Boycott The Toronto International Film Festival!

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Boycott The Toronto International Film Festival!

A thoughtful article by Naomi Klein - We don't feel like celebrating with Israel this year

Jane Fonda and Danny Glover have signed on.

Toronto film festival ignites ant-Israeli boycott - Washington Times

Toronto film festival hit by cultural boycott - (same link, not

Why boycott Israel? - Because Israel is an apartheid state!

Also boycott Canwest and the National Post - though they are bankrupt, laying off employees and demanding concessions and wage cutbacks, they have sponsored 'Brand Israel' and do everything possible to equate an Israeli boycott with anti-semitism.  Fight the BIG LIE! Fight Apartheid!  BOYCOTT!

An open letter to the Toronto International Film Festival


In 2008, the Israeli government and Canadian partners Sidney Greenberg of Astral Media, David Asper of Canwest Global Communications and Joel Reitman of MIJO Corporation launched "Brand Israel," a million dollar media and advertising campaign aimed at changing Canadian perceptions of Israel. Brand Israel would take the focus off Israel's treatment of Palestinians and its aggressive wars, and refocus it on achievements in medicine, science and culture.


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Neither Naomi Klein nor the letter from the artists and filmmakers to TIFF are calling for a boycott of TIFF.

The Washington Post also got that part wrong, and the fact that nobody called the israeli filmmakers "propaganda tools".

It's in the letter, yet must still be portrayed inaccurately by the MSM. No surprise I suppose.


Diogenes wrote:

Toronto film festival ignites ant-Israeli boycott - Washington Post

Toronto film festival hit by cultural boycott -

Diogenes, I appreciate that you can't edit opening posts on babble, but please strive for accuracy. Your first link (above) is from the extreme right-wing Washington [b]Times[/b], owned by the followers of Sun Myung Moon - not the liberal-ish Washington [b]Post[/b].

And, your second link goes to the same Washington Times article. The Guardian article is [url=


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I made the changes to the OP. Thanks for the Guardian link Unionist.

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So they just wrote a protest letter and are not boycotting the TIFF?

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[url= already have a thread dealing, in part, with this.[/url]

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Oops - my boo boo!  Embarassed


I'll close this one, then.

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