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Columbia’s economy to grow faster than most in Latin America: CardenasBy Bloomberg | Dec 26, 2014 3:05 pm 

Colombia’s diversified economy will enable it to grow faster than most Latin American countries next year, even after oil prices slumped, Finance Minister Mauricio Cardenas said. Oil accounts for just 16 percent of the central government’s revenue, Cardenas said in a phone interview from Antioquia province. “Colombia is much less fiscally dependent on oil than... Read more »


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Columbia on the move: Hmmm, must be the river.  Pretty sure the university is nailed to its perch. Of course, there's always the sportswear company and Columbia Pictures, too.

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More than one third of Indigenous peoples in Colombia are threatened with "extermination", according to the country's highest court, and face an "emergency as serious as it is invisible." This crisis is fueled by violent incursions into Indigenous territory, forced displacement and the imposition of megaprojects.

[url=]Am... International summary on indigenous survival struggles in Colombia[/url]

Trade unions, human rights organizations, and other social organizations in Colombia have often been labelled as guerrilla collaborators or supporters by government officials, as well as by the security forces and paramilitaries. Such accusations have often been followed by threats or attacks against human rights activists. Colombia is one of the countries with the highest rate of killings of trade unionists.

[url= unionist attacked, life at risk[/url]

According to the NGO Somos Defensores, some 30 human rights defenders were killed in the first six months of 2014, while at least 70 human rights defenders, including community, Indigenous and Afro-descendant leaders, were killed in 2013. The National Trade Union School (Escuela Nacional Sindical, ENS) reported that 27 members of trade unions were killed in 2013. Land activists and those working on impunity have been particularly vulnerable to attacks.

[url= death threats to human rights defenders[/url]


Colombia's on the move, and no, not talking 'bout the drug trade.



Colombia's big comeback PATH TO PROGRESS 

How the country went from being the cocaine capital of the world to a Latin American success story.


First US Troops Arrive in Colombia Pursuant To Latest Deployment

"Never before has Colombia been as submissive, as subservient to the politics of the United States as it is today. This government is serving the most unpopular foreign policy in the world, a policy that has been ordered by the most radical and extreme factions of the White House,' Senator Ivan Cepeda stated."

Pity no Canadian politician will admit a precisely similar truth about Canada. Pity so few seem to care.