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Canadian Minister Promises Review After Security Contracts Awarded to Chinese-State Tech Company

"...According to the National Post, which first reported Thursday on Nuctech's new deal with Global Affairs Canada, the July 2020 contract has an estimated value of $6.8 million. Documents do not confirm that figure, but confirm a 'contract award date' of July 15...'The safety and security of Canada is a top priority for the CBSA,' a statement said..."

 What can Global Affairs Canada possibly have been thinking? Thank heavens this was discovered by the National Post in time!  How fortunate too that good friends of Canada, USA and Israel, are both leaders in the field of such technologies so we won't have to worry about replacing the booby-trapped Chinese stuff or about being spied on by  malevolent foreign powers like Red China. Whew! Is that a load off my mind...No wonder America needs us to increase our contributions to NATO to protect us from Russia and China! Worth every million obviously in these truly dangerous times!

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U.S. Orders China to Close Consulate in Houston

The United States has abruptly ordered China to close its consulate in Houston within 72 hours. Within hours of the order, smoke could be seen from the consulate’s courtyard, where it appears Chinese Consulate workers were burning documents. A spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry called the closing of the consulate illegal under international order.

Wang Wenbin: “The unilateral closure of China’s Consulate General in Houston within a short period of time is an unprecedented escalation of its recent actions against China.”

The State Department said the move to close the Chinese Consulate was needed to “protect American intellectual property.” On Tuesday, the Justice Department indicted two Chinese residents, accusing them of stealing trade secrets from U.S. firms, including research into a coronavirus vaccine.


"After Chinese FM confirmed that US asked China to close its Consulate General in Houston, a number of geopolitical observers called US move 'unprecedented', saying it would trigger a broader earthquake in diplomatic ties between the two countries. As a result of the recent indiscriminate stigmatization and incitement of hatred by the US, bomb and death threats have been made against Chinese diplomatic missions and personnel in the US, a spokesperson said."

Ramping up for The Coming War on China.


'US Orders China To Close Consulate in Houston' (and vid)

Gordon Chang* is on Fox alleging that Houston Chinese consulate provided 'logistical and financial support' to BLM protests and the CPC is 'stoking racial tensions..."

*Gordon Chang: National Defense Industrial Association


US Claims Diplomatic Immunity For COVID-19 - Shuts Down Chinese Consulate

On Tuesday, the US government ordered the closure of the Chinese consulate in Houston, Texas. The move comes amongst a slew of factless accusations of Chinese hacking and surveillance. While Trump, like Biden is using anti-China propaganda as part of his campaign, the closure of the Houston consulate has nothing to do with it. But US media fail to mention the real and unreasonable motive behind this move.

The unmentioned reason for the State Department's move is a squabble over virus testing and quarantining of US diplomats who are supposed to return to China. Chinese public health officials insisted on testing and quarantining everyone who entered from the US to protect their country from another outbreak. I have found no US media which reported on this diplomatic conflict.

China's request to test and to quarantine for 14 days everyone coming from abroad is not unreasonable. China has already had an expensive second outbreak with several hundred cases in Beijing traced back to a visitor from abroad. It does not want another one. The US claims its diplomats are immune under the Vienna Conventions. But Chinese officials claim that the virus is not a party to those agreements..."


BAR: A New Cold War on China is Against the Interests of Humanity

"In recent weeks, the US has passed several laws, including the Hong Kong Autonomy Act, which violate China's sovereignty. On July 3rd, the US sent two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea. These moves bring the US that much closer to a hot war with China by way of direct military escalations in the Asia-Pacific. None of this is new. Since 2013, the US has 'pivoted' its military toward China in an attempt to contain its rise. Over 50% of all US military assets now reside in the Pacific.

A global pandemic and a monumental collapse of the capitalist economy have greatly escalated the need for the Trump administration to fuel anti-China racism in the United States. US aggression toward China thus extends to the economic, political and ideological realms. This writer is organising with NO To The New Cold War, a coalition of activists, intellectuals and scholars committed to ending the US' New Cold War Against China.

