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COVID in Canada: Update: 10/4/2020

  • Pope: Market capitalism has failed in pandemic
  • Quebec records 3rd straight day with over 1,000 new COVID-19 cases
  • Toronto Public Health limits contact-tracing efforts amid soaring COVID-19 infections
  • Tam urges Thanksgiving caution amid recent rise in cases

"The situation in Ontario is worsening quickly. Moderate restrictions are not enough to limit the surge in new cases and hospitalizations. Decisive action is needed on ALL levels NOW..."

The public health authorities have lost control of the virus. Necessary measures such as contact tracing and tracking are perfunctory and in decline. Unsafe schooling, transit, workplaces, and LTC inadequacies are still the status-quo. The politicians lie to us while the situation worsens. Save yourselves, they won't.


Ontario Health MUST Announce Stage 2: Toronto, Ottawa & Peel TODAY!

"And now it appears our government has decided to abdicate its obligation to the entire health system and thus to us all..."

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"North West Toronto is on fire! This is a snapshot of test positivity rates, good is <1%, 3% should prompt shutdowns, 11% is insane! Racialized communities live here and crowded workplaces, it was an epicenter in wave 1. We have failed them once again.

Would never be allowed to happen in Rosedale.


"By the way, across Ontario ICUs are ALREADY at 90% capacity. Just think about that. No surge from nursing homes and flu yet. And you can bet that's coming."


NDP To Introduce Motion Looking into All Government Coronavirus Pandemic Spending

"...The motion, shared with Global News Tuesday, will be filed "in light of troubling allegations of misuse of public funds by the government,' during the pandemic, according to the text..."


Coronavirus Has Killed More Americans Than Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and WWI Combined

"On Tuesday, Republican President Donald Trump claimed that coronavirus is less deadly than the flu..."


10/8/2020: COVID in Canada

  • Alarm bells ringing louder: Ontario cases hit record high (800 new cases)
  • Second wave of COVID-19 will hit Indigenous communities harder: Miller
  • 1-in-10 Cdn families have had a child miss school due to COVID
  • Latest call for herd immunity draws scorn from public health experts

This is #Reality

  1. Testing, broken
  2. Contact tracing, stopped
  3. Case counts, even higher than we know (see 1)
  4. Test positivity, hard to interpret (see 1)
  5. Hospitalizations, up
  6. ICU admissions, up
  7. LTC outbreaks, up
  8. Deaths, up

We need to Stop Wave 2. Then regroup to prevent Wave 3

Politicians not listening. Lost our flattened curve through their negligence. Get louder or more will die. SHUT IT DOWN NOW!

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COVID-19 in Ontario [Oct 9]

"939 new cases. See thread for more graphs."

Coronavirus winning in Ontario.


China Joins COVAX, To Provide Vaccines to Developing Countries First

"...The move plays a positive role in demonstrating the importance of international cooperation to the world amid negative effects the US casts on the global battle against the pandemic by withdrawing from the WHO and international public health actions, Chinese experts said."


WATCH: "It's frustrating to the point of anger,' said emergency physician Dr Atul Kapur about what it's like to be at a hospital right now as the second wave of COVID-19 arrives. 'I'm angry at the people who wasted those summer months and didn't increase capacity."

Because sheeple will be sheeple. If you won't monitor and press your politicians to act on such a historically critical matter as our collective public health in a world pandemic, where thousands including elders died from wilful neglect in appalling conditions, then what possible hope is there for you to take action on anything else? Answer: None. 'I'm all right so fuck everybody else' remains the true operating principle above and below.

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How dare we not wear a mask!??

And we who refuse to wear a mask know where that goes. Soon the cross-eyed crazies, the Karens and Teds, come rushing out of their old SUVs like rhinos on reds, screaming: “How dare you??!”

Well, how dare we not wear a mask?  How dare we not wear one when everyone is?  How dare we “kill granny”?? Every question deserves an answer.  When we try to answer, we are here and now stopped.  Ask the CBC, ask the Toronto Star, ask on Facebook, Twitter, ask in public protest, when we begin to answer, what do we hear?  “NO! Shut up! Not here, not now!”

