Dispatches from Japan

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Dispatches from Japan

Blaise and Maynard Plant are Canadian musicians living in Sendai, Japan where they are part of the pop band "Monkey Majik". Sendai, of course, is close to the epicentre of last week's earthquake and has felt the full force of the resulting tsunami.

Blaise and Maynard have both been tweeting their observations and experiences and they make for poignant, sometimes chilling, but always moving dispatches.



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Great to see you back, aka. I missed you.


In Preparation For Trump's 'America First' Doctrine, Japan Unleashes $243 bn Defence Spending Plan


"Japan is set to abandon its pacifist past and begin a long and dangerous road to militarization and potential confrontations with its neighbors, according to recently published defense spending documents. Unsurprisingly, the document is mostly concerned with its regional arch-rival China. Japan is also concerned by the perceived threat posed by North Korea..."