTH leaderships are wrong in the Israel/Gaza conflict...BOTH need to go

Israel needs to stop its attacks on Gaza immediately(and end all restrictions on freedom of movement for the people of Gaza AND the delivery of relief supplies to Gaza).


At the same time, Hamas needs to stop the rocket attacks on Sderot and Sfad.  Those attacks have never done anything to make Israel change what it is doing to Gaza, have never contributed to the Palestinian independence cause in the slightest, and have only harmed people who bore no personal responsibility for Israeli persecution of Gazans.


Neither side's leadership is doing anything positive or defensible here...and the civilians on both sides are innocent victims of the corrupt, arrogant stupidity. 

The only side a decent person can take in this is the side of peace, justice, reconciliation and equality...a side neither the Israeli government NOR Hamas will ever support-taking this side is the only way to take the side of the civilians of Gaza and of Israel, and the civilians of the human race in general.


A plague on the houses of both leaderships...victory to the people!


Here you go again. How would you like Hamas to "go"? United Nations boycotts Gaza? Blockades it? Invades it?

Meanwhile, you will be developing a program for the next Gaza government which will be far better than the "corrupt, arrogant stupidity" which is all the Palestinians seem capable of?

How about Abbas and the PA? Not corrupt, arrogant, and stupid? They meet your approval? Any tweaks to their policy they should run by you?

I'm being a little wee bit sarcastic, Ken, because you've been down this road before.

I'm no supporter of Hamas, but it's not for me to decide. I've wondered aloud why they launch these rockets, which constitutes violations of international law and doesn't appear to accomplish anything. I haven't heard a reasoned response, other than, "well what are they supposed to do?"

Yet, I have no better answer. And even if I did, how would I go about explaining to the Palestinian people how brilliant this outsider is compared to them?



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Hi Ken. Feel free to repost this in the open thread about the latest Israeli attack here or in the latest Israel and Gaza thread.

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