CRACKDOWN on "conspiracy theorism"/unAmerican activities on babble

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Dont worry, I can say its impossible that Fidel could stay away from here for even a dayCool


[and the whiskey induced final cut]

And if there is to be any genuine apologies extended here, I should thank the real Americans who have so generously provided us with their comments and opinons over the years. Former Soldier is a real American I believe and a virtual online someone who gives it his heart and soul in every post he contributes. 

And Sven, God love him to bits. He's a real American, too. He has tried so hard to reconcile our points of view with what he knows and understands about his country and our's and all of the wonderful people who live state side and here in the semi-frozen banana rep. due north. Thanks, Sven. You're the real deal, too. Sven realized his heart is located on this side of his chest after swallowing the red pill years ago. No turning back, Sven.

Yes we love our American neighbors and relatives who live there, and we real people want what's best for both countries and the wonderful people who try so hard to make it work every day in spite of the scumbags in high places taking advantage of the situation. They defined themselves by their wealth and are loyal to no country. Charade they are.

Peace out for the very last time, friends. Cheerio, and ... Give 'er!

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Fidel, take a break from babble.  It'll do you a long-missed vacation.  Then, come back, refreshed and ready to go again.


Before I close this thread for length, I'd like to say a few things ...

Publicly discussing babblers who have been banned is inappropriate and unfair since they cannot respond to anything said of them. 

Threatening a campaign to have us (the mods) terminated from our employment is a most odious form of workplace oppression and creates a toxic environment for us.  Disagree with our decisions all you like, as is your right, but don't personally insult us or threaten our livelihoods or you will be shown the door.

Everyone is someone else's jerk/hero at some time.  The decision to ban long-time babblers is never taken lightly, and is only done when the damage an individual does to the discourse and to other individuals outweighs the value of their contribution.  I can't count the number of intelligent, reasonable babblers who have left (quietly, mind you, without drama) because of the offensive behaviour of others. 

And now, this imperialist oppressor of the heroic voices of freedom on babble is closing the thread.


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