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Ukrainian artillery hits some more Donetsk Kindergartens and the University.

Because ... schools ... are just terrorist fronts!

Those lollipops ... are really IEDs! And those textbooks!

3 dead - 10 injured.

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Human Rights Watch: The Ukrainian regime has been using incendiaries, including white phosphorus, ballistic missiles in the form of Grad rockets, and cluster munitions against civilians in the civil war.

incendiaries, ballistic missiles, and cluster munitions

When even HRW files such reports, it may be a matter of time before there is an international criminal arrest warrant for whoever, for the nonce, sits atop the junta in Kiev.


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Russian lawmakers from the State Duma (Parliament) have put forward a proposal for an international investigation of the crimes against humanity carried out in Ukraine under the authority of the brutal, Western-sponsored, Ukrainian junta.

Russia seeks international PACE group to probe crimes against humanity

The State Duma speaker has confirmed Russia’s PACE [Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe] proposal to launch an international panel to investigate crimes against humanity in Europe, such as the tragedy in Odessa or mass executions of civilians near Ukraine’s Donetsk.

The Speaker of the Duma, Sergey Naryshkin, noted that the Ukrainian regime is building new walls on the 25th anniversary of the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

We all need a motivated dialogue through various international bodies and first of all on the basis of the Council of Europe. We need no new walls of distrust, especially during the year when the whole world is celebrating the 25th anniversary of dismantling the Berlin Wall,” Naryshkin told his guests. “The world must not follow the example of Ukraine that had already announced the creation of a new European wall and actually started to build it,” he added.

Digging moats and installing barbed wire fences in the modern world is insane,” Naryshkin said.

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And these disgusting war crimes are treated with silence by Western media while Poroshenko is lauded for "sharing" Western values.

Last week in a candid address to Ukrainian nationalists in the Odessa Opera House, president Petro Poroshenko outlined how he is planning to win the war in East Ukraine:

“We (Ukraine) will have our jobs – they (Donbas) will not. We will have our pensions – they will not. We will have care for children, for people and retirees – they will not. Our children will go to schools and kindergartens… theirs will hole up in the basements. Because they are not able to do a thing. This is exactly how we will win this war!”

[cue the Ukrainian Seig Heil]

The chocolate oligarch, backed by Brussels and Washington, is not afraid anymore to openly admit that the Ukrainian Army is targeting civilian buildings on purpose and forcing Donbass people and children into basements, in order to intimidate the population into leaving the area or surrender.

Of course, when it comes to the dead children and so on, the Ukrainian puppet regime simply claims that the self-defense forces were "bombing themselves" and other idiotic fictions. Because any lie will do.


Poroshenko Promises Terror for East Ukraine

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VIDEO: Ukrainian Nazi Torturers Brand Swastikas on Prisoners' Buttocks


Ukrainian MP explains how she PERSONALLY tortured her victims and suggests selling the human organs of the victims ...

So far only Amnesty International has reported that Ukraine’s Aidar punitive battalion war crimes in the Luhansk region. EU related human rights organizations are still silent on war crimes committed by Ukrainian military and paramilitary units.


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Meet Ukraine’s Master Mass-Murderer: Dmitriy Yarosh

Dmitriy Yarosh is the founder and head of one of Ukraine’s two racist-fascist, or nazi, parties, Right Sector. He is officially the #2 Ukrainian national-security official, working directly under Andreiy Paribuiy, who heads Ukraine’s other nazi party (the party that used to call itself Ukraine’s “Social Nationalist Party,” after Hitler’s National Socialist Party, but which the CIA renamed “Svoboda,” meaning “Freedom,” so as to make it more acceptable to Americans).



Yarosh’s teams carry out the most violent operations for the CIA in Ukraine (including the coup). Since these are the people who actually specialize in this sort of political operation, Yarosh basically commands the country. Ukraine is now run on fear, and everyone fears Dmitriy Yarosh. Even Ukraine’s other leaders fear him. He is sometimes shockingly public with his threats against even the nation’s President. Yarosh is the only person who can afford to be.

