Crisis in Cyprus

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Crisis in Cyprus



No information to offer. No links even.

I've read the MSM articles.

Some strange, the situation. In among the EU as well. They are the most strange.


One bizarre twist in this is seeing if the Russian government will pony up to halp stave off the haircut that Russian mafia capitalists stand to get on their Cypriot deposits.

Seems likely, since a lot od those deposits are probably the individual holdings of the bandits in government.

How much of Putin's personal wealth is held in Cyprus? Not that we'll ever know.


I read an interesting suggestion of a deal Cyprus could do with Russia to get the required cash: offer Russia a naval base in Cyprus (and watch EU heads explode).


Servility or Self Defence: Cyprus Can Defend Against The Turks Without American Protectorate or Russian Advice

"...For the first time, however, Cypriot and Greek military officers and exports have joined to plan Cypriot military tactics against Turkey's attempt at taking over the Cyprus offshore seabed and at fresh Turkish troop-landings on the island. Not since the Cypriots fought a successful guerrila war against the British for independence in the 1950s, and then in 1974 fought against the Turkish invasion of the northern part of the island has a Cypriot military approach appeared. Self-defence by the Cypriots - without alignment with Americans or Russians, and without backing from Athens - is unprecedented.

The Grivas report represents a decisive break with the military and intelligence planning of the previous Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris, he secretly negotiated the terms of the US protectorate with the Pentagon and State Department before the Americans announced them publicly, and before Tsipras was replaced in the Greek election of July 7..."