We therefore call upon the US to step back from this threat of a Cold War and also from other dangerous threats to world peace it is engaged in including: withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces agreement; withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accords; and its increasing disengagement from UN bodies. The US should also stop pressuring other countries to adopt such dangerous positions. We support China and the US basing their relations on mutual dialogue and centering on the common issues which unite humanity..."


Beijing Orders US to Close its Consulate in Chengdu in Retaliation for Closure of Chinese Facility in Houston

The Chinese Foreign Ministry ordered the US government to shutter a diplomatic office in Chengdu, a move Beijing deemed a tit-for-tat response to Washington's recent expulsion of Chinese consulate staff from a faculty in Texas. Though Beijing expressed regret over escalating tensions between the two countries, it said expelling American diplomats was a 'legitimate and necessary response to 'unreasonable actions' on the US side..."


"Mike Pompeo, Herman Goering lookalike and true 21st century fascist, wants a war with China nothing less. My film The Coming War With China, broadcast in 2016, is a warning to all of us. It can be viewed on my website, free of charge. This is the link..."


US-China Spat Over Quarantine And Consulates Continues

"...The Chinese consulate in Houston is accused without evidence  of being a 'hub of illegal spying and influence operations.' The US consulate in Chengdu is, according to the NY Times, involved in 'gathering information on Xinjiang and Tibet,' and also used for the fake 'human rights' campaigns against China - i.e. CIA information operations. Why is the chosen depictions so different? The US has many more diplomats in China than China has in the US. We can therefore be sure the US has more agents doing nefarious stuff in Ottawa than Chinese agents are doing in Washington, Houston and elsewhere..."


Communist China and the Free World's Future (and vid)

"Michael R Pompeo, Secretary of State, Yorba Linda, California, July 23, 2020

"...Mike Pompeo is a man devoted to this family. He is a man of faith, of the greatest patriotism and the highest principle..."


Ex CIA Director Pompeo: 'We lied, we cheated, we stole...'

This is your 'closest and greatest ally' Canada. How appalling and shameful you kowtow to such monsters.


Cuba Condemns US Decision to Close Chinese Consulate in Houston

"Cuba's Foreign Minister stated that the US applies a foreign policy of double standards, political opportunism and hateful rhetoric against sovereign states..."


"Shi Zhengli, the researcher at the Wuhan Institute of Virology who studies bat coronaviruses, speaks out in detail for the first time about allegations that her lab leaked a virus that sparked the pandemic. She's like an apology from Trump."

Not to mention other 'progressives' who made the same racist, Sinophobic imprecations.


Five Eyes Alliance Could Expand In Scope To Counteract China

"...The Five Eyes intelligence alliance could be expanded to include Japan and broadened into a strategic economic relationship that pools key strategic reserves such as critical minerals and medical supplies, according to centre right MPs working internationally to decouple the west from China..."


New World War (and vid)

"The US is  intent on overthrowing the government of China and it is a terrifying prospect says Benjamin Norton from the Grayzone News."


Racist Confrontation in Toronto Caught on Camera

"All Chinese people should go to jail. Go back home to China!"

'Yellow Peril!' China-hate fueled from above.


NDPP wrote:

Racist Confrontation in Toronto Caught on Camera

"All Chinese people should go to jail. Go back home to China!"

'Yellow Peril!' China-hate fueled from above.

I guess CTV decided that this white woman's identity needed to be protected.



Yes. Curiously in the way of such things now, had the racist been spewing anti-Black epithets her identity would likely have been revealed. As it was anti-China her identity was protected. But of course this in a settler-state founded on Indigenous genocide, where to criticize Apartheid Israel is now officially 'anti-Semitism' but accurate graffiti ('This is Nazi') on a Canadian monument to Ukrainian veterans of the SS Galizien is a 'hate-crime'. Go figure...


Black Alliance For Peace (and vid)

"Coordinating Committee member Margaret Kimberley discussed why the US left must oppose the US state's apparent new Cold War with China..."


Escobar: The Heart of the Matter in the South China Sea

"The battle for the contested maritime region is over before the shooting even begins, and China has won..."


