documentation of Ukrainian war crimes and atrocities

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documentation of Ukrainian war crimes and atrocities

There's just so much. I will begin with a couple of 100 page reports by the Russian Foreign Ministry, outlining in extreme detail some of the many, many violations of human rights, crimes against humanity, and war crimes by the brutal jackboot regime in Kiev.

May those guilty of these terrible crimes be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


So, to begin.

Chapter 1.


These 80 pages or so include:

Violations of the right to life, violations
of public order and safety, the use of torture,
inhuman treatment and committed iniquity .................................... 7

Interference in the internal affairs
of a sovereign state ...................................................................... 29

Weapons, equipment, and tactics
of the Euromaidan participants. Evidence
of deliberately committed violence and provocations
by the so-called "Peaceful demonstrators" ................................. 35

Violations of the right for freedom of thought and belief,
including political beliefs, and violations of the right
to express them. Restrictions on freedom of the media
and intimidation of dissidents. Censorship ...................................41

Discrimination along ethnic and linguistic lines,
xenophobia and racial extremism.
Incitement of racial hatred ............................................................51

Religious intolerance, including threats
to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church
of the Moscow Patriarchate ..........................................................


That takes us up to April of 2014. Then we have ...

Chapter 2.



Violations of human rights and the principle of the rule of law
in the course of the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation’ ...............................7

Violations of the right to freedom of thought and belief,
including political beliefs; the intimidation and kidnapping
of political opponents .................................................................................29

Restrictions on freedom of the media
and journalist activities............................................................................... 41

Tragedy in Odessa ...................................................................................... 51

The Snipers’ Case: a mock investigation,
violation of the right to the presumption of innocence
and of the right to a fair trial ....................................................................... 61

Ethnic and linguistic discrimination, xenophobia
and aggressive nationalism. Instigation of racism .....................................67

Manifestations of religious intolerance, including threats
to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate .................. 74


That takes us up to mid-June. However, many claim that the worst atrocities have been SINCE then. More to follow.



Does Poroshenko belong in the dock at The Hague? Is it likely to happen? Will he get a confortable exile in the USA, like Saakashvili, or perhaps some other unnamed middle eastern country?



I had thought you might post that "human rights violations" document in your thread on Russophobia. But if you feel it needs another thread or five, feel free.

I remember having a good laugh at it when they first published it. You can look back and see what I had to say then, or feel free to ask and I can point you to some real howlers, like blocking a road as human rights violation.

Personally I'd recommend starting at  Manifestations of religious intolerance, including threats
to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate

That's shorthand for the Russian Orthodox Church, by the way.

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Most recently: Shoot people on your vacation. Seems impossible to believe, and yet ...

Other data:

Crackdown in Ukraine sullies its democratic aspirations - CS Monitor

the Sept. 11 shutdown of the independent Kiev-based Vesti newspaper by the Ukrainian Security Service for “violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity” brought swift condemnation from the international Committee to Protect Journalists and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Ukraine has also shut down most Russia-based television stations on the grounds that they purvey “propaganda,” and barred a growing list of Russian journalists from entering the country. In July it banned the parliamentary faction of the Communist Party, which won 13 percent of the vote in 2012 elections, on the grounds that its members had spoken in defense of eastern Ukraine’s rebels.


Mass Killing in East Ukraine and the Failure of Liberal Intellectuals


United Nations - killing of civilians in Ukraine.

The disappointing one-sided coverage by far too many UN bodies notwithstanding, evidence of Ukrainian violations are finally being outlined by the relevant bodies. No pun intended.

“Deliberate targeting of civilians is a violation of international humanitarian law, and more must be done to protect them,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay.  “All those involved in the hostilities in the affected areas of the east must at all times comply with the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution. This is particularly important in densely populated areas.”  -

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6079_Smith_W wrote:
I had thought you might post that "human rights violations" document in your thread on Russophobia. But if you feel it needs another thread or five, feel free.

I remember having a good laugh at it ...

Just for the record as well.

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(Bertrand) Russell Tribunal: War Crimes (by the Petroshenko regime) in the Donbass


The Russell Tribunal held a session in Venice on Saturday to look at war crimes in the Donbass region.

The jury considered the actions of US President Barack Obama, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and European Council President Herman van Rompuy (aka Gollum) in the course of the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

The Russell Tribunal was founded in 1967 by Bertrand Russell, initially to investigate military intervention in Vietnam.

GUILTY as charged!

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ikosmos wrote:

Just for the record as well.

