BRICS 2018

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BRICS 2018

The recent G7 and NATO summits have turned into travelling circus freek shows as Trump being the center main attraction. Obviously nothing positive is ever going to come out from a buch of former colonial powers deciding how they feel they still control the world.

But that's OK folks because here comes the new world order! BRICS!

And who better to pick up on this, South Africa, the host nation of the 10th BRICS summit. Here's a link I found from South Africa


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If you want to make yourself a BRICS portfolio, you can get them all in US dollars on the NY stock exchange. Based on GDP you would bet:
Brazil: EWZ 10.6%
Russia: ERUS 7.62%
India: INDA 13.44%
China: XCH 66.52%
South Africa: EZA 1.75%
(Allocations may not add up to 100% because of rounding.)
This actually does not look too bad. All of those economies should grow well.