The definition of futility - banning begging in Bangladesh

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The definition of futility - banning begging in Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi authorities will vigorously enforce a ban on begging so that it can be eliminated within five years, the government says.

Their announcement follows a decision by parliament on Tuesday to grant metropolitan city status to the towns of Sylhet and Barisal.

The new classification means that begging is automatically banned, as it is in Dhaka, Chittagong and Rajshahi.

It's one thing when they try to do this here where it technically could be done, but would be a big misuse of resources and abuse of rights if we did...but this is a whole other level of stupid.

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this shit retarded one reason they do it though is cuz many kids are kidnapped and maimed to become professional beggars. All that gonna happen though it poor ppl get bucced by cops and everything stolen and any "undesirables" in those towns as in others who speak out against anything the gov does are "taken care of".