Canadian Think Tank White Washes Congo Death Toll

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Canadian Think Tank White Washes Congo Death Toll

Death Toll in Congo Whitewashed Yet Again - A Brief Assessment of the Hidden Interests and White Obliviousness of the Human Security Project.

"The western media is suddenly awash with reports claiming that the human mortality figures for the Democratic Repubic of Congo has been greatly exaggerated or overstated. Challenging the already problematic estimates produced by the International Rescue Committee--which were low and incomplete to begin with, never too high--is a Canadian based think tank clearly covering up for western interests.

The basis for the new claims of exaggerated death counts in Congo is a report by an obscure entity called the Human Security Report Project (HSRP), a think tank claiming to be an independently funded research centre based at the School for International Studies, Simon Fraser University in Vancouver Canada..."


re: Researchers Dispute Death Toll in DR Congo war

"[Canadian] Researchers claimed that the common estimate of 5.4 million deaths duee to war in the DRC is vastly inflated.."