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Denmark becomes 1st European country to completely halt use of AstraZeneca jabs over 'real risk of severe side-effects'

"...Our overall assessment is there is a real risk of severe side-effects associated with using the COVID-19 vaccine from AstraZeneca,' Danish Health Authority Director-General Soeren Brosdroem claimed, explaining the decision. He added that the country has other vaccines to distribute..."

As does Canada, which is now reporting its first vaccine-induced blood clot case after AstraZeneca injection.


Dr John Campbell, Global Update: 4/14/2021

Joint CDC and FDA statement on suspended Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. Blood clot side effects after vaccination. Sweden now has 'highest infection growth-rate in Europe.'


Ontario records 4700+ new cases - 29 deaths today.

Ontario Is In The Midst of a Humanitarian Crisis

"This isn't happening on TV or in another country, it's happening here and now. The Ontario government cannot wait for the ICU modelling to be manifest in our hospitals before implementing the public health measures required to protect us."

Just watch people just watch them do just that.

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"I am sorry, but we are going to see a completely avoidable tragedy play out in Ontario over the next few months..." (see graph)


A million vaccines in freezers: Ontario defends 'buffer' as thousands of appointments cancelled


Canada negotiating contracts to secure COVID-19 booster-shot for next year

A deliberate systematic policy of Covid forever? Big Pharma loves it. See also #2422


'I don't understand why we would be passive and not proactive at a moment like this' - BC Greens

"The BC Greens are the first Canadian party outside of Atlantic Canada to call for strategies aimed at #COVIDZero . Why now? My chat with leader Sonia Furstenau."


COVID-Canada Updates: 4/16/2021

  • Canada sets new single-day record with 9,561 cases
  • 'Extraordinary measures', national approach needed to fight COVID-19 crisis: CMA
  • Ontario considers stricter measures as models show up to 18,000 COVID-19 cases per day by end of May.
  • Vaccine ramp-up still plagued by delays, uncertain deliveries

How a Twitter account is helping Canadians find vaccination appointments

"Whenever Vaccine Hunters Canada learns of an open vaccination appointment slot, they'll share it over Twitter, along with eligibility criteria, to their 32,700 followers..."


"Oxford researchers find rare Cerebral venous thrombosis ['clots'] occurs in 5 in a million people given AstraZeneca vaccine, 4 in a million given the mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) - so quite similar - and 39 in a million diagnosed with COVID-19 (so - 8 times greater).

Please share.


COVID-19: Canada Responds (and vid)

"Ontario extends stay-at-home order, announces new restrictions..."


Re: Above:

"It seems we have chosen punishment over support and policing over public health."



Dr Kali Barrett on  COVID-19 in Ontario

"This is a must-watch."


'This is fucking fascism in a Tom's Place suit'

"Doug Ford just handed blanket permission to come down even harder on communities that are not only over-policed already, and are not only front line workers such as retail and PSWs but 'aren't getting the vaccine."

"Shut down the cash-registers not the playground. Racist cops keep no one safe but #paidsickdays save lives. #COVID19ON

"I have been contacted by 6 people today who have already been detained and questioned by the police for doing such reckless things as walking (For some fresh air) or playing with their child. I am here for you and will help protect your rights. DM me for free legal advice."

Back off, Doug Ford!

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Thread: 'The Ontario Government Let Us Down'

"I went to bed angry and I woke up angry. I am enraged...On the same day that ICU's were so full, more field hospitals were being built and our health experts were calling the third wave of COVID-19 a 'humanitarian catastrophe'...The Ontario government let us down./1"


Experts find more evidence COVID-19 is airborne, that we need to rethink indoor spaces

"The authors of a new paper found increasingly concrete evidence that COVID-19 is 'predominantly' airborne say that we need to be focusing on preventing infections in indoor settings and rethinking how ventilation systems either help spread or dissipate the virus..."


Ontario's new COVID-19 restrictions have science 'absolutely upside down' experts say

"A leading epidemiologist is slamming aspects of the Ontario government's decision to double down on COVID-19 restrictions Friday, saying that Premier Doug Ford has the science behind his soon-to-be-enacted measures 'absolutely upside-down.'

