Botswana Bushmen denied access to water

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Botswana Bushmen denied access to water

people? or animals?:  or are all humans equally mammals & we have to learn to share sustainably?

Outrage as Botswana Bushmen denied access to water

ruling is a blow to the Bushmen. Xoroxloo
Duxee died of dehydration in 2005. © Survival

Survival International:

There was outrage today as Botswana’s
High Court denied the Kalahari
access to water.  
The Judge ruled that the Bushmen were not entitled to access an
existing water borehole on their lands or to drill a new one inside the
Central Kalahari Game Reserve, one of the driest regions in the world.
The hearing
of the case was held on June 9
, but the judge reserved his ruling
until today.

The ruling is a blow to the Bushmen who have struggled without
water since 2002
when the Botswana government sealed and capped a
borehole to drive them out of the reserve. In 2006, the forced
evictions of the Bushmen were declared illegal and unconstitutional by
the High Court
, and hundreds have since returned to their lands.

Despite the ruling, the government banned the Bushmen from
re-commissioning the borehole, leaving them to face what the UN’s
top official on indigenous peoples, James Anaya, described
‘harsh and dangerous conditions due to a lack of access to water’. 


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