Canada votes to freeze ICC funding--Bravo!

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Canada votes to freeze ICC funding--Bravo!

"At November’s Assembly of States Parties(ASP) meeting, Canada was the one state to object to any increase in the budget from last year. It had to be persuaded by other states to come on board. Following its reluctance to grant an increase this year, Canada has already made it clear it will oppose a further increase for 2015."

What has this bureaucracy, in its new palace in Holland, not far from NATO’s new palace in Belgium, done with its $100+ million a year in public money (and some private - George Soros) in the 12 years since its triumphant inauguration in Rome?  And its 600+ lawyers and wanna-bees with good Western salaries and expenses? 

 Where is the “End of Impunity” it promised?  “No Peace without ‘Justice’”.  Tell that to the innocent victims of the Syrian Civil War.  Now the self-styled “International” Criminal Court is opening an inquest in the Central African Republic.  France, which created the artificial borders of the CAR won’t be accused.  It’s a big supporter, with all of NATO of the ICC.  No wonder it indicted Kadhafi.