Here you see Yarosh’s people do the coup in Kiev in February. Here you see them do the massacre in Odessa in May. Notice how similar these two operations are. Yarosh’s mind is actually on display in those operations. Yarosh is the person who gave the teams their instructions, and his followers carried these instructions out.


Russian Soldier Caught in Ukraine Disappears on Way Home, Parents Say

The caller then put the soldier on the phone, his father, Sergei, told Novaya Gazeta.

"I could feel that he was [speaking] under duress," Sergei Balobanov was quoted as saying. "He could only speak within permitted limits. He only said that some people had 'picked up' him on the Ukrainian border and took him to a local military base. He said he was fine, except for some scratches on his face, but that, he said, was nothing."

I am sure he is fine, it is not like the Russian Military or Government would want to clean and hide up an embarrassing loose end on their illegal military actions in the Ukraine.

It is not like they are punishing and murdering their own soldiers to hide what is going on. 


Why do you keep repeating this nonsense, ikosmos? Some of that material is close to a year old, and it is full of inaccuracies.

Parubiy resigned in August. And he is a member of the People's Front Party now.

Yarosh doesn't command the country. He never was a deputy of the security forces or anything else in government.

The parliament never enacted the language laws mentioned in that article.

The article says that Right Sektor was in parliament. It wasn't, and it wasn't even a political party at that time. Yarosh just last month won a single seat, and he is nowhere near government.

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Go on, get in there. Throw a few punches. There's a tsunami of war crimes by the junta, richly documented and as ripe as rotting flesh, mounting up to stratospheric heights.

Will Poroshenko find a comfortable place in the USA once things fall apart? Maybe he could join his buddy and fellow war criminal Saakashvili from Georgia? Maybe not. The USA has jettisoned the Georgian and now won't even grant him a business class Visa. lol. That's what happens to puppets that are no longer of use to the Empire.

The US Vice President is in Ukraine this week. The visit of US officials is usually followed by ... an intensification of the bombardment of civilians, etc. By the end of Friday's press conference we will have an inkling of whether or not the ethnic cleansing will continue. Give it a week and we will know for sure.

Is there a Gulf of Tonkin in Ukraine?


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6079_Smith_W wrote:

Why do you keep repeating this nonsense, ikosmos? Some of that material is close to a year old, and it is full of inaccuracies. ...

Yarosh doesn't command the country. He never was a deputy of the security forces or anything else in government.

D Yarosh, week of Sept 18, 2014 wrote:
“Unless Poroshenko comes to senses, we’ll have a new president and commander-in-chief in Ukraine,” Yarosh warned. “If anyone doubts that it’s possible, he can write to Yanukovich. He can verify that impossible things can be made happen.”

This is a person who can threaten the President and remain unpunished. What new crimes will he mastermind?


I suspect Biden timed the visit to coincide with Holodomor memorial taking place this Saturday.

The ceremony marking it was held at the Saskatchewan legislature today.


What new crimes will he mastermind?

Evidently not a successful run for the presidency, despite all the diabolical powers you seem to think he has. I guess no one was so scared of him that that they could be persuaded to give him even one percent of the vote.


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Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol

Preamble: The first video below documents a telephone conversation between the editor of ANNA News, an independent news agency, and a resident of Mariupol, a port city in the south of Ukraine, which is currently occupied and terrorised by fascist National Guards. It documents heinous crimes being perpetrated against the civilian population, especially against women and girls.

The second video shows a scene, captured on a mobile phone camera, that has become part of everyday life in Mariupol today.

The third video (with English subtitles) shows events that occurred on May 9, 2014, in Mariupol and which demonstrate the mercilessness of the fascist National Guards against the civilian population.

a selection from the interview...

Regarding the killings and abductions of people—it is all true. This is very carefully concealed. There is no one talking about it. The Police work very closely with the criminal battalions, Azov, Dnepr, Shakhtarsk and Holy Mary. That name is, of course, a terrible one—if you ask me—for people who murder their fellow citizens. It is also somehow very stupid, if one can say so.