Well, to paraphrase someone who should inspire us all today, MLK, somewhere I read about “freedom of expression”.  Somewhere I read about “freedom of association”.  Somewhere I read about living in a “free and democratic society”.  Hell, we recently murdered millions in the Mideast and Afghanistan for all of that great-sounding stuff. 

Well, sorry: “No, not here, not now.”  What is here, what is now?  When you hear people in power say “Do what I tell you, not what I do.” Or even worse, “Do what you are told and shut up.  Shut up or we will stop you from earning a living, seeing your friends, being with your family, and maybe lock you up.” 

What is here, what is now is pure and simple naked authority talking: pure and simple fascism.  It has arrived not in black boots with swastikas, but dressed in white with stethoscopes.  And they are not addressed as “thugs” or “bullies”, but as “Health Experts”, “Doctors” –Ph.Ds that is, and of course, “government officials.”  All medical Mussolinis. This is fascism masquerading as “good medicine”.  Obey them because it is good for us. And don’t be fooled by their bedside manners, for coming up right behind them, as we see in Australia, as in Quebec, and now in Ontario, the black boots are coming.     

On hearing a question, you’d think an answer is allowed to be heard.  Not now.  Not here.  Two weeks ago, over 3,000 people marched up and down Yonge street in downtown Toronto in protest of this medical martial law.  Not one peep was heard about it on TV, in the papers.  Check it out on CBC News: 8,034 stories about cats, that march: 0.

And what is the answer to “How dare we not wear a mask”? HOW DARE YOU stop us from working.  HOW DARE YOU stop us from living with our friends and family.  HOW DARE YOU NOW fine us, and soon jail us.  HOW DARE YOU try to shame us from the truth?

The deafening silence tells you all about everything they don’t want to hear.  It’s as if they are trying to stop anybody from finding out what everybody knows.

What is that truth?  What is it that they are trying to stop anyone from finding out what everyone knows?  In Canada, here, now, where life expectancy is 83 years, -and there are only 852,000 Canadians out of 38,000,000 over 70, -if, and only if, -you are one of the projected 40% of us to be infected, and you are under 70 years old, you face a death rate -from the virus, not with the virus, -of less than the flu, at just 0.04%.  That’s 4 out of 10,000 infected, or as projected by the Center for Disease Control experts, 1,520 projected fatalities for Canada. 

B-b-b-b-but, but, but, -as the blubbering mask Nazis would bewail, -we have to date in Canada 9,608 reported COVID deaths.  How so? The WHO definition of a COVID death is, -I quote, -“A death due to COVID-19 is defined for surveillance purposes as a death resulting from a clinically compatible illness, in a probable or confirmed COVID-19 case.” If you die from a different illness when you may have COVID, you died from COVID. And so what was once a flu-related or other death is now a COVID death as documented by the current Canada’s FluWatch website statistics: Flu deaths down dramatically, COVID up.

The COVID virus is a reality.  The fact that it is unusually contagious is a fact.  The advertised danger it poses is the hoax.  The conspiracy, the plan, is for control.  The financial corruption of the WHO, the 50% error-ridden tests, the mandatory mask-wearing, the ruinous lockdowns, the fraudulent death reports, and soon, the forced vaccinations, it is all part of the conspiracy to control us, a conspiracy by corporate fascists to impose this medical martial law.  It is designed to prepare us for, and to normalize, a fundamental denial of our basic human rights in the name of “good medicine”.  Medicine meant to cure us of their perceived real disease: freedom.

 And it’s all done in panic for control at the very point they are losing it.  The system is collapsing.  Inverted totalitarianism has arrived.  The world teeters upon a 1% fulcrum.  War is now our “peace”, ignorance is now our “strength”, slavery is now our “freedom”. Rip off your mask, rip off their masks: time to rebel.



I'll tip my hat to the new constitution

Take a bow for the new revolution

Smile and grin at the change all around

Pick up my guitar and play

Just like yesterday

Then I'll get on my knees and pray

We don't get fooled again


Brazil's Coronavirus Deaths Surpass 150,000

"...The Brazilian Health Ministry reported that the death toll now stands at 150,198. The figure is the world's second highest behind the United States, according to the tally monitored by Johns Hopkins University. Brazil's far-right President Jair Bolsonaro played down the severity of the virus while deaths mounted rapidly in Brazil. Bolsonaro rejected governors' and mayors' lockdwons and other tough measures to contain the virus spread, even after he contracted it himself..."


