"Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson favors marijuana legalization"

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"Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson favors marijuana legalization"

Get your fingers away from the "ban" button, oldgoat and jrose. This shit is REAL!!

I can't stop laughing.


Count this among the 10 things nobody ever expected to see in their lifetimes: 700 Club founder Pat Robertson, one of the cornerstone figures of America's Christian right movement, has come out in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Calling it getting "smart" on crime, Robertson aired a clip on a recent episode of his 700 Club television show that advocated the viewpoint of drug law reformers who run prison outreach ministries.

A narrator even claimed that religious prison outreach has "saved" millions in public funds by helping to reduce the number of prisoners who return shortly after being released.

"It got to be a big deal in campaigns: 'He's tough on crime,' and 'lock 'em up!'" the Christian Coalition founder said. "That's the way these guys ran and, uh, they got elected. But, that wasn't the answer."

Um, dude, that's how YOU got elected.


Full story here.

AND he's for preventing recidivism in prisons!!

The wacky right IS stealing the left's platforms. Jeez, is nothing sacred?

You Tube Clip.

"We're locking up people for taking a few puffs of marijuana"


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  • Legalize it
  • Tax it
  • Take the money away from the cartels and put it back in the system
  • Take a bite out of "crime" and a load off the judical system
  • Get the pot growers out of our national forests and public lands
  • Ask mom if my old posters, black lights and incence burner are still packed away in the attic at the house

Most people start losing it when they get old, maybe Pat Robertson is gaining it instead...

And this is going to smash right into the tea party idiots in the Republican Party. Any rife in that party is a good thing; double so if it smells like ganja.


That's the wrong riff, gate. 

Dig it, the TEA party daddy-o!  Those cats are gonna take over!


Max Frost was elected President as a Republican after all:


Papal Bull

al-Qa'bong wrote:

Dig it, the TEA party daddy-o!  Those cats are gonna take over!




I heard ol Patty been seen around La Honda.


Man oh man, I'm truckin on over to the candy store, or the ballot box, or anyroad man.  Just leave me with some fine drapes and my tea shades and a gramophone fulla Stuffy Smith and let's seriously dig that campaign song...

You'se A Viper


i bet robertson is a closet pot head.  All these religious types get busted with drugs be it meth, coke, weed, etc.  

Although judging by his ideas and stuff, perhaps he seems like more of a hallucinogenic kind of guy.

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If this is true,the 4 horsemen must be galloping their way on.

But it's common sense.

The current policy is as relevent as it is draconian...Is their anybody left on this planet who still believes it's a highly addictive,dangerous psychosis inducing hallucinogen?

With the billions that would be saved from enforcing the prohibition and the billions that would be made in licensing and taxing it,we could cut income taxes in half and STILL have plenty of money left over to strengthen our social programs.

Slight drift--- I thought Harper's anti-drug commercials were offensive but the other night I was watching hockey on RDS and there was this one commercial that kept repeating.

It was some kid about to light a joint with the words 'potentielment accro' (potentially addictive) written on his forehead.

At first I got mad and then I thought about it and it would be fair,if not MUCH more honest of a campaign if they had someone in front of a VLT or drinking a beer with the same words written on their foreheads.

BTW,the commercials came courtesy of the government of Quebec. 

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alan smithee wrote:
 Is their anybody left on this planet who still believes it's a highly addictive,dangerous psychosis inducing hallucinogen?


alan smithee alan smithee's picture

Maysie wrote:

alan smithee wrote:
 Is their anybody left on this planet who still believes it's a highly addictive,dangerous psychosis inducing hallucinogen?



I should have phrased it as it pertains to ordinary people and not the sociopaths who make the rules.

BTW,it makes me sick that the government would put up such bullshit misinformation on an official government page....Sick but not surprised.


Anyone hear the piece on CBC Radio's The Current thursday (I think) about long delays in renewing of medical marijuana licenses, and the cops coincidentally busting people during those delays? This even though they are not supposed to be privy to that information.

As well - the fact that the new mandatory sentences mean that some of these people WILL go to jail and judges are powerless to stop it by applying a lighter or suspended sentence.

ALthough one would think that a case like that would be a perfect showdown for a judge to declare those laws unconstitutional - they did not mention that on the radio piece.

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I said it the day the Harpercons announced their drug 'strategy' and I'll say it again.

The idea is to be tough on POT..Why?..Because it's popular and creates critical thinking.

I also said that it would target those who are medically (and legally) entitled to it.

I agree with Smith...Some,if not, alot of people legally using medicinal marijuana will be imprisoned.

The only thing we can hope for is for a slight revolt where judges declare the laws unconstitutional--again.

Watch for Harper to force retirements to beef up our Supreme Court with some of his loyal minnions.

Mike Stirner

Decriminalize it and get it out of any law based discourse

fuck legality


After spending some time in the slammer, even Conrad Black came to the same conclusion


Mike Stirner wrote:

fuck legality

... and legalize fucking!



The Fraser Institute has been onside for a few years now.


Actually I don't think marijuana has been a serious left-right issue for a long time - at least not in terms of the rank and file. Does anyone think that right wingers, conservatives and apolitical people don't smoke dope?

Part of the problem is that it is not a great election issue.

VanGoghs Ear
VanGoghs Ear

Legalize it.  Pat must have been visited by some ghosts recently, good for him.


If illicit drugs were to be made legal, the CIA and all of their drug trafficking friends around the world would have to quit the dope business. Assholes like Wali Karzai and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Hashim Thaci, Qaeda's narco wing etc would all have to get real jobs.