Presumptuous Pompeo Posts Preposterous 'Peking' Policy

"A rant by Mike Pompeo regarding what the US should do with China led to a fruitful exchange between an old China and an old Soviet hand..."


'We're Here For the Long Run': TikTok's US Gen Mgr Dismisses Trump's Ban Plan

"As the clock runs down on Friday night's vow by President Donald Trump to ban TikTok in the US, the Chinese-owned social media platform has responded by insisting that it's not going anywhere and plans to create more US jobs...#GenZ trending after Trump announces TikTok ban, sending Twitter into overdrive. 'Best gift he can give the Dems..."


TikTok: How the White House Helped US Investors to Raid a Chinese Company

"At some point US investors decided to raid the successful business. The White House found that to be a great idea and actively supported the plan..."

US statecraft as piracy and thievery. As with Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, etc.


WATCH: A Chinese Diplomat Destroys Nancy Pelosi With a Simple Question...


Western Media's Favorite Hong Kong 'Freedom Struggle Warrior' is American..

"Best expose since the 'Gay girl in Damascus' turned out to be a middle-aged Canadian man. Hong Kong 'freedom-fighter is a yellow face American ex-Amnesty staffer. White saviour complex. Thank you Max Blumenthal."

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US Smears Those Questioning Latest Claims vs China

"The CODA Story - a media front funded and created by and for the US government, its 'Atlanticist' partners, and the corporate interests driving the vast majority of Western foreign policy - recently ran a smear against alternative media figures questioning the US-led Uyghur-Xinjiang narrative and the US attempt to use it to undermine China. Terrorism in Xinjiang carried out by extremists radicalized by US, Saudi and Turkish programs is real. Even the Western media whose lies today CODA seeks to buttress have previously admitted the large scale and frequency of terrorism in China's Xinjiang region. Other western media sources have confirmed terrorist organizations like the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) are funneling extremists from Xinjiang onto battlefields across North Africa and the Middle East and particularly in Syria alongside other extremists armed and backed by NATO..."


The Grayzone Reports About the Uighurs, China and Xinjiang


A Deeper Look at the Uighur Crisis in China


Escobar: For China, Everything is Proceeding According to Plan

"The contours of China's long-term strategy for the new Cold War are quickly coming into view..."


Constructive Engagement With China as a Global Imperative: Part 2

"Here in Canada we face a daily barrage of material in the media demonizing China at every turn..."


The Hong-Kong Judiciary

"Beijing is encroaching on Hong-Kong's legal system, we can't allow this foreign manipulation of the rule of law..."


CrossTalk: (Mis) Understanding China

"In the presidential election cycle both Democrats and Republicans claim to be tough on China. What does that actually mean? In fact, what does the [North] American public really know about the China of today? On this edition of the program we attempt to separate myths from reality."


'The New Federal State of China', Meant to Supplant the People's Republic

"In its recent edition [Aug 29 - Sept 4] the Economist publicly attacked Steve Bannon's close ally and an arch anti-Beijing 'gladiator', Guo Wengui:

''From his 152-foot yacht and his $67.5 million dollar penthouse overlooking Central Park, he spins tales of Chinese elite corruption and purges, styling himself a 'CCP terminator.' (Mr Bannon is given the same nickname). On June 6, Messrs Guo and Bannon announced aboard the yacht in New York harbor, the founding of 'The New Federal State of China', meant to supplant the People's Republic..."


Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui control Hong-Kong riot/protest

I guess that explained all the 'Star-Spangled Banner' singing and 'Make HK Great Again, Mr President!' signs.


The Fallacy of Denouncing 'Both Sides'

"The Western left has rebranded and endorsed imperialism with tropes like 'denounce both the US & China' and 'support the Chinese people against their govt', in order to push US propaganda and violence on China. The 'neither Washington nor Beijing' trope is a gross false equivalency between the world's imperial hegemon and one of the only nations willing to break from the American regime of sanctions, occupation and neoliberalism.

In a rebranding of the white man's burden, Western third campists proclaim their 'solidarity with the Chinese people' against their 'authoritarian' government in their push to align with Western imperialist aggression on China..."


