The demonization of China

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Thanks for the interesting articles. They give me plenty to think about.


NDPP wrote:

China Appreciates 37 Foreign Ambassadors' Joint Letter Supporting Xinjiang Policy

This link fits in my thread perfectly. Thanks NDPP!

From the link above

"China has invited a number of diplomats, international organizations officials and journalists to Xinjiang to witness the progress of the human rights cause and the outcomes of counter-terrorism and de-radicalization there," they said, adding that what they saw and heard in Xinjiang completely contradicted what was reported in Western media.

"We call on relevant countries to refrain from employing unfounded charges against China based on unconfirmed information before they visit Xinjiang," the ambassadors stressed.



Pompeo Calls China's Treatment of Uyghurs "Stain of History'

"The Chinese have a real problem with Saudi-style Islam (Wahhabism) coming into the country. US is siding with extremists..."