Yes, well you'll probably want to go back and read around May 5 in the Ukraine thread. You'll find more stuff to put in your indictment.

Have you read that report? I have. What I found particularly amusing: them mentioning what seems like every human rights violation against statues of Lenin, while forgetting to mention the many people who were shot, tortured, and some of whom are still missing.

The UN released an actual report on human rights in Ukraine around the same time:

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Does every right-wing government reporting on the human rights violations of others get its own threead, or only the Russian government? 

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swallow wrote:
Does every right-wing government reporting on the human rights violations of others get its own threead, or only the Russian government? 

Fair point. However, the problem is, as in the egregious example of MH-17 getting shot down over the battlefield, that there aren't any other governments providing such well-documented, verifiable sort of evidence.  Furthermore, there is actually a great deal of effort to provide translation of important information and materials to allow readers to form their own opinions about controversial matters. 

I've seen some of the evidence regarding violations of human rights by the DNR, LPR, etc. It pales in comparison. However, we get these garbage UN reports in which it is claimed that "both sides" are possibly guilty of war crimes, etc. Ukrainian soldiers are marched down Artyomovsk Street in Donetsk, shouted at and probably spat on, some journalists are beat up or bullied, and somehow this is the same as thousands dead, including children, 1,000,000 refugees, (of which over 800,000 have fled to "the aggressor" or Russia) and half a billion (440 million) in destruction of infrastructure, including hundreds of schools and public buildings. HTFG. It might as well be Israel bombing the Palestinians given the myopic media coverage of the conflict.

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Ukrainian Right Sector (fascists) open fire on .... Ukrainian army regulars!

Twenty soldiers and three officers of the Ukrainian Army came under fire from punitive battalion troops near Starobeshevo.

According to the commander of the DPR Militia platoon (call sign ‘Pastor’), what happened near Starobeshevo was that the forces of the Right Sector attempted to prevent members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) from disarming and surrendering to the Militia.

"According to the Militiaman, one of the officers of the Ukrainian Army—who was one of those fired on—admitted that those who had opened fire were Right Sector fighters. Moreover, the colonel suggested that the Right Sector fighters had deliberately arranged an ambush for his soldiers, who had been planning to disarm and surrender to the Militia.

On August 30, the DPR Army announced that it would provide an opportunity for seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers to pull out of the encirclement, according the DPR Minister of Defense, Vladimir Kononov."

Between hunting for humans for sport and firing on soldiers on their own side, it's a wonder these fascists don't kill each other off by accident. Brutal.

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Is this thread about the plane as well? Didn't realize. In that case maybe the existing thread on that, or on Ukraine, would do? I'm not sure what you're trying to do in this thread other than showcase Putin regime publicity materials. 

Meanwhile, I will certainly believe UN reports, based on certain consistent methodologies and freer of single-government axe-grinding, over anything published by the Russian or American governments. Others free to disagree, of course. 

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The Russell Tribunal,, the CS Monitor, etc, etc,  are not "Putin regime publicity materials". Good try, though. 

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At what? Not following your point. 

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Reply: I gave examples of sources that I had used that weren't "Putin regime publicity materials" as you put it. However, I notice that your post has been edited since then ... to include the US regime sources as well.

General comment: I notice that far too many people take US mass media, and government, sources as gospel and are agnostic about all other sources. So if the US (and Canadian) mass media remains silent .... say about the 800,000 refugees to Russia from Ukraine ... then it didn't happen. Or those who make claims contrary to the US media are expected to write a treatise in which every dot over every i is in place and every t that isn't crossed is treated as a war crime. 

I see in the Russian news that their government is massively increasing the budget for mass media this coming year or two. The increase is mainly related to mass media for the foreign market. Can't say as I blame them. The quantity of Russophobic media in the West is astonishing by its overwhelming tone of hatred, misinformation, and so on.



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Did Ukrainian troops behead civilian victims in the Donbass? An international investigation is needed to find out, says the head of Russia’s presidential human rights council, Mikhail Fedotov.

Four bodies have been exhumed, including those of three women. Their hands were tied, at least one of the bodies was decapitated, self-defense fighters said.

Two bodies were found Monday, and two others Tuesday.

Self-defense forces believe there might be other burials in the area.

"They are from Kommunar, which has just been freed [by DNR/DPR forces]. The people told me that the women had been missing and here we found four bodies. And I don’t know how many more people we might find,” a self-defense fighter, nicknamed Angel, told RT.

"The peaceful Ukrainian army came here and "liberated" them but I can’t understand what the Army freed them from. These women died horribly," his comrade, Alabai, added.