Thousands of Mink Dead After COVID-19 Outbreak at US Fur Farms

"Thousands of mink have died at fur farms in Utah and Wisconsin after a series of coronavirus outbreaks..."


McMurtry: 'Fake COVID-19 Pandemic' - Refuting the Conspiracy Theory Gone Global

"Community solidarity in ensuring cooperation in the rules of masking, distancing and quarantine is the common feature of lives being saved rather than lost across the world - including societies not run by the corporate rich profiting from the pandemic. None of this is explained by the hypothesis of a 'fake pandemic to create economic chaos.' It refutes it.

In simple logical terms, the counter-hypothesis of a 'fake pandemic to create economic chaos,' does not follow from the facts, even those selected by the argument itself. The unseen consequences of the 'fake pandemic' claim being believed and the known ways to stop it being dismissed are that the excess death toll keeps rising with the vulnerable suffering and dying most..."


COVID-19 Pandemic LIVE: World Map/Count

10/12/2020 (Updating)


Although USA is far worse than Canada, similar failures have similar reasons. COVID-19 successes also share efficiencies.


Dying in a Leadership Vacuum

"COVID-19 has created a crisis throughout the world. This crisis has produced a test of leadership. With no good options to combat a novel pathogen, countries were forced to make hard choices about how to respond. Here in the United States, our leaders have failed that test. They have taken a crisis and turned it into a tragedy....


9 million in 5 days: China's Quingdao launches citywide COVID-19 testing campaign after new cases arrive from abroad.

"The eastern Chinese city of Qingdao is set to test all its residents for coronavirus shortly after several cases were tracked down to a local hospital dealing with people returning from abroad. Qingdao authorities have announced a citywide testing campaign that will embrace an estimated 9 million inhabitants and last for 5 days, it emerged on Monday.


14 Days of Solitude: The Lonely Success of the 'Atlantic Bubble'

"...On Thursday, Atlantic Canada accounted for 13 of the 14,490 active COVID-19 cases in Canada, while Quebec alone reported 933 new infections. Daily cases are breaking records in Ontario and BC. 'The numbers don't lie in Atlantic Canada,' Chris Goodyear, president of the New Brunswick Medical Society, said in a recent interview. The bubble enjoyes widespread support."

Yet here in Toronto and elsewhere the only thing we enjoy is widespread COVID-19 spread due to the haphazard, muddled inefficiency of the public health measures employed.


Guess WHO opposes lockdowns now?


The World Health Organisation has backflipped on its original COVID-19 stance after calling for world leaders to stop locking down their countries and economies.

Dr. David Nabarro from the WHO appealed to world leaders yesterday, telling them to stop “using lockdowns as your primary control method” of the coronavirus.

He also claimed that the only thing lockdowns achieved was poverty – with no mention of the potential lives saved.

“Lockdowns just have one consequence that you must never ever belittle, and that is making poor people an awful lot poorer,” he said.

“We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lockdowns as the primary means of control of this virus,” Dr Nabarro told The Spectator.

“The only time we believe a lockdown is justified is to buy you time to reorganise, regroup, rebalance your resources, protect your health workers who are exhausted, but by and large, we’d rather not do it.”

Dr Nabarro’s main criticism of lockdowns involved the global impact, explaining how poorer economies that had been indirectly affected.


Lockdowns are a blunt instrument necessary when other components of a successful public health, covid-control process have not been correctly deployed. Ontario is certainly at item in this. It will take at least a couple weeks before the stage 2 measures belatedly implemented can be expected to show better results. New infections in Ontario are around 800 per day. LTC homes continue to be of special concern.


Or it could be that following the natural curve that case counts will drop around 2 weeks anyways.


The 'natural curve' without intervention is upwards. Reduced incidence of total physical contacts hence  infections bends that curve downwards.


