Chбvez foils coup plot

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Chбvez foils coup plot


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Sept. 11/08:


A video broadcast by the TV program, La Hojilla, reveals the organization of a coup and assassination plan against President Chavez by retired and active military officials.

The video features a telephone conversation between Brigadier General Wilfredo Barroso, Vice Admiral Carlos Alberto Millan and Major General Eduardo Baez, reported Telesur’s website. They talk about seizing the Miraflores Presidential Palace and aim all their efforts against Chavez. “If he (Chavez) is in Miraflores will strike there,” said the source.

In his TV statement, Chavez warned the Venezuelan opposition that if they decide to carry on with a coup, they would receive a crushing counterattack from the revolutionary forces.

In addition, PL reported that the president of Venezuela’s United Socialist Party, Vanesa Davies, told the press that the organization of more than 6 million members will demand that the Prosecutor’s Office open an investigation of the coup plans.

The political leader said that in addition to former military officials, there are civilians involved in the conspiracy and noted that their names will be released at the right moment.


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President Hugo Chavez ordered the U.S. ambassador to leave Venezuela in 72 hours and said he was immediately withdrawing his ambassador from Washington.

Chavez said Thursday night that U.S. Ambassador Patrick Duddy is no longer welcome, just as his close ally Bolivia expelled the American envoy from La Paz a day earlier.

"They're trying to do here what they were doing in Bolivia," Chavez said, accusing Washington of trying to oust him.

"That's enough ... from you, Yankees," he said during a televised rally, using an expletive. - [url=


I should know better than to read reader comments (CBC site). The people on those things make me wish that the Higgs boson thingy does actually suck the earth into a black hole.


[url=]"Go ahead and squeal, Yankees"[/url]


AIn a move that undoubtedly set off alarm bells in Washington, Venezuelan President Hugo Chбvez announced that Venezuelan and Russian ships could soon hold joint naval exercises in the Caribbean.
“Russia's naval fleet is welcome here,” Chбvez said on his weekly broadcast program. “If it's possible, we'll stage an exercise in our Caribbean waters.” Russian naval vessels, including a nuclear cruiser, are due to call on Venezuelan ports in late November or December, Chбvez said.

The Venezuelan leader is known for his rhetorical ripostes and once again he did not disappoint. “Go ahead and squeal, Yankees,” he said, taunting the Bush White House.


Worryingly, the nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser Peter the Great, a vessel with massive firepower whose missiles can deliver nuclear or conventional warheads, will participate in the Caribbean maneuvers. The ship is armed with the Granit long-range anti-ship missile system, which is known in military circles as the Shipwreck missile. It also has a sophisticated air defense missile system capable of striking both air and surface targets.

[url= TU-160 strategic bombers landed in Venezuela[/url]


Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan president, said on Wednesday that the Tu-160 strategic bombers had arrived to strengthen military ties and to counter US regional influence


Chavez, a former paratrooper, also said he would fly one of the aircraft himself.

"What's more, I'm going to take the controls of one of these monsters," he said.

The planes, huge supersonic combat aircraft that can fly long missions with a heavy payload, are capable of carrying nuclear or conventional bombs.

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Have I missed something, or has the MSM coverage of Chavez's expulsion of the US diplomats completely ignored the fact that he alleges a plot against him? I mean really, even if you didn't believe his allegations, don't you think it would be pertinent to put that in the story, even if you then have some pundit debunking the claim?

ETA: sorry, missed [url=]thi...


Earlier Thursday, Chavez said he has uncovered a U.S.-backed plot to remove him from power.

"It's the empire that's behind this," he told supporters in a nationally televised address. "They go around looking for a way to stop our revolution and, with it, to strike all the processes of change that are occurring in our Americas, in the Caribbean, in Central America."

Chavez then played a four-minute tape of what he said were conversations among current and retired members of the Venezuelan military discussing whom they could count on to support a movement against the presidential palace.

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[url=]video: US Ambassador ordered to leave Venezuela.[/url]

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Yes, all on the 35th anniversary of the coup in Chile. The US deserves all the expletives in the world for that.


yeah but they are non english speaking brown people, why would anyone believe them [img]rolleyes.gif" border="0[/img]


Other non-English speaking brown people would believe them.