Russia calls for international probe into Ukrainian burials with signs of execution.

Supplemental: The OSCE has confirmed the claims of the resistance fighters.

The OSCE has confirmed that three mass graves, allegedly with many bodies, have been found near Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. Two of the bodies have already been identified.

More decapitated bodies to follow? This is what Western governments are supporting? Despicable.

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New York Times reports that Kiev has been kidnapping random civilians in order to exchange them as POWs. What it doesn't say is the reason that Kiev doesn't have any real prisoners to exchange is that they have killed them all.

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Didn't edit anything in, ikosmos. But I now grasp your purpose in this thread, so do carry on. 

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More about those bodies that were found with their arms tied behind their back and shot at close range.

According to Konstantin Gerasimenko, chief medical examiner, “all four victims – they are all male – have multiple gunshot wounds to head and body.”

“Their hands were taped behind their backs. Some of them were only in their underwear,” he said.

RT’s crew also visited another burial area that the OSCE monitors discovered, located just 3 kilometers from the first site.

Initially the grave looked like a mound, with five names written on a plaque on top of it, all in Russian. The officials were not able to reach the area as it was mined. They have only started the exhumation now.

One of those who took part in the exhumation told RT that they have found five bodies, which have already started decomposing.

The plaque on top of the grave had four names on it, and a space for a fifth name, which was blank, with only a number there.

All four names had the victims’ dates of birth and death. The dates of death were all the same – August 27. An inscription on the plague reads: “Died for Putin’s lies.”

This is what the Poroshenko regime, and its fascist militias, had in store for the population of Novorossiya. A grave in the middle of a minefield. Because killing unarmed civilians once is not enough. Gah.

Exhumation of mass graves in eastern Ukraine.

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I should mention that the agreement called the Minsk Protocol has a clause - Clause 6 I believe - which requires the states or actors signing the Protocol to pass an Amnesty Law regarding immunity from prosecution and punishment for (atrocities) carried out in and around Donetsk.

Which means the war criminals may never be prosecuted.


That agreement can't cover war crimes because individual governments don't have the authority to make that decision; it is up to the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The amnesty can only cover prosecution by Ukraine, and it doesn't include more serious crimes.

And you can be sure many people whose friends and family are still missing from the past year aren't too happy about it either.

You'd prefer the alternative? Russia send its troops back over the border and start this all over again - something that may yet happen.


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You'd prefer the alternative? Russia send its troops back over the border and start this all over again ...

Where is this "again"? How about proving, without grainy photos of Loch Ness Monster quality, this flatulent claim? Peter Lavelle of RT has, quite rightly, publicly challenged anyone to, say, name a date when this "invasion" took place.

There is plenty of outside help, something the Novorossiyans have not denied, but this is no different than the Western mercenaries, grab-bag of fascists, etc. , that are fighting on behalf of the junta from Kiev. There are even some very well publicized French sailors who are fighting for Novorossiya.

Invasion? Prove it. Repeating a Western lie over and over again is simply the time-worn approach of Goebbels.

Now, in regard to the more substantive point ...

6079_Smith_W wrote:
That agreement can't cover war crimes because individual governments don't have the authority to make that decision; it is up to the International Committee of the Red Cross....

Individual countries must put forward claims of war crimes and such. If the parties involved sign a deal not to proceed then the process never even gets started.


If that was the case then no country could be held responsible for atrocities within its borders. And that ain't so.

And we have been around this before. Aside from the fact that Russia has admitted to covert action in Crimea, and aside from the fact that the Vostok Battalion is operating openly, and two of the military and political leaders are Kremlin operatives, to believe that there was no direct Russian involvement is magical thinking. Tanks don't fly. Supply lines don't come from other dimensions, Soldiers don't get wounded and killed doing nothing. Posthumous military awards are not given for nothing, and there are only so many of them that can get lost.

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Smith: "If that was the case then no country could be held responsible for atrocities within its borders. And that ain't so."

International Criminal Court: jurisdiction and admissability

The Court does not have universal jurisdiction.  The Court may only exercise jurisdiction if:

  • The accused is a national of a State Party or a State otherwise accepting the jurisdiction of the Court;
  • -
  • The crime took place on the territory of a State Party or a State otherwise accepting the jurisdiction of the Court; or
  • -
  • The United Nations Security Council has referred the situation to the Prosecutor, irrespective of the nationality of the accused or the location of the crime.