Washington Finally Admits its been Interfering in Hong Kong

"I remember being attacked as a conspiracy theorist and mouthpiece for Beijing when I expressed the US hidden hand in Hong Kong's riots last year. Now members of Congress are complaining their destabilization efforts failed. Are they 'CCP shills' too?"


Pepe Escobar explains 'Sinophobia Inc' - the West's Information Industrial Hybrid Warfare Complex

"It took one minute for President Trump to introduce a virus at the virtual 75th UN General Assembly, blasting 'one nation which unleashed this plague onto the world.' And then it all went downhill.

Even as Trump was essentially delivering a campaign speech and could not care less about the multilateral UN, at least the picture was clear enough for all the socially distant, 'international community' to see. Here is President Xi's full statement. Here is President Putin's full statement. And here's the geopolitical chessboard once again; it's the 'indispensable nation' [and vassals like Canada] versus the Russia-China strategic partnership.

As he showed the importance of the UN, Xi could not be more explicit that no nation has the right to control the destiny of others, 'Even less should one be allowed to do whatever it likes and be the hegemony bully or boss of the world.' The US ruling class obviously won't take this act of defiance lying down. The full spectrum of Hybrid War techniques will continue to be relentlessly turbo-charged against China, coupled with rampant Sinophobia, even as it dawns on many Dr Strangelove quarters that the only way to really 'deter' China would be Hot War..."


Red Flag Over China (and vid)

"It's lies, all from the same people who told you Iraq was bristling with nuclear and chemical weapons. There are no [concentration] camps. This is FAKE NEWS people!"


I watched that whole video Aristotled linked to, didn't understand most of it. I saw the tweet. I read posts in this thread. It is important that some people understand the complexity of current events but most people won't go that deep. This is a place where people do understand politics at this level. I never will. Most people won't. 

If I am getting the point the point isn't to stop the demonization of China because it isn't nice or fair. It is because it is being used as justification for bullying or for using it as a weapon to prevent China from competing economically. It is presented as justification for the existence the US as world cop or the evil Chinese might invade us. 

From my perspective China does do a lot of horrible things. So does the US. It isn't a contest. I don't care who is worse. I care about what Canada's role is because that is the only thing I have any sway over even if it is a miniscule amount. 


Destabilizing China (and vid)

"Former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, retired Army Colonel Lawrence B Wilkerson on Xinjiang..."




Canada's escalation of cold war against China only illustrates how impotent Trudeau really is

"Canadians are starting to question Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's ongoing hostility towards China. In trying to play tough with Beijing and keep his allies [Washington] happy, he's only making Canada look weak. It should now be clear that Meng's arrest had little to do with Huawei's phones or its dealings with Iran. Part of stemming the continued growth of what is now the second largest economy on the planet, it seems, is the vilification of anything Chinese - something which has only intensified since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic..."


Canada Begins Accepting Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Activists as Refugees

"Canada has begun accepting Hong Kong pro-democracy activists as refugees, a sign that this country is opening its doors to those fleeing Beijing's crackdown on civil rights in the former British colony..."

Make Hong Kong Great Again!


What you read in the news and from editorialists doesn't necessarily reflect public views:

Despite concerns about Xi’s rise, the survey found that in most countries more had faith in him than in Trump. In Germany, 78% said they had no confidence in Xi – but 89% said the same of Trump.

When it came to perceptions of economic strength, China fared relatively well, and only in the United States, Japan and South Korea did more people consider America the world’s leading economic power.

The countries surveyed were Australia, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden and the United States.

It seems the demonization of the US is working out better than the demonization of China.


US-China Standoff Creating Conditions Similar to Pre-WWI Europe, Kissinger Warns

"Our leaders and their leaders have to discuss the limit beyond which they will not push threats, and how to define that,' said Kissinger, a top diplomat during the Nixon administration, who is credited with orchestrating US rapprochement with China. 'You can say this is probably impossible, but if it is, we shall slide into a situation similar to WWI,' he warned.