Even without intervention, eventually the virus is going to run out of people it can infect. The reason that public health officials advocate for interventions is they feel that the consequences to public health of not intervening are very bad. The trade-off is that it takes the infection longer to burn out that way.

laine lowe laine lowe's picture

Except as I posted in another thread, there is a chance of reinfection, then the theory of it's burning out flies out the window:


"Very good thread on why harsh measures are sometimes needed but must be limited in duration to avoid serious colllateral harm. Bear in mind, the whole thing falls apart without intact testing, tracing infrastructure and trust in public health messaging."

See also #1868


COVID Canada Update: 10/13/2020

  • Nearly half of Chinese city of 9 million swabbed for virus in 2 days
  • Canadian Red Cross heading into some LTC facilities
  • Man who dismissed COVID-19 then survived it says he is an example for doubters
  • More than 120 COVID-19 cases reported in Manitoba on Tuesday

French Cabinet Discusses COVID-19 Measures as Cases, Hospitalisations Surge

"...France, like neighbouring Spain and Britain, grapple with how to slow the virus's spread and ease pressure on a once-again strained healthcare system while keeping its 2-3 trillion euro economy open."


"If you die from cancer and you also have diabetes, you died from cancer. If you die from Covid and you also have diabetes, you died from Covid. And not all Covid deaths are counted. The true number of Covid deaths is undoubtedly greater than the number of reported deaths."


Distancing Not Possible on Some TTC Bus Routes: TTC Rider Told Physical Distancing 'Will No Longer Be Possible' on its Buses

"A Toronto transit rider concerned about physical distancing on a packed bus has been told by the agency that staying two metres apart is no longer possible on their vehicles. 'As the city reopens, social distancing will no longer be possible on our vehicles. As such, if you feel that a vehicle you are on is overcrowded, I would suggest getting off and boarding the next one..."

Why COVID is climbing.


Trudeau Blames Cuts Under Harper For Public Health Agency's Ills

"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged problems at the Public Health Agency on Tuesday, after top doctors criticized an erosion of funding and scientific capacity for hindering its ability to confront a pandemic. Mr Trudeau put much of the blame on the previous government..."

COVID doesn't care. Numbers will continue to rise.


Sunday Journal: China Emerges From the Pandemic (and vid)

"A post-covid new normal... Business is bustling."


The WHO's advice has been terrible. They are clearly politically driven. The played down the virus in the beginning .When we should have shut down for a couple of weeks the WHO was saying not too. Had we just stopped air travel for a couple of weeks or maybe a month we could have controlled Covid and been able to fully open up by the end of March at the latest. 


Debunking Claims Made by Anders Tegnell

"Join us for this week's Sunday Sofa to discuss the devastating effects of the Swedish government's pursuit of herd immunity, including how they have employed children to spread COVID-19. We discuss Public Health Agency internal emails obtained through freedom of information laws and debunk the latest clims Anders Tegnell made."


US 'Heading in the Wrong Direction' as 3rd Peak Nears

"The US has passed the 8-million mark for known infections. Millions of Americans slipped into poverty as federal aid dried up..."


Tripling of New Coronavirus Infections in Germany in only one Month

"Health authorities overloaded with cases. This, too, is a result of the policy of reopening the economy. On Wednesday morning RKI reported well over 4,000 new infections..."


Macron Hails Herd Immunity, Rejects Lockdown as COVID-19 Surges in Europe

"A curfew will not stop the virus which is now infecting 20,000 people daily in France and over 130,000 in Europe."



COVID Canada Update: 10/16/2020

  • More contact tracers critical to controlling epidemic says doctor
  • Ontario logs more than 700 new cases for 5th straight day
  • Manitoba to give COVID-19 update with new Winnipeg restrictions
  • Pfizer - Mid November earliest coronavirus OK

'Over Half of Cases Have 'No known epi-link' or 'no-info'

"We urgently need a comprehensive, integrated 'Test, Trace, Isolate' strategy. It is the most important element of the path toward lifting restrictions and a more functional society."

And we still don't have it. Only more political hot air and empty promises. Remember, when dealing with Canadian politicians in such matters success usually comes only with more stick less carrot. Act accordingly or watch numbers and deaths continue to spike.


Dr John Campbell, Coronavirus Update: 10/17/2020

Pandemic in UK & Europe.