This is aside from the practice - by one country in particular - of noisily making the case for the nationals of other countries to be subject to the deliberations of the ICC, while rejecting, in principle and in advance, the court EVER being applied to its nationals.

Of course I mean the USA. It is official doctrine of the Merricans that no American ever be prosecuted by the ICC. When the ICC ruled against the USA, in favor of Nicaragua, after Yanqui atrocities in Nicarguan harbours that saw many nationals of other countries die, the USA simply ignored the court. And they still do. But they are still noisy proponents for OTHERS to be subject to the court. Boo rah.


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That was the International Court of Justice, not the International Criminal Court. The ICC is too new to have ruled on Nicaragua. But yes, the USA is the leading opponent of the ICC and most claims to universal jurisdiction. 


Not much chance we'll see Igor Strelkov hauled up then either.

But the ICC is hardly the only avenue; you do remnember Augusto Pinochet's arrest, the Rwandan war crimes trials in Canada. And ours is not the only jurisdiction which has exercised the principle of universal jurisdiction.

The International Red Cross has opened the door to consideration of war crimes; Amnesty International has documented incidents it things applies on both sides. I hardly think a small technicality like the Minsk agreement makes any difference. And given what you say about the ICC it would never happen there anyway, even without the agreement.


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Saker wrote:
Today, buried 9 minutes into the latest edition of the Channel 1 news report on Russian television, was a 23 seconds long statement by Latvian Human Rights investigator Enorst Gronych who declared on camera that he has interviewed the people of a village recently evacuated by the Junta's repression forces who had told him about "repeated cases of gang rapes of minor girls aged 12, 13 and 14 years old" by Ukrainian thugs.

According to Gronych, this kind of pattern falls within the definition of "genocide".

In fact, the Russian TV channels have also been reporting mass graves, numerous cases of civilians pulled out of their cars and summarily shot, mass graves of people shot with their hands tied in their back and tortures, tortures and more tortures: systematic beatings, branding with swastikas, knife wounds, broken bones, heard trauma, damaged kidneys are all apparently what any detained person (regardless of the reason for their detention) should expect from the Junta's "liberators".

Furthermore, it is now becoming apparent that about 50% of the Novorussian "prisoners of war" which are being exchanged for Ukrainian POWs under the terms of the recent ceasefire agreement are not combatants at all but civilians seized for the sole purpose of exchanging them. 

It is not hard to imagine what truly happened to the missing 50%: most of them were tortured and shot by drunken Ukrainian thugs (in stark contrast Ukrainian POWs were treated, washed, fed, clothed and then given the choice to say in Russia or go back to the Ukraine).

For anybody familiar with Ukrainian nationalism and Ukrainian nationalists, this is hardly surprising.  Not only is that fully consistent with what happens in the rest of the Junta-controlled Ukraine, it is also consistent with the practice of Ukrainian nationalists of the times of Bandera and before. 

No, what is amazing is the utter silence in the West about this.  For somebody like me who vividly remembers the loud and indignant protests of western human rights NGOs, media and governments over human rights violations in Chechnia, Bosnia or Kosovo (including plenty of completely fictional ones!), it is amazing to see how "for some mysterious reasons" the Ukrainian atrocities seem to go unnoticed in the West. 

The very same West who is absolutely outraged about the arrest of Pussy Riot activist  and who seems to seriously believe that organizing a "gay pride parade' in Moscow is a human right is apparently totally indifferent to the gang rape of 12-14 year old girls.

What does this say about the West, it's values, it's leaders, media and people?

Russia Insider quotes the Saker

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On May 2 there was a grisly massacre in Odessa when 42 pro-Russian demonstrators were burned alive in a building after being set upon by pro-Ukrainian activists.  

Here is a wikipedia description of the event.   We can't vouch for its objectivity, but at least it gives a sense of what happened.

The pro-Russian side says that they were unarmed, were viciously attacked by heavily armed pro-Kiev, neo-nazi activists, from which they fled, seeking refuge in a trade union building.  They claim the activists then set fire to the building, where many of the pro-Russians died in the flames, and that even when trying to escape the building, they were shot at and physically attacked.

The pro-Kiev side says that after street fighting with the pro-Russians, they barricaded themselves into the building, and that the fire started accidentally, and denies continuing to attack the victims in the building.

We don't know which version is closer to the truth, but find it interesting that to this day, the western media has not made much of an effort to investigate the story.  Seems a bit of an oversight to us, considering the tragic results and the possibility of a major atrocity having transpired.