The former diplomat issued his warning on Wednesday, during a virtual event hosted by the Economic Club of New York. Economist John Williams, who chairs the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was the other guest at the discussion. The Trump administration has pursued confrontation with China on many fronts..."

America's snapping, snarling northern vassal Canada should also be told to stand down and cool its jets. Jeopardizing your second largest trading relationship at such a time in history is also beyond foolish, to say the least.


Galloway: China Will Retaliate...(and vid)

MOATS: "The political chaos in the US could lead to a diversionary war..."


Toronto Launches Campaign to Combat Rise in Anti-East Asian Racism

"There has been a rise in racist incidents toward East Asians in the city since the start of the pandemic, according to a release that announced the campaign. More than 600 incidents of anti-Asian racism have been reported across Canada since the onset of COVID-19.

According to a report released by the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice (CCNF-SJ), twenty-six percent of those cases occurred in Toronto.

Assault accounted for nearly 30% of the reported incidents. Verbal harrassment - including name-calling, swearing, racial slurs and threats - occurred in 65% of reports. Sixty percent of all incidents were reported by women..."


China-Canada Relations Frosty at 50 Years Under US Shadow

"...Trudeau's moves showed that he was very clear that the main reason for 'decoupling' of China-Canada relations lies in the US. This is consistent with the fact that the US have always used Canada in its competition with China. Washington will not hesitate to put Ottawa in a dilemma. Former White House national security adviser John Bolton said in an interview with Canada CTV News that it was 'true' that Trump viewed Canada as a political pawn in trade dealings with China..."

Canada's shame: our status as vassal and American satellite while pretending independence. And the lack of any concerted national 'progressive' effort to change that status quo.


Republicans Unveil Legislation Pinning China as Top National Security Threat

"Leading Republicans on Tuesday introduced legislation that formally declares China as the US' primary economic and national security threat. 'The malign behavior of the CCP poses a genocidal threat that demands urgent action,' he said in a statement. 'We can no longer stand back as the Chinese Communist Party ramps up their military aggression, weaponizes the supply chain, and brazenly attacks the democratic values that underpin American society and global prosperity..."

And right on cue, their little dog too...

Beijing Erupts at Canada after Parliamentary Committee Says China's Uighur Policy Amounts to 'Genocide'

"China's foreign ministry is lashing out at Canada after a House of Commons subcommittee concluded that the state's mistreatment of Uighurs living in Xinjiang province amounts to a policy of genocide. Zhao Lijjan, a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign ministry, said today that this 'so-called genocide' is 'a rumour and a farce fabricated by anti-Chinese forces to slander China. Its groundless statement is full of lies and disinformation,' he said of the committee's report, warning parliamentarians to 'avoid doing any further damage to China-Canada relations..."

If you bother to investigate just who the committee called before it - the most virulently US aligned anti-China activist organizations to be found -  the outrageous and unfounded committee conclusions are entirely predictable. Clearly the game was fixed from the start. Canada picked only the voices it wanted to hear and China's was not included. The creation of an enemy and the manufacture of consent for fighting that enemy continues apace.


Debates 2020: The End of Engagement

"Debates 2020 offers Sinophobia and warmongering in two flavours, red and blue. We unpack the long game of bipartisan aggression on China - from Nixon to Clinton and beyond - in our latest."


US Encourages Canada to Hit China With Sanctions over Uyghurs

"...A senior official in Washington who is deeply involved in the US government's China file welcomed a statement by a Canadian parliamentary committee that called on Canada to impose Magnitsky-style human rights sanctions on Chinese officials...'This act by the Canadian Parliament reflects the moral repulsion of the world against atrocities in Xinjiang perpetrated by the Chinese Communist Party. It is only the tip of the iceberg of the crimes conducted in the entire Chinese territory,' the senior official told the Globe and Mail Thursday.

The Globe is keeping the official's name confidential because the individual says that, due to 'protocol', Washington doesn't want to become publicly involved in an internal Canadian decision. However, the official said the US government would welcome a decision by Canada and other allies to impose sanctions against Chinese officials as the Trump administration did in July."