Recently an incident occurred not far from my home. It was at a bus stop in broad daylight, in the presence of fifteen people. A car full of Nazis pulled up. They chose two girls who looked the youngest, they just threw them in the car and disappeared. We have heard nothing from the girls for four days. One can only guess what has happened to them and whether or not they will ever come back home and in what condition.

Very often one hears about girls, mostly young, fourteen- to sixteen-year-olds, being brought to hospitals, girls who’ve been raped in a bestial manner. In a very cruel manner. I won’t describe it. Their physical condition—mental, at any rate—is terrible. It looks really bad for them. Everything on them has been torn apart. Sometimes to one big pulp. I shudder when I talk about it.




London Meeting Hears Eyewitness Account of Odessa Massacre (and vid)

"Amongst the speakers was Alexey Albu from Borotba, who gave a moving account of the Odessa massacre, of which he is a survivor.

The meeting was recorded in full and broadcast live by Ruptly and you can watch the video here:"

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How the Israel Lobby in the USA protected Ukraine's neo-Nazis.

An effort to prohibit funding to armed Neo-Nazis in Ukraine was rebuked by Israel lobbyists when legislators in the US Congress tried to add such an amemdment to the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The amendment would have forbidden US assistance, training and weapons to neo-Nazis and other extremists in Ukraine.


Unlike Svoboda, these figures do not even feign moderation. “The historic mission of our nation in this critical moment is to lead the White Races of the world in a final crusade for their survival,” Biletsky recently wrote. “A crusade against the Semite-led Untermenschen.”

Azov fighters are united by their nostalgia for Nazi Germany and embrace of open fascism. Sporting swastika tattoos, the battalion “flies a neo-Nazi symbol resembling a Swastika as its flag,” the New York Times’ Andrew Kramer recently reported.

With the government in a state of flux, Azov is filling the void in the East. As Ukrainian parliamentarian Gregory Nemira complained to reporter Anna Nemtsova in September, “The president still has not appointed a chief of staff for the armed forces. He has not admitted we are in a state of war, preferring to throw the battalions like Azov into the most dangerous combat zones, where authorities would not have the courage to send regular troops.”

Azov is precisely the sort of neo-Nazi organization that Conyers’ NDAA amendment would have deprived of US assistance. But when the congressman sought help from the ADL and the Wiesenthal Center in moving the proposal forward, he was rebuked. The amendment died a quiet death and Azov’s American supply line remains intact.

Alternet: Israel lobby refuses to help stop funding Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

So the money will keep flowing to the war criminals... compliments of the USA...

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S Glazyev wrote:
Ideologically this war is Nazism-fuelled – the Kiev junta’s propaganda works hard to instill into the public mind a misanthropic view of its opponents.

They are targets for beastly comparisons; they are denied the right to speak their mind, with beatings and arrests being the sole alternatives; it is allowed to burn them alive, and the Ukrainian military is ordered not to hesitate to take their lives.

The leaders of the Kiev regime have been making public calls for massacres of Ukrainian citizens in Donbass who dare express dissent.

As he distributed awards among the butchers of Slavyansk, so-called President Poroshenko openly referred to their victims as “non-humans” and the head of government Arseny Yatsenyuk in his public statements called the Russians in the east of Ukraine subhumans.

Their main political opponent before the political conflict – Yulia Timoshenko – said Donbass deserved atomic bombing, and number three candidate in the presidential election race Oleg Lyashko personally participated in organizing mass repression against Russian citizens of Ukraine.

In a word, the Kiev junta manifests a full neo-Nazi consensus regarding the genocide of Russian citizens, who have been stripped of all human rights, including the right to life.

The Nazi semantic field generates the main tensions of the conflict and explains the use of violence in attempts to tackle it.

Nazism always excuses violence against other ethnic groups, who are labeled as second-rate races and against whom any crime is declared permissible.