There was a major uproar in Russia in the weeks following the tragedy, because the mainstream Western media mentioned it only in passing, and showed little interest in the story, mostly presenting the pro-Kiev version of events.  

To this day it is probably Exhibit A for most Russians that the western media is biased against Russia.



Watch the video yourself, its a shocker.  (Warning: It contains grisly scenes.  Not for children or faint of heart!)

"We think this video could go seriously viral around the world, and could cause a major shift in western public opinion about what is going on in the Ukraine."

Busted! Busted! Viral Video IDs Man Committing Atrocity During Odessa Massacre (cc, 5 min)





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Daily Life in Banderastan - from the Vinyard of the Saker

Saker wrote:
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 Daily life in Banderastan Today, the Parliamentarian Nestor Shufrich was beat up by thugs of the Right Sector.  The cops stood by and watched.

See for yourself: YouTube link

In Kharkov, a man was found impaled on a church fence, his body attached with electrician's tape to the fence.  Medical gloves were found on the site.  According to witnesses, he was killed by Right Sector activists on suspicion of being a sympathizer of Novorussia.  According to official police reports, this man impaled himself and, presumably, having done that, found the time and energy to securely attach himself to the fence with tape.

yeah, that was sarcasm.

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World Jewish Congress urges Ukrainian Orthodox Church leader to act against glorification of Nazi soldiers.

If Nazis are glorified, then it should come as no surprise that war crimes and atrocities follow.

from WJC Vice-President Boris Fuchsmann, chairman of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine

"I swear to the German Supreme Leader and Commander of the German Army Adolf Hitler in unfailing loyalty and obedience. I solemnly declare to perform all orders and instructions of the chiefs ... I understand that after this oath I am subject to all German military disciplinary. "

These are the words of the oath, which “fighters” from the division 'SS Galicia'. As you can see, they took an oath to Hitler, and not Ukraine, contrary to historical truth, radical Ukrainian nationalists like to declare


That last story is from over a year ago, ikosmos.

It concerns the ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the Galicia battalion, July 2013 in Lviv, where almost all the pictures of SS uniforms, parades, and the neo-Nazi tourists held up as evidence in the Ukraine thread were taken.

How it relates to the current Ukrainian government and its actions I am not sure. It predates Yanukovich's resignation, the Maidan protests, all of it.

Though I found something I hadn't seen before. Apparently the ceremonial and reburial of Ukrainian and Soviet soldiers was organized by a group called Pamyat (Memory). Hard to tell if it is a faction of the same organization, but there a right-wing, anti-semitic Christian Orthodox group called Pamyat which was formed in Russia in the 1980s, and split into various factions.

A cornerstone of their ideology: the myth of a so-called "Ziono-Masonic plot against Russia



6079_Smith_W wrote:


How it relates to the current Ukrainian government and its actions I am not sure.

Commemorations of Ukraine's past nazi history dwindles in importance to the present Government's dependence on, and material support for, its active neo-nazi batallians.

Denying and downplaying this fact amounts to support for it.
I'm not  sure why Babble allows neo-nazi apologists on its hyper-regulated site, but times change, I guess.

Azov fighters are Ukraine's greatest weapon and may be its greatest threat
The battalion's far-right volunteers' desire to 'bring the fight to Kiev' is a danger to post-conflict stability
Dmitry claimed not to be a Nazi, but waxed lyrical about Adolf Hitler as a military leader, and believes the Holocaust never happened. Not everyone in the Azov battalion thinks like Dmitry, but after speaking with dozens of its fighters and embedding on several missions during the past week in and around the strategic port city of Mariupol, the Guardian found many of them to have disturbing political views, and almost all to be intent on "bringing the fight to Kiev" when the war in the east is over.

The battalion's symbol is reminiscent of the Nazi Wolfsangel, though the battalion claims it is in fact meant to be the letters N and I crossed over each other, standing for "national idea". Many of its members have links with neo-Nazi groups, and even those who laughed off the idea that they are neo-Nazis did not give the most convincing denials....


contrarianna wrote:

I'm not  sure why Babble allows neo-nazi apologists on its hyper-regulated site, but times change, I guess. 

Yes, I respect your presence and input here too.

As for the situation in Ukraine, do you remember what was happening in March, with the regular army driving up to rebel territory, handing over their vehicles and arms, and taking the bus back home?