China, the Uyghurs and Xinjiang: Not as advertised by the Globe and Mail


Lascaris thinks we should release Meng. 


It was a dirty little errand for Washington head office Canada never should have consented to. Now we are being drawn even deeper into these dangerous US geostrategic anti-China designs. And like snatching Meng, all on bogus pretexts. Good for Lascaris. I agree.


How a key Pentagon official turned China policy over to arms industry and Taiwan supporters

"The 'Fortress Taiwan' arms deal overseen by ex Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver is one of the most provocative US moves against China in years - and a big win for his think-tank's arms industry and Taiwanese patrons. Gareth Porter on the malign forces that helped pay for Randall Schriver's dangerous arms deal with Taiwan..."


If Biden Wins, Russiagate Will Magically Morph into Chinagate

"...We can expect...political pressure on the Biden administration to escalate cold war aggressions against Beijing, which Biden will happily do since, again, he is a virulent China hawk. We can expect Republicans to ignore those escalations and keep claiming Biden is suspiciously soft on China, while Democrats don't object to them because he's their president and they want him to show that he's not a Chinese asset. How do I know that last bit won't happen? Because it's exactly what happened with Russiagate..."

More likely they'll stoke them both.


Next US President Will Influence Testy Canada-China Relations

"The winner of the US presidential vote could determine the future path of Canada's testy diplomatic dispute with  China - and perhaps the fate of Canadians caught in the middle. The US is a major player in Canada's relations with China and it will continue to 'feature hugely and prominently', regardless of who's in the White House, a senior Canadian government official told POLITICO. Middle-power Canada may prefer to wait for signs from the White House before it proceeds with key decisions within its Chinese policy..."

They are the masters and we shine their shoes.


'Uighurs Forced To Eat Pork': Horror Stories Told by Chinese Defector Seem to Evolve

"Given the multitude of inconsistencies in Sautbay's ever-changing stories and the obvious propaganda purpose they have, I am inclined to believe the Chinese Government's version..."


Escobar: US Hits Search & Destroy Against the New Silk Roads

"Seven years after being launched by President Xi Jinping, first in Astana and then in Jakarta, the New Silk Roads, or Belt Road Initiative (BRI) increasingly drive the [North] American plutocratic oligarchy completely nuts. The relentless paranoia about the Chinese 'threat' has much to do with the exit ramp offered by Beijing to a Global South permanently indebted to IMF/World Bank exploitation.

BRI's overall strategic focus on infrastructure development, not only across Europe but also Africa encompasses a major geopolitical gamechanger. BRI is positioning vast swathes of the Global South to become completely independent from the Western-imposed debt trap. For scores of nations, this is a matter of national interest. In this sense, BRI should be regarded as the ultimate post-colonial mechanism.

BRI in fact bristles with Sun Tzu simplicity applied to geo-economics. Never interrupt the enemy when he's making a mistake  - in this case enslaving the Global South via perpetual debt. Then use his own weapons - in this case financial 'help' - to destabilize his pre-eminence.

None of the above, of course, is bound to serenade the paranoid volcano, which will keep spitting out a 24/7 deluge of red alerts, deriding BRI as 'poorly defiined, badly mismanaged and visibly failing.' 'Visibly' of course, only for the exceptionalists. Predictably, the paranoid volcano feeds on a toxic mix of arrogance and crass ignorance of Chinese history and culture..."



If 300,000 died from COVID-19 in China, how would West react?

"The death toll from the coronavirus surpassed 300,000 in the US on Monday. This is truly a staggering number. However, the day passed quietly in the US, with no word from the current US government on the tragic moment. The media reported on it, and president-elect Biden mentioned it, but no specific reflection nationwide was incurred.

The greater focus of US public opinion on Monday was the official introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine and the optimism coming from it seemed to outweigh the sadness over the staggering death toll. We want to ask, what would happen if the situation was reversed - what if China were the one where 300,000 people died from coronavirus, and the US and most other Western countries had the pandemic under control? Let's imagine based on the assumption...?


Here is a video by an American from Michigan, living in China, explaining what he thinks about Western calls for "democracy."