" ... the cult of violence is the key feature of Ukrainian Nazis.

By the level of senseless cruelty and misanthropy they have surpassed their Hitlerite idols, finding special pleasure in posing for pictures next to the charred bodies of Odessa residents burnt alive or openly rejoicing at the killings of children and women in Slavyansk.

As the same author indicates, Ukrainian society has developed all fourteen essential traits of Nazism the prominent Italian philosopher, Umberto Eco, pointed at a while ago.

The cult of force, contempt for the weak and condemnation of pacifism as a form of betrayal are most important for understanding the way in which the conflict will be unfolding. It also explains why the negotiations on the cessation of hostilities and resolution of the Ukrainian crisis have reached nowhere. ..."

And so on.

Leading Russian Thinker on the Nazi Roots of the Kiev Regime (Glazyev)


'West Not Interested in Investigating in Eastern Ukraine'

"The West tries to prevent investigations in eastern Ukraine because they don't want a situation where the Kiev government is found to be guilty of war crimes, Alexander Mercouris, International Affairs Editor for Russia Insider, told RT.

'So given that the Ukrainian government has great support in the West and given that it is also the government in Kiev at the moment, I can't say an international consensus is building up that would be necessary to carry out the investigation that this kind of situation requires...'


Interview With Woman Freed From UA Captivity (and vid)


UA Troops Tortured Captured Militia Soldier (and vid)


How Our People Do Their Extermination Jobs in Ukraine  -  by Eric Zuesse (and vid)

"Below is a video of 'our side' in the Ukrainian civil war carrying out part of [then] Ukranian Defense Minister, Mikhail Koval's extermination plan, which was injudiciously described by him right after a press conference...perhaps immediately following the Defense Minister's private meeting with top NATO officials, who endorsed his plan..."

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Russia’s Foreign Ministry published its White Book report on violations of human rights in Ukraine during the period from July to November. It is 106 pages long. The English language version should follow soon.

It said that along with heavy weapons and warplanes, the Ukrainian authorities have used incendiary, phosphorous and cluster bombs, Grad and Uragan (Hurricane) multiple rocket launchers, Tochka U ballistic missiles, howitzers and 240mm mortar systems.

This information has been confirmed by the media, witnesses, authoritative human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, and sources in Western governments and intelligence, the ministry said.

"Certainly, all such facts can be taken as nothing but war crimes which were committed and are committed against civilians," said the Russian Foreign Ministry's human rights ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov. He added that the evidence in the report will be submitted to HRW.

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I know all of the real atrocities - murders, tortures, and disappearances - were left out of the first "White Paper".

But if this one is anything like that one you can bet that it mentions every demonstration that supposedly prevented someone from going to a Russian Orthodox church, and every speck of bird shit on every statue of Lenin.



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Well, at least that's better than gloating over the deaths of churchgoers simply because they belong to the "wrong" church.

Do you guys have any idea how pathetic you look, trivializing the atrocities of the brutal, NATO-sponsored junta in Kiev?


Supplemental: Bec, you're really grasping at straws now. Showing multiple rocket launchers firing proves ... what, exactly? Can you even identify which side is doing the firing? How is this an atrocity of the kind where we see the actual evidence, the bodies in the street, the eyewitness testimony, etc. ?

Frankly, I don't have any doubt that crimes have been committed on both sides. However, this is like the Israelis and the Palestinians. There are several orders of magnitude difference here. Anyone not an apologist for the junta knows where the overwhelming preponderance of violence is taking place.


Bec.De.Corbin wrote:

Do they include this in thier report?

Or this..?

They should. These are Ukrainians firing grads from populated areas in attempts to instigate return fire from rebel forces. 

More of your 'team's handiwork here

Bec.De.Corbin Bec.De.Corbin's picture

Those are Russian supported sepratists firing from civilian areas. 

Thanks for posting the results of it.



