Bye, bye winter sports, eh!

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Bye, bye winter sports, eh!

A French ski resort had to helicopter snow onto its slopes in order to remain open

Sean in Ottawa

Those of you who do not come to Ottawa often may not know that Ottawa has been promoting many rink alternatives to the Rideau Canal as its opening days are declining and it will soon not be viable (too much cost for too few days). 

This is not just about degree days either. Ottawa is not getting that many fewer super cold days. Climate change is making the arctic air much less predictable so it can be here for a few days setting records and then a thaw. Rinks require extended periods of cold so even if we get more super cold days, the thaws and rain will close it. We have had some lucky long seasons recently but the trend is to the point soon where it would not be worth the cost of setting up.

We have more community rinks and one at city hall as we know we cannot rely on an extended canal rink anymore.