Pandemic, US Update


COVID-19 Pandemic LIVE: World Map/Count

10/18/2020 (Updating)


COVID Canada Update: 10/18/2020

  • Canada inches toward 200,000 COVID-19 mark
  • Quebec reports 1,094 new COVID-19 cases
  • Three Toronto hospitals face COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Europe surges past 250,000 virus deaths

Mobilize the Working Class Against the EU's 'Herd Immunity' Policies!

"This week the WHO warned that Europe is facing 'exponential increases' in COVID-19 cases. In just the past 10 days, the continent has recorded over one million new cases, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to over seven million. As Europe emerges as an epicenter of a global resurgence of COVID-19, the EU is pursuing a policy leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale, far surpassing the 200,000 deaths this spring..."


Dr John Campbell, Coronavirus Update: 10/18/2020

Sunday pandemic update.


Quebec also has pursued a “we’re different” approach with catastrophic results, as the province continues to lead the country in cases and deaths by several magnitudes. From the start, Premier François Legault has leaned heavily on the nebulous idea of Quebec solidarity to fight the virus, rather than strict enforcement of rules or effective testing and tracing. 

A fervent nationalist, Legault has used every possible occasion to push the Quebec angle, whether it’s urging people to buy Quebec vegetables or pushing residents of Montreal, long the epicentre of the outbreak, to flood the largely COVID-free rest of the province in tourist season, turning summer vacation into a giant super-spreader event. Places like Quebec City and the Gaspé region are now reporting a surge in cases and deaths, but it must be reassuring to Legault that the spread was homegrown.

Legault & Co. continue to urge relaxation at every opportunity, even as numbers surge. Earlier this week, when daily case numbers dipped below 1,000 for three days, Dr. Horacio Arruda, the effervescent chief of public health, mused about reaching a “plateau” in cases. A day later, the numbers surged again, after the mathematically challenged authorities somehow missed 400 positive cases on those “low” days.


NDPP wrote:

Mobilize the Working Class Against the EU's 'Herd Immunity' Policies!

"This week the WHO warned that Europe is facing 'exponential increases' in COVID-19 cases. In just the past 10 days, the continent has recorded over one million new cases, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to over seven million. As Europe emerges as an epicenter of a global resurgence of COVID-19, the EU is pursuing a policy leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale, far surpassing the 200,000 deaths this spring..."


Dr John Campbell, Coronavirus Update: 10/18/2020

Sunday pandemic update.

There is one country in Europe that is clearly not seeing an exponential increase. That country is Sweden, a country that everyone was criticizing months ago as leading a disasterous response. You'll have a hard time getting the working class to sign up for that idea considering that they are taking to the streets in Europe to protest the lockdowns. Whatever failures happened in Sweden, there is no serious uprising from within that country over its handling of the coronavirus.


Aristotleded24 wrote:

NDPP wrote:

Mobilize the Working Class Against the EU's 'Herd Immunity' Policies!

"This week the WHO warned that Europe is facing 'exponential increases' in COVID-19 cases. In just the past 10 days, the continent has recorded over one million new cases, bringing the total since the start of the pandemic to over seven million. As Europe emerges as an epicenter of a global resurgence of COVID-19, the EU is pursuing a policy leading to deaths on an unprecedented scale, far surpassing the 200,000 deaths this spring..."


Dr John Campbell, Coronavirus Update: 10/18/2020

Sunday pandemic update.

There is one country in Europe that is clearly not seeing an exponential increase. That country is Sweden, a country that everyone was criticizing months ago as leading a disasterous response. You'll have a hard time getting the working class to sign up for that idea considering that they are taking to the streets in Europe to protest the lockdowns. Whatever failures happened in Sweden, there is no serious uprising from within that country over its handling of the coronavirus.

(clearing throat)


That's a response from government officials, not a popular uprising in the streets. It's hard to understand exactly what is happening from that article, however it looks to me like they are looking at a few restrictions in specific places where the virus is growing, rather than the country as a whole. Even the article itself suggests that fines and such won't necessarily be enacted. In any case, the rise in Sweden is nowhere near the rest of Europe.


September 18th.