Except the UA has been firing at Donetsk for 8 months and the source of the incoming is clear. The results are theirs and everybody knows it. It's always this way. Wherever the Americans decide they have an 'interest'  a bloody mess ensues, which is why their evil empire is clearly not long for this earth...

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Here's Why The Kiev Sniper Massacre Was a False Flag

The paper by Canadian academic Ivan Katchanovski may have already been linked to on this thread.

In his paper Professor Katchanovski produces solid evidence for the argument that hired snipers were involved in shootings of protesters on Maidan, even if police forces are not to be absolved from blame for firing on protesters.


Indeed, a EU High Representative Catherine Ashton was caught on tape discussing with the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet serious allegations that those who fired on the protesters in fact came from the opposition.

However, a full investigation has not been followed, nor has any Western government publicly called for such an investigation.

The new Kiev government’s investigation resulted in the arrest of three members of the Ukrainian riot police “Berkut”  who were held accountable for the killings. One of the three disappeared, with the possibility that he was either killed or fled equally probable at this point.

What evidence here is important?


Some Key Arguments:

  • The events of February 20th begun as “Berkut” and “Omega” police units halted the advance of protesters to the Zhovtnevyi Palace by shooting both live and rubber bullets, and later retreated (p. 4). Bullet traces indicate police fired on protesters (p. 5).
  • A video taken by the BBC depicts snipers who fired on protesters from the Hotel Ukraina, and the shooter was then identified as wearing a green helmet as those worn by Euromaidan protesters (p.7), traces and bullet holes also indicate the shooting came from the hotel (p.8).
  • At least 12 public buildings were occupied by snipers or spotters. The new Ukrainian Government’s investigation did not address these issues (p.5).
  • Snipers fired on both police and protesters (pp. 6-7). A commander of Berkut said that snipers from the hotel fired at his people (pp.8-9)
  • A radio report of the Alfa police commanders states that about ten people from the Music Conservatory went to the Dnipro Hotel with their arms hidden while another ten went to Hotel Ukraina.

    This is confirmed by other radio exchanges (p.11). Radio exchanges were later juxtaposed by Euromaidan activists with other photos to present SBU snipers as responsible for the shooting (p.12).

    However, the public video did not include other radio transmissions of police units regarding civilians who were carrying weapons in bags (p.12).

  • It appears that snipers targeted international journalists but not Euromaidan film crew (p.17)
  • Two leaders of the Svoboda party were near the Ukraina hotel during the shooting (p.18)
  • Maidan activists claimed that the Right Sector and other activists searched the hotel later that day but found no shooters (p.18)
  • Shortly after shootings carried out by snipers, representatives of the far-right Svoboda, Fatherland and the Radical Party, spoke at Maidan and accused the Yanukovich government of carrying out the massacre (p.19)
  • According to a statement by a EuroMaidan figure, 11 members of the “Berkut” police unit were wounded by snipers who fired from the Music Conservatory building. (p.21)
  • Witnesses claim that groups from West Ukraine took over the Music Conservatory building that day on the same morning and that some of them had guns (p.24)
  • On February 21, following the bloody shootings, Yanukovich was given an ultimatum to leave his position and subsequently fled (p.24)
  • The exact identity of the snipers or those who hired them is still unknown (p.26)
  • While video depicting Berkut police firing was used by Maidan as evidence that they fired at protesters, Ivan Katchanovski writes that “the analysis of the publicly available evidence is inconclusive whether Berkut and Omega killed any of the protesters, specifically unarmed ones, because there were other shooters killing the protesters at the same very time” (p.27).
  • There is no evidence of Yanukovich ordering police forces to shoot at protesters nor have radio transmissions of various police units suggested this , commanders of various police groups denied receiving such orders (p.27)


This is how a coup d'etat is carried out.


Israeli Zionist: Ukraine Glorifies Holocaust Criminals - Western Support Must End!

'Look at this country where the governor of Dnipropetrovsk [oligarch Kolomoisky] is a Jew, where numerous heads of administration are Jews, where the speaker of Right Sector is a Jew! How can one speak of anti-Semitism? How can one speak of fascism?'