David Fisman, who is also a member of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Table, took aim especially at the government's decision to restrict nearly all outdoor activities while keeping some indoor settings like big box retailers and religious settings open.

"We know in Ontario that the huge drivers right now of transmission are workplaces, particularly industrial workplaces, warehouses, Amazon distribution centers, post offices, said Fisman. 'We know a lot of the folks who are getting sick are lower income or have poor job security, can't stay home if they feel sick.

According to Fisman, what the premier should have done instead was to double-down on stronger ventilation indoor settings, increased COVID-19 testing and paid sick leave for those in essential businesses. ' I didn't hear any of that in today's press conference. It's so ridiculous..."


What you can and cannot do now that Ontario has tightened its stay-at-home-order

"New restrictions are now in place that limit what people can and cannot do in Ontario."


Pfizer hikes cost of covid vaccine for EU by 60 per cent

"Pfizer has hiked the cost of future orders of its coronavirus vaccine placed by the European Commission more than 60 per-cent. Moderna has said it will also increase future covid jab prices in line with 'innovative vaccines,' suggesting a major payday on the horizon for Big Pharma firms..."

Fuck Big Pharma. Canada must make our own vaccine as Cuba, China, Russia etc does.


Ontario adviser explains why he considered stepping down (and vid)

Dr Peter Juni is director of Ontario's COVID-19 Science Table, and says he considered stepping down 'out of desperation' after Doug Ford's latest COVID-19 restrictions.


Fighting COVID-19 in Ontario: The Way Forward

"Sound advice from Ontario's COVID-19 science table - DON'T restrict OUTDOOR activity - police instead of support..."


India shuts down, we keep taking flights

"...Moving around your own city has become more difficult, while every single day, flights land in Canada from all over the world with COVID-19 infected passengers.

If there were buses between cities inside Canada, we would have shut them down - but not when it comes to flights. British Columbia is now home to the second-biggest outbreak of the Brazilian variant after, you guessed it, Brazil. Last week, the Trudeau government dropped extra screening saying that the virus is already here.

And soon, for all of us, we will be dealing with the Indian double-mutant variant and the Trudeau government will have done nothing to stop it..."


Dr John Campbell, Coronavirus Update: 4/20/2021: Risk from India double mutation

"Increased transmissibility of this new variant. This is one we want to avoid very strenuously..."


India posts world's highest daily COVID-19 surge with over 314,000 new cases

"...Authorities have announced that vaccines will be available to anyone over the age of 18 from May 1 but India won't have enough shots for the 600 million people who will become eligible, experts say..."


World's biggest vaccine producer blames Biden's embargo on crucial raw materials for crippling production of COVID-19 jabs

"The world's largest vaccine manufacturer, the Serum Institute of India (SII), has called on President Joe Biden to lift a months-long export ban on critical raw materials that is hindering its production of COVID-19 shots. Speaking to Indian news platform Business Standard last week, SII Chief Executive Adar Poonwalla said the export ban was 'as good as banning vaccines.'


US the Biggest Source of COVID-19 Brought Into Canada, Study Finds

"More than half the imported variants of the pathogen that led to outbreaks in Canada likely came from the United States, scientists say. Virus arriving directly from China - where the pandemic is believed to have originated - accounts for relatively little transmission of COVID-19 here..."


The Scientific Consensus: COVID is Airborne

"BC promotes outdated information on airborne covid spread..."


Coronavirus: What is happening in Canada and around the world

"Case of coronavirus [double] variant first detected in India confirmed in Quebec..."


Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Friday

"Ontario reports 4,505 new cases, hospitalizations stand at 2,287 including 818 in ICU."


Ontario confirms first case of rare blood clots linked to AstraZeneca

This is the fourth reported case in Canada of the rare blood-clotting reaction. The other cases were in Quebec, Alberta and New Brunswick. Health Canada said the benefits outweigh the risks.


