A chance to nail Goldman Sachs in court

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A chance to nail Goldman Sachs in court


"Leave all that aside for a moment. Though many legal experts agree there is a powerful argument that the Levin report supports a criminal charge of fraud, this stuff can keep the lawyers tied up for years. So let's move on to something much simpler. In the spring of 2010, about a year into his investigation, Sen. Levin hauled all of the principals from these rotten Goldman deals to Washington, made them put their hands on the Bible and take oaths just like normal people, and demanded that they explain themselves. The legal definition of financial fraud may be murky and complex, but everybody knows you can't lie to Congress.

"Article 18 of the United States Code, Section 1001," says Loyola University law professor Michael Kaufman. "There are statutes that prohibit perjury and obstruction of justice, but this is the federal statute that explicitly prohibits lying to Congress."

The law is simple: You're guilty if you "knowingly and willfully" make a "materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation." The punishment is up to five years in federal prison."

It's a long article by interpipes standards, but worth the time invested.


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I just realized I need a subscription to Rolling Stone. Thanks, T_P.

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A great letter to the editor in today's Star:

Debt is modern day slavery, and the creators are banks and big business. Think of your government as a collective you. Would you now want Allen Greenspan and the Wall Street crowd handling your personal finances? Well Canada, you just elected them.