"I believe that the readers of the Tablet, and the western readers in general, besides their usual staple of 'Russian Imperialism' warnings, should know what a rather objective observer, an Israeli blogger named Arkady Molev, has experienced in Ukraine..."


I was expecting to read some new revelation or personal bad experience the way that piece was showcased. In fact there is nothing new or surprising in that article,

In fact, I think Mr. Molev answers his own question in that first paragraph you copied. How indeed can one talk of an anti-Semititic, Nazi state given who actually holds power?

And funny the article should mention the Austrian Freedom Party win in 2000. Maybe Molev should look at who the real fascists are associated with - like Ewald Stadler, former Freedom Party member, invited by Vladimir Putin to oversee his takeover of Crimea.



When mainstream EU politicians only talk shit, refuse to talk to Russia at all,  or have have chained themselves to stupid and sinister strategems (usually American) of deception and mendacity, it should come as no surprise if Moscow begins speaking to their oppositions. As for your final point, there are no inherent contradictions between Zios and rightists, even Nazis. They've been chummy for a while...and especially, as in the Kolomoisky case, when you've got money to spend on them...

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Something that needs to be said, and loudly too ...

Kiev's Atrocities Give Donbass Rebels All the Legitimacy They Need

More than 4,300 people have been killed in Donetsk and Lugansk since April and according to the UN an average of 13 have died every day since a formal ceasefire was agreed in Minsk.

All deaths are terrible, but some are particularly gruesome, such as the death of a 12-year old boy in Donetsk on 27th November, who was blown apart by a shell and was only identified by his textbooks, as all that was left of him was a pile of meat.

"By subjecting Donbass civilians to shelling Kiev renounces its claim to being their legitimate government ..."




Do you assume every Jewish person is a Zionist? because you seem to be blurring the lines a bit. I know that saker fellow you like to quote liked to make a slur about Israeli passports in people's back pockets, and implications that Jews aren't real Ukrainians, even those who aren't Zionist, and don't have Israeli citizenship at all.

Putin has made a big deal about Ihor Kolomoiansky, probably because he has actually been pretty successful in defending his Oblast. but what about other jewish people in government, like Prime Minister Yatseniuk? Genady Kernes, who was shot by a sniper when he decided to support the Ukrainian government, and regained control of his city from the rebels? Or plenty of others?

And did you just write that it is okay for Russia to deal with fascists parties so long as it is in the interests of opposing western governments?

Seems like a bit of a double standard to me. And as I said, in this case it is in reference to exactly the same party - Austria's Freedom Party  - that the author of that article has held up as example of fascism

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Russian human rights ombudsman blasts Sweden’s double standards on mercenaries in Ukraine

Swedish mass media report that some 30 Swedish radical (i.e., right-wing extremists) mercenaries are fighting on the side of Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine, the diplomat wrote in his Twitter microblog.

Amnesty International believes that Swedish mercenaries have a hand in mass violations of human rights, including notorious executions and military crimes in Ukraine, he said.

At the same time, the Swedish authorities are indifferent towards their citizens’ role in crimes in Ukraine,” Dolgov said. Meanwhile, Stockholm has expressed concerns over the so-called “jihad trips” of Swedes to the Middle East and the government is now drafting a bill to ban them.

“So Swedish radicals cannot commit outrages in the Middle East, but they are allowed to do this in Ukraine?” Dolgov said. “This is another “double standard” in the policy of Stockholm,” he stressed.

It's not just Swedes.

Moscow suspects that nationals of Sweden, the United States, Finland as well as Baltic states have been involved in Kiev’s special operation against militias in eastern Ukraine.

German media reports claimed that about 400 US mercenaries hired from a US private security firm Academi, previously known as Blackwater, supported Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine. The White House later denied the reports.


The NATO alliance. Your one-stop atrocity shop.

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A recent program on the NATO channel claimed there were no fascists in Ukraine.  