I can appreciate that the Ukrainian government is in a difficult position, given that their most important battalions (and remember, Azov is 300 people, 600 at the outside) includes some fascists. But given that they are under attack, that the these are some of the first groups that could be counted on to fight for their country, I don't see that they had much choice. It is not as if they haven't laid criminal charges in some cases - against members of Pravy Sektor. After all, it is not a crime to be right wing, just to act on those beliefs in a way that is against the law. And not to excuse Azov, but it is not as if there aren't just as many if not more fascist-leaning idealogues on the other side.

And ikosmos

Maybe if the rebels respected the ceasefire and stopped trying to take the airport - that IS where the fighting is happening - there wouldn't be any more dead people.



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Strong proof Right Sector, National Guard linked to mass graves near Donetsk

RT wrote:
There is irrefutable evidence that the National Guard and ultra-nationalist Right Sector fighters are responsible for the murder of people recently discovered in mass burial sites near Donetsk, eastern Ukraine said Russia’s Investigative Committee....

The mass graves discovered in September near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine “are further eloquent testimony to the atrocities of the Ukrainian nationalists,” Markin said, adding that “all of the victims were tortured before their murder."....

“What is more interesting that this fighter received a money reward for the killings from his leadership sponsored by Igor Kolomoysky,” Markin said, referring the Kiev-appointed Dnepropetrovsk governor and prominent oligarch.

What prevented and is preventing them now from conducting their own investigation into the massacres of the civilian population and to try to protect the innocent population of Donbass instead of making hysterical statements about the alleged ‘interference’ in the affairs of a sovereign republic?” he questioned.

The discovery of the graves was made on September 23 by self-defense forces, who were responding to information given to them by locals, who said that they had been dug by Ukrainian government forces. The OSCE confirmed the finding on September 25 and reported its concerns to the European Union.

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6079_Smith_W wrote:
And ikosmos - Maybe if the rebels respected the ceasefire and stopped trying to take the airport - that IS where the fighting is happening - there wouldn't be any more dead people.

Yeah, because bombing schools just makes the point so much better. 

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Commemorations of Ukraine's past nazi history dwindles in importance to the present Government's dependence on, and material support for, its active neo-nazi batallians.

Denying and downplaying this fact amounts to support for it.
I'm not  sure why Babble allows neo-nazi apologists on its hyper-regulated site, but times change, I guess. 

I notice the support comes in the form of trivializing the atrocities by the junta and its fascist militias, and spinning Ukrainian atrocities into Russian ones. And trolling threads like this one.

It's slimy, but effective to a limited degree. The remedy? More evidence, which is forthcoming.

Today, for example, the junta - despite the ceasefire - decided to bomb children on their first day of school. Yup, that's right. The opening of school has been delayed thanks to the ethnic cleansing in eastern Ukraine. Now that the "ceasefire" is on, what better way to mark your perspective than by bombing little Vlad and Natasha?

boo rah.

9 killed, 30 injured in shelling in Donetsk, E. Ukraine, school hit

Maybe some apologists for the regime can provide us with examples of schools under the control of the junta that have been similarly bombed ... by the resistance, by the Roooskies, whatever.

Oh yeah. There aren't any. But the resistance and the Russians are still at fault. And they're under your bed!

Three people died at the school and six others were killed at the bus stop, Donetsk City Council said in a statement on its website.

No children were killed in the shelling of school №57 on Wednesday, but the debris from the blast left two parents and a biology teacher dead....

The Russian Foreign Ministry describes the attack is a cynical and blatant breach of international law.

“The particular cynicism of this shelling is the very fact that today was the children’s first day at school. And on this day, artillery directly targets them. These are blatant, intolerable things,” the ministry’s human rights ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov said.

Public transport has been changing routes due to the shelling.

Maybe a new feature can be added to GTA in the latest version? Just as one game has Israelis bombing Gaza, they could add the targetting of school buses in Novorossiya to the fun? How many children can you kill? Do you need machine gun fire to finish them off, or can you kill all the passengers with one shell? Bonuses in US dollars and free trips to a certain middle eastern country for ammo saved! [rolleyes]



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MOSCOW, October 1 (RIA Novosti) – Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that more than 400 bodies have been discovered in mass graves near the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, in what he described as "horrific" evidence that pointed to a war crime.

“This is obviously a war crime. Already more than 400 bodies have been discovered in [mass] graves outside Donetsk and we hope that western capitals will not hush up these facts [because] they’re horrific,” Lavrov said, adding there was an apparent blackout of the incident in Western mass media.

Yeah, but look over there! The resistance is fighting at the airport! Who cares about 400 dead civilians! Here, try some strudel!

400 BODIES - clear evidence of a war crime.

Will we read about this in Western media? Or dead silence?