More than half of Canada's AstraZeneca vaccine came from US plants accused by FDA of quality-control problems

"Close to two-thirds of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine imported into Canada came from a US factory that American authorities say was rife with quality-control issues, Health Canada confirmed Thursday..."

Reportedly many Canadians declining the AZ jab.


The Amazing Vaccine Race Canada! (and vid)


Pfizer CEO Says 3rd Vaccine Dose Likely Needed Within 12 Months

"This month, Pfizer CEO declared 3rd covid vaccine dose necessary, along with annual booster shot. At an investors' conference a month before, Big Pharma execs celebrated the prospect of booster shots being sold at 'more normal pricing based on value."


Breaking: Public Health Ontario says B.1.617 ['Double-Mutant'] Variant Detected in 36 Cases

"Public Health Ontario says 36 cases have been identified in the province with the B.1.617, the variant that first emerged in India..."


Re-Allocate Vaccines to Hotspots or People Will Die! (and vid)

"The lineups in Scarborough are a reminder that racialized and low-income communities want vaccines. They just lack access because of an inadequate vaccine rollout..."


Ontario man speaks out after father has severe stroke from rare blood clot following AstraZeneca vaccine

"He's not doing well, but he's doing better than he was a week ago,' Kyle said. 'He's not on a ventilator anymore which is great but he has two clots in the brain, several others in the body and definitely had a severe stroke..."


US 'excess deaths' in 2020 surpassed the total during the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic

"Comparing these two pandemics highlights that the COVID-19 infection is not merely another flu. It is a dangerous pathogen that has repeatedly demonstrated a tremendous ability to wreak havoc on the population's life, and needs to be treated with the utmost seriousness and caution.

Maliciously criminal has been the repeated dismissal of this reality by the political establishment and the ruling elite in their prosecution of the policy of 'herd immunity', which has enriched them in unimagined proportions while allowing the virus to run rampant and mutate into more virulent forms.

In light of advances in our understanding of the biology of these infectious organisms, including the medical advances in the treatment of COVID-19 infections that have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, to have allowed so many to become infected and perish is a historic crime..."


COVID-19 Pandemic LIVE: World Map/Count



Dr John Campbell, Coronavirus Updates: Canada

"We need to be more proactive and less reactive. This is really, really serious, people who don't need to will die because of lack of action.."


Saturday Global Update

'Global vaccine supply: US Defence Procurement Act gives American firms preference.'



Vaccine Imperialism

"Global vaccine scarcity is an artificially created problem. Governments in the EU, UK, US and others are throttling vaccine production globally by blocking the #TRIPSwaiver - a proposal at the WTO to temporarily waive some intellectual property rules for medical products."

Why is Canada 'undecided'? To placate the 'club' members above. Tell Trudeau to stop sucking for Big Pharma. Support TRIPSwaiver now.

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COVID Canada Update: 4/26/2021

  • 13 yr old girl from Brampton dies after contacting virus
  • Ontario registers over 3,500 cases, positivity rate highest in over a year
  • Canada to get 1.9 million vaccine doses this week including first Johnson and Johnson shots

"We live in a province where the Ontario government will call in Canadian Forces to help in the ICU before providing $114/d to cover minimum wage for an essential worker with a sore throat or a sick child."


laine lowe laine lowe's picture

The case of that 13 year old girl is so depressing. Is it possible that the father, the only breadwinner in the household who worked at one of those massive fullfilment centres (i.e. Amazon) was a carrier without ever testing positive? Damn, his wife and two kids got the virus and his little girl died at home while his wife was in ICU.

I really thought that at the start of the pandemic, there would be a realignment on how we conducted business to ensure that precarious worker were protected to the hilt. I was obviously dreaming in technicolour because that sure the hell hasn't happened. Between no changes to sick leave, no changes to safety measures in these factories and foreign workers housing facilities, and no changes to paying long term health workers better so they didn't have to take multiple shifts from numerous facilities, it seems that the crux of the pandemic has not been addressed in the 12+ months of dealing with it.


[quote=laine lowe]

it seems that the crux of the pandemic has not been addressed in the 12+ months of dealing with it.