Let's help NATO find fascists in Ukraine!

No fascists in Ukraine! Nope! Nothing to see here! Move along!


PS. The Nazi salutes are particularly touching. First there is the documentary footage from the past. Then today in Ukraine. Can you spot the difference?

Me neither.


Oh look! Nope. No fascists. Not a one.


I think this got posted elsewhere already, ikosmos, and I commented on it already.

THe claim is it is someone posting from Zhittomir. Whether it is staged or doctored or real, the only documented thing about it is that the source is VKontakte, the Russian social media site that was taken over by the Kremlin this spring.

That raises the question - why is V. Putin breaking the conditions of the UN Anti-Fascism declaration he just signed this month? One of the conditions is to crack down on expressions of fascism in social media.

He controls the site, both through government regulation and directly. Why is he allowing alleged fascists to spread their propaganda through his site?


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Post about right-winged civilian volunteers from wherever fighting for whoever all you want, who cares. Please let me know when other countries besides Russia allow their soldiers on active service to take extended "vacations" of leave in Eastern Ukraine to fight there (Russia's words not mine). Till then you're all just posting propaganda bullshit. 

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It must really chap your ass to see all those volunteers, from so many countries, help the Novorossiyans give a whupping to the Ukrainian fascists and other war criminals, huh?

I understand there are also Chechens, French soldiers, why it's just like Republican Spain.

Except, this time, the "good guys" are winning. Too bad for fascists and their cheerleaders.

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Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Elena Bondarenko's Open Letter to the Citizens of the World

I, Elena Bondarenko, People’s Deputy from the Party of Regions, finding myself in opposition to the current power in Ukraine, wish to declare that this administration has resorted to direct threats of physical elimination of the opposition in Ukraine; has resorted to suspending the right of freedom of speech, in parliament and out, and is implicated in complicity in crimes not just against politicians, but even against their children. The everyday life of an opposition deputy is this: constant threats, unofficial ban from the airwaves, targeted persecution. Everyone who calls for peace is immediately branded as an enemy of the people, just as in 1930’s Germany, or in McCarthyite US. A few days ago, Arseniy Avakov, the Minister of the Interior, an ardent adherent of the so-called Party of War of the Ukraine, said the following: “When Elena Bondarenko comes to the podium to speak, my hand automatically reaches for my gun.” This, I emphasize, are the words of a man entrusted with the supreme police power of the country. Further: exactly one week ago, Alexander Turchinov the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, deprived me of the right to speak from the podium as a member of the opposition Party of Regions, only for this: I declared “Any power that commissions its army to bomb its peaceful cities, is criminal.” After which, he magnanimously gave the radical parliamentarians the option to call for shooting the opposition. Considering that my car was shot at last year, when the extremists were already arming with weapons, [a fact on record with the police, on my complaint] such threats aimed at me must be taken seriously. Further, I will inform everyone, who does not already know it, that the current leadership is covering up those who dared to raise a hand against the son of another opposition politician, Vladimir Oleinik. Ruslan Oleinik, performing his duties as regional prosecutor, was beaten up at his office, endangering his health, and even his life. Do they investigate the beating of a prosecutor performing his duty? No. Did they investigate the monstrous pressure on the leader of the opposition? No. Instead, this administration fired the prosecutor! Every day, from his colleagues I learn of beatings of their aides, of attacks on their companies, of threats, yes, even attacks, on their lives, their health, their property. The Ukrainian media is completely sanitized from this information, and the typical Ukrainian has no idea that a criminal struggle is taking place against the opposition, and that the constitutional right of free speech is suppressed in every way. The journalists who overcome their fear and work honestly are subject to attack by nationalist mobs, but the organizers and participants of these pogroms are not punished, even when they are recorded on videos and photographs. I call upon those international organizations that proclaim their support of democratic principles not just to notice this declaration, but to involved in this struggle for the preservation and respect for the democratic rights and freedoms of the citizens of Ukraine. The methods of the junta in their struggle for power, or rather, for the establishment of a Ukrainian dictatorship, have nothing to do with any concept of “democracy.” If the international community does nothing in the face of these egregious acts, it will look like complicity and silent approbation of all these crimes which are being committed in Ukraine. The free world will lose an outpost, Ukraine. All who fight for democracy, rule of law, and the rights of man, together, can achieve a lot. But only together can we stop the junta and the fratricidal war in Ukraine.