Go ahead Smith, spin this one! I'm sure you can! Boo rah.

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UNITED NATIONS, October 1 (RIA Novosti) - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the shelling of a school in east Ukraine's besieged city of Donetsk and described the incident as "particularly alarming," UN Spokesman Stephane Dujarric told the press on Wednesday.

"We're very concerned of the reports of violence we've seen over the last two days. The shelling of the school is particularly alarming. Targeting of schools [is] unacceptable in any circumstances," Dujarric said in New York.

At least 11 people have been killed in shelling of a school in Donetsk on Wednesday. According to the city council, 70 children were inside the building when firing started...

Rooskies! They can't be trusted! And ... there's twelve of them under your bed! And in your closet!


ikosmos wrote:

400 BODIES - clear evidence of a war crime.

I did a reverse image search of the picture accompanying that article and it is variously described as having been taken in either Colombia in 2010 or the Balkans.  Not Ukraine.


6079_Smith_W wrote:

I can appreciate that the Ukrainian government is in a difficult position, given that their most important battalions (and remember, Azov is 300 people, 600 at the outside) includes some fascists. But given that they are under attack, that the these are some of the first groups that could be counted on to fight for their country, I don't see that they had much choice....

Delicately, and deceptively, put.
There's a rumour there were also "some fascists" in Hitler's party.

"Under attack"?
Proclaiming separation put Donetsk and Luhansk under attack by your Nazi saviours.

But Kiev’s use of volunteer paramilitaries to stamp out the Russian-backed Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics”, proclaimed in eastern Ukraine in March, should send a shiver down Europe’s spine. Recently formed battalions such as Donbas, Dnipro and Azov, with several thousand men under their command, are officially under the control of the interior ministry but their financing is murky, their training inadequate and their ideology often alarming.

The Azov men use the neo-Nazi Wolfsangel (Wolf’s Hook) symbol on their banner and members of the battalion are openly white supremacists, or anti-Semites....

I'm surprized you haven't joined, they are taking Canadians, as well as fascists from all over:

Its ideological alignment with other far-right, social-nationalist groups has attracted volunteers from Sweden, Italy, France, Canada and Russia.

Lemko, a Canadian volunteer whose roots are Ukrainian, said he came to the Azov Battalion several weeks ago because he was concerned about the direction in which Ukraine was heading. He said he was a national socialist — though he rejected the term neo-Nazi — and was a member of far-right groups in Canada...


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400 bodies. Try to get the main point, will you? I realize that all this mounting evidence must be alarming to all the apologists for the junta in Kiev.


Okay. You don't need to shout. Got the 400 the first time and I can read without you putting it in bold print. Just trying to be polite, but I don't think I have to respond to every post by saying I am skeptical.

I followed the link in your posted article to the OSCE reference and it mentioned only four bodies.

And according to the rebels there are only nine.


However, a close reading of Mr Graudins’ comments shows that he spoke only of 400 unidentified bodies being located in Donetsk morgues, where many bodies of victims from the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine have been taken.

And that pic of an archaeological site at the top of your article? I'd be interested to know where that actually came from.

No caption, no photo credit. No nothing.

But my main question is why the Russians are doing this now at a time when they are supposed to be implementing a cease fire. The Mass grave at Slaviansk isn't really being talked about, and there will probably be nothimg more coming about MH17 for awhile now. So why are they doing this?



Still, as with most things Ukrainian, it's somewhat .... 'complicated'...

Zionists and Anti-Semites in Ukraine: A Strange Union


You posted that already.

Same lede talking about the "world Jewish Movement", same discrediting of contrary Jewish voices as being not real Ukrainians, and same branding of Ihor Kolomoysky as Ukraine's Goldstein.

I'll say it again; I think this hatchet job on him, rather than the actual right wing faction leaders  has more to do with him having power, and calling Putin "shorty".



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The barbarous Kiev regime just slaughtered a Red Cross worker.

This is what happens when you indiscriminately shell civilian targets. I guess this is the military strategy of the junta to keep control of the airport in Donetsk. Just rain down shells on schools, Red Cross officials, etc., until the resistance gives up. And the apologists here on babble have the effrontery to suggest that "local autonomy" under this regime is workable.


Blame the Rooskies!

Andrew Roth on Twitter wrote:
Bomb hit Red Cross HQ in center of donetsk, at least one person dead. One police officer said he supposedly was a Swiss employee of the org.

Ruptly wrote:

A foreign Red Cross worker has been killed in Donetsk, according to a Ruptly source. Local Donetsk authorities said the foreign citizen was killed as the city was shelled on Thursday.

