Dengue fever outbreak in Queensland

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Dengue fever outbreak in Queensland

Expect more of this as global warming opens up new habitat for the offending mosquitoes:

Queensland Health staff are struggling to cope with an outbreak of dengue fever in the far north.
In the past two months, 78 cases of the potentially deadly mosquito-borne virus have been confirmed in Cairns and in a separate outbreak, two people have been struck down in Townsville.

Public health specialist Jeffrey Hanna said the Cairns outbreak, which has been traced to an international traveller, is already stretching the capacity of medics and extra staff have had to be employed.

Dr Hanna said three teams were working on implementing mosquito control measures but even if that number was doubled, "We'd still have a problem."

"We have a dengue-friendly city here in Cairns. We're finding a lot of mosquito breeding in the properties we visit," he said.

"This outbreak clearly has a momentum about it. I expect it's going to be several months before it's overcome."