I entirely agree. A massive and avoidable death toll due to obvious and probably criminal negligence. Clearly a deep and comprehensive inquiry is in order.


Canadian made COVID-19 antibody treatment sitting on shelves due to lack of administration plan

"A Canadian-made COVID-19 antibody treatment is sitting on hospital and pharmacy shelves amid the country's third wave of the pandemic because doctors say a plan on how to administer the drug was never made. 'It's actually very frustrating that we have a therapy available to us that we're not actually able to use,' said infectious disease expert Dr Deepali Kuma..."

See #2489. Just another instance of this costly and cruel fiasco of incompetence.


Vietnam defied the experts and sealed its border to keep COVID-19 out

"How the country has kept coronavirus deaths to just 35 and grew its economy..."


Bill Gates says no to sharing vaccine formulas with global poor to end pandemic

"Health advocates blast Microsoft billionaire for saying patent protection on life-saving vaccines must remain..."


Watch: "Medea Benjamin of Code Pink outlined the inspiring role of Cuban doctors in battling the pandemic across the world while the US undermines them and smears them as forced laborers."


"Sitting on millions of AstraZeneca doses that we don't intend to use is probably one of the most evil things the US government has done in this century."

So being caught they decided to give some to Canada.


Quebec announces first death due to blood clot after AstraZeneca vaccine

"Quebec has announced its first death linked to a blood clot after a woman received Oxford AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine..."


laine lowe wrote:

 it seems that the crux of the pandemic has not been addressed in the 12+ months of dealing with it.

agree 2x.   this is the crux; and all the other jab counts and case counts and lockdown debates are simply ankle-level caterwauling.

i look at things from a naturopathic perspective - address the cause of the diease, the disease goes away.  instead, we are attempting to "buy-a-product" our way back to "normal".

it won't work, and it's not meant to. 

the elites are doing very well.   2800 billionaires in the world, 500 are from the last year.  etc.



Vaccine envy: Why can't Canada make COVID-19 doses at home?

"Once a world leader in vaccine production, Canada is entirely dependent on foreign sources for COVID-19 shots. Canada has fully vaccinated just three percent of its population. 'Why doesn't Canada have its own vaccines? Are we always to rely on the US for everything?'


Capitalism prepares to fight wars, not the pandemic

"Last year, as more than 3 million people lost their lives amid a raging pandemic, governments around the world spent a record sum, nearly $2 trillion, on weapons and preparations for war. The US, the global leader in deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic, with 587,000 and counting, is also by far the world's greatest military spender. The US increased its arms spending by 4.4 percent last year, to $870 billion, more than the next 10 countries combined.

In its criminal indifference to human life, in its efforts to desensitize the population to mass death from the pandemic, the ruling elites are at the same time seeking to prepare the population for the horrific consequences of world war. The development of a powerful counteroffensive must be connected to the building of a socialist leadership in the working class. The fight against militarist violence, as with the fight against the pandemic, is at the same time a  fight against the capitalist system and the oligarchy it serves..."


'One isn't vaccinated until fully vaccinated'

"We are seeing patients admitted to ICU with COVID well after shot 1 and before shot 2. Given the significant delay between shots 1 and 2, clear communications on how to conduct oneself between shots from public health leaders would help."


"During a 25-minute news conference, Merrilee Fullerton took no responsibility for what happened in long-term care. She blamed it all mostly on previous governments, but also the health bureacracy, community spread and scientists disagreeing about masks and aerosol spread."

There should be criminal charges laid. Where is Doug Ford?


Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world..

"Ontario and Quebec say all adults will be eligible for vaccine in May."


Ontario 'Completely Ignored and Bulldozed' Problems in LTC (and vid)

"As COVID-19 scythed through Ontario's ltc homes, a former provincial inspector said it was horrifying and infuriating to watch unfold. 'It's incredibly disappointing to see these repeated flagrant violations were not taken care of,' said the former inspector with years of experience. 'These problems that we had identified years earlier were completely ignored and bulldozed..."

Where are the criminal actions against all those responsible?