The nationality of the worker is currently unclear, due to conflicting reports. Local authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic said the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) official killed in Donetsk was a citizen of Switzerland.

"A Red Cross representative, Laurent Etienne, a citizen of Switzerland, born 1976, has been killed," Eduard Basurin, head of the DPR Defense Ministry's political department, told TASS news agency.

Meanwhile, a representative of Red Cross told Ruptly that the killed worker was a citizen of Italy.

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Harvesting human organs in Ukraine. 

Too disgusting to be believed. But is it true? Why isn't Western media investigating this?


Mass graves are said to have been found in the Donetsk region, apparently of civilians with their hands bound behind them, shot in the head, the bodies showing evidence of torture before the coup de grace was administered. Some of them have been decapitated. Some of these, too, are said to be cut open and missing organs.

You will have to dig deep, though, to find any information on that, or at least that is my prediction. Because the U.S. State Department, in a move which would be outrageous if it were not so predictable, has turned the investigation of these allegations over to the very authority which was in all likelihood behind it – the Ukrainian government.

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Why is this regime using BALLISTIC MISSILES ON CIVILIANS??

And the Western countries continue to egg them on. Monstrous evil.


WARNING: Graphic video.

"I told him not to go."

Lyuba phones her daughter about her husband. He went to the shop on Poligraphicheskaya Street. He never returned.

"Hello, Natalya? This is your mother. He is dead. I am in the morgue."


Ukrainian Big Business Tycoon May Face Expulsion From European Jewish Organizations

"It is intolerable that our co-religionist gives money to people wearing chevrons with swastikas,' Eskin told the daily Izvestia. He believes that the Jewish organizations in Europe, Russia and Israel should pay more attention to events in Ukraine..."


Azov Battalion Member Admits to Looting and Torture in Donetsk Republic (vid)

backed by Ukrainian-Israeli Zionist, billionaire, banker, media magnate and appointed governor of Dnepropetrovsk,  Igor Kolomoisky


Again, for anyone interested, Kolomoisky set up the Dnipro Battation, not Azov.

Russian media has also charged that he attacks embassies, wants to destroy eastern Ukraine by blowing up the huge power dam on the Dniepr, and that he is part of some alleged world Jewish movement. He's everywhere, and behind everything, apparently:

Too bad Interpol has turned down as politically motivated the international arrest warrant they are trying to launch.

And too bad about people inside Russia who are suspected of doing business with him. Good way to point out that his tentacles stretch into their homeland, though. I bet they use that, and the pic with blood dripping out of his mouth, at the two-minute hate.


Kolomoisky is widely credited for keeping the peace in Dnepropetrovsk, an industrial city, as pro-Russian separatists took control of parts of other cities near the Russian border. Hundreds have died in clashes with the Ukrainian army and police forces.



Lyashko: Half of Soldiers in the 'Azov' Battalion are Previous Convicts

"The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Oleg Lyashko, acknowledged that half of the battalion 'Azov', which is fighting in Eastern Ukraine, consists of people with criminal records. At the same time, the Ukrainian parliamentarian asserted that he does not see anything wrong with this fact: the main thing, he stated, is that they 'fight' on the government's side.

'I want to tell you about half of the soldiers in the 'Azov' special battalion have been previously convicted,' stated the Ukrainian parliamentarian in an interview.

According to a source in the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, it has became clear that Kolomoisky is the staunchest opponent of peacefully resolving the situation in eastern Ukraine. Thus during Poroshenko's visit to the Donbass, Kolomoisky declared that he does not intend to follow the president's peace plan and 'will still finish off' the militia forces."


Ukraine: Batallion Backed by Jewish Billionaire Sent To Fight Pro-Russian Militias

"Among those going into battle from the Ukrainian side are some 500 trained fighters in the self-declared Azov battalion backed by Jewish energy magnate and Dnipropetrovsk region governor, Igor Kolomoisky, according to Israel's Ma'ariv daily..."


Yeah, I know you posted that article before, NDPP.

What's the source? the only one mentioned is another newspaper, and virtually all of this comes back to the speeches made by Sergey Lavrov.

Same guy who said Kolomoisky magically hauled Azov off the front lines, and sent them overnight to Kiev in response to the downing of a Ukrainian transport plane (the reason for the embassy protest)

What was Azov actually doing that day? Fighting to retake their city - Mariupol:

Do you honestly think those "criminals" had any interest in leaving the fight for their home city to go halfway across the country to throw eggs?