With my respect,

People’s Deputy of Ukraine,

Elena Bondarenko.

Western corporate media has responded to this open letter to the world ... with dead silence.

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Anti-maidan Activist Victor Topchaev was Tortured to Death by Ukrainian Security Service in Kharkov

Victor Topchaev, an anti-maidan activist died in Kharkov on November 26, 2014, after being arrested 4 days earlier by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). The coroner was forced to record "pneumonia" as a cause of death on the death certificate, but in reality Topchaev died from torture he was subjected to by Kharkov SBU agents - the corpse had a fractured frontal bone, broken ribs, and all the fingers were twisted. This was reported on Facebook by the head of the Inter-regional Fund for Employment Assistance, Alexander Alexandrovsky.

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Advice to Ukrainian torturers:

"Buy Canadian passports. Maybe you will be lucky and manage to escape."

Kharkov SBU (Ukrainian Security Service) has a special Department, responsible for the cooperation with the "Right Sector". In charge of torture and kidnapping. And not out-of-towners, [but rather] local SBU agents.

Kharkov Ukrainian Security Service:  Torture and Kidnapping Department

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There is a Facebook page with regularly updated information about cruelties by the junta and its militias.

Warning: some of the photos are gruesome, truly, and heart-breaking.

Facebook: truth about the situation in Ukraine.


Donetsk Asks OSCE, ICRC To Inspect Alleged Cases of Prisoner Abuse By Kiev

"The self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) sent a request to the OSCE and to the ICRC to investigate the alleged cases of prisoner abuse by Kiev, DPR's envoy at the Minsk peace talks said Saturday.

'We have proposed the OSCE and the Red Cross experts participate in the medical examination of the released prisoners,' Denis Pushilin told Donetsk News Agency in Minsk, adding that this could be the first step toward a large scale inspection of prisoner abuse committed by the Ukrainian military.

According to Pushilin, some of the prisoners released by Kiev stated that they had been tortured and had signs confirming it on their bodies..."

With the sadistic American CIA advising them, this would be almost a given

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Here's one crime with a different perpetrator ...

‘CIA fingerprints’ all over Kiev massacre – Oliver Stone

RT wrote:
The armed coup in Kiev is painfully similar to CIA operations to oust unwanted foreign leaders in Iran, Chile and Venezuela, said US filmmaker Oliver Stone after interviewing Ukraine’s ousted president for a documentary.

Stone spent four hours in Moscow talking to Viktor Yanukovich, who was deposed from power during the February 2014 coup, the filmmaker wrote on his Facebook page.

Oliver Stone: “Details to follow in the documentary, but it seems clear that the so-called ‘shooters’ who killed 14 police men, wounded some 85, and killed 45 protesting civilians, were outside third party agitators, he said. “Many witnesses, including Yanukovych and police officials, believe these foreign elements were introduced by pro-Western factions – with CIA fingerprints on it.”

Stone added that in the aftermath of the tragic coup d'etat [of February 2014]..."the West has maintained the dominant narrative of ‘Russia in Crimea’ whereas the true narrative is ‘USA in Ukraine."

Oliver Stone nails it again.

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This is more a story about crimes that haven't yet happened, but merits attention nonetheless due to the odious history of Blackwater.

Blackwater’s Back And They Might Reignite The Civil War In Ukraine

The private military company (PMC) Academi, formerly known as Blackwater, is back in the news as reports are trickling in that they’ll train an “experimental battalion” of 550 Ukrainian soldiers in urban warfare next month....

Given its reputation, it’s likely that Kiev knows exactly what kind of specialized training