Canada's trading buddies

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Canada's trading buddies


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Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Wednesday sacked some two dozen military officials, including three generals, following a probe into suspected executions initially reported as combat deaths.

"The investigation has found that members of the armed forces could be involved in murders," Uribe said at a press conference in the presidential residence, flanked by senior military leaders.


Uribe has introduced a policy of rewarding soldiers for combat casualties to demonstrate progress in the war on Colombian insurgent groups, opposition Senator Gustavo Petro told AFP.

At a Congressional debate three years ago on so-called "false positives" -- an alleged army practice of executing civilians to inflate the number of rebel deaths -- about 1,000 disappearances similar to the current case were reported, he said.

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Sounds like similar tactics used in Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador etc Vicious empire again

[url=, Uribe and the School of the Americas[/url]