Take-home message:
- Even though Sweden could not legally enact a lockdown against the coronavirus, it asked its citizens to voluntarily adopt common guidelines in keeping with the World Health Organization’s general recommendations
- The goal of Sweden’s approach was never said to be to achieve herd immunity, and in fact the country is far from having reached this immunity through exposure to the virus according to blood surveys
- The country’s public health agency admitted a failure in adequately protecting care homes for the elderly and its stance on masks, contact tracing and asymptomatic transmission can be criticized.

....The very first month of Sweden’s response to the pandemic saw recommendations familiar to us in Quebec: staying home if sick, frequent hand washing, physical distancing, and avoiding travel unless necessary. Sure, cinemas were briefly open, but attendance was so low their main chain had to close on March 17. Some flights were still operating but mostly to transport essential workers and supplies to remote areas of the country.

Not a single place in the entire world seems to have done what you promote Aristotled.



What have you been up to in the last 2 weeks?

Lori Henneigh, acting manager with an Alberta Health Services COVID-19 outbreak team in Red Deer, Alta., told CBC News last month that people often have difficulty remembering what they did 14 days ago.

"If you think about it yourself, if you try to think about what you did in the last 14 days, you'll realize that it's not easy to recollect what you did two weeks prior," she said. "We certainly can ask them to look at statements — bills, receipts and things they have at home — to help them remember their activities in the last 14 days."

You also have problems with people refusing to co-operate with tracers.


More tracing problems, this time in Manitoba:


Three Winnipeg men who have tested positive for COVID-19 say they've lost faith in the province's ability to do contact tracing properly.

The first, who found out he tested positive last Wednesday, says he still hasn't been asked to provide his close contacts and hasn't had any follow up from public health.

"They're not handling it. There has been no contact tracing," Aaron Lund, 46, said in an interview over Zoom Monday.

"With this being at the forefront of everything you see in the news these days, I guess maybe I had an expectation that there was more of a priority to it."  

He said when a public health nurse called him last Wednesday — a day after he got tested — she told him to write down everyone he had been in contact with a week prior and be prepared to share that information in a follow-up call.


The second man, who got a call on Oct. 13 informing him he had tested positive, said he wasn't asked to provide contact tracing information until Monday — six days after a doctor told him he had the coronavirus.


Jotham Koslowsky, like the other two men, doesn't know how he got COVID-19.

He said he contacted the public health COVID-19 call centre last Friday because he still didn't have the result of his Oct. 11 test. A nurse told him his file may have been lost, and 45 minutes later he got a call saying he was positive.


Like 'building an iron ring around LTC homes' the relentless promises to finally get an efficient and comprehensive contact tracing system in place has simply not materialized, hence the sloppy and painful substitution of general lockdowns in their place.  We are in effect 'flying blind' until this fuck up is fixed. I have a Canadian friend who now lives and works in Thailand who is shocked and appalled at how badly all things COVID are conducted here as compared to there.


Manitoba Health Minister under fire:


Manitoba's Minister of Health was publicly denounced by two specialists in geriatric medicine over Twitter this week for saying deaths in care homes are "unavoidable."

"There is no jurisdiction in Canada in which there have not been deaths in personal care homes. It is tragic, it is regrettable but it is unavoidable," Cameron Friesen told CBC News, in a live interview on Up to Speed Thursday.

Dr. Nathan Stall, who specializes in geriatrics and internal medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, disputes Friesen's claim. 

He called the notion that deaths are unavoidable ageist and urged Friesen to reconsider.

Mr. Friesen, the reason we were ordered to turn our lives upside down in the spring was that it was important to slow the spread of the virus to prevent vulnerable people from being infected. That is what many leaders, yourself included, told us. Elderly people are the most vulnerable people to respiratory diseases. If your contention is correct and these deaths could not have been avoided, then what was the point of all of that?

It's bad enough that the care homes had these outbreaks under his watch, but to now shrug them off as what happens? He should be fired from his post as Health Minister and replaced with someone else. Perhaps we should ask Dr. Henry in BC if she has enough time to help us out with a senior care home plan?


Here are some questions about the issues with testing and tracing. Currently there are mobile apps being rolled out across the country, but many people are choosing to not download them. You also have issues (mentioned in the video above) where people will refuse to co-operate with tracers, lie about what they did and when, omit certain information, or have difficulty recalling their every move over the last 14 days. How do we address that issue?