Breivik et al Continued: Organized Political Terrorism - The Norwegian Massacre, the State, the Media and Israel

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Too much crap being throw around in this thread, however we do know that our very own RCMP got involved and pushed the "Toronto 18" towards the camp where the one rifle was enough to arrest them all and show how we had all these terrorists. Now I don't know exactly who are what was behind this individuals actions(in norway), but I would not be surprised if someone did herd him in this direction. Though I doubt it would be an israeli. It really doesn't benefit them for any sympathy that the "islamo-facists" would get. Funny that the MSM has been damn quiet since it happened though. You know damn well this would be getting a lot more coverage if it was a muslim that had killed 70 people. The bombing a few years ago where in the news for several months and I didn't hear much about this after the first week.


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