British Universities Funding Cuts 2

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British Universities Funding Cuts 2

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Edinburgh University to charge £36,000 a degree


Referring to Edinburgh's decision, Graeme Kirkpatrick, the union's depute president, said: "A £36,000 degree is both staggering and ridiculous. The average cost to study at Oxford and Cambridge is around £25,000 in fees, which while still eye-wateringly large, pales in comparison with this. And that's before you add additional debt for the extra year of living costs for the four-year degree in Scotland.

"This is nothing less than cashing in on students from the rest of the UK, and giving the signal that Edinburgh University is more interested in the money you can bring, as opposed to your academic ability. The reputational damage this could do, not only to Edinburgh but to the whole of Scottish higher education, should not be underestimated.

"There's clearly a race to the top happening here in terms of setting fees. It's a depressing day when a university feels it's more likely to be judged on the price tag it chooses rather than the quality of the education it provides. Tuition fees put off the poorest students and make university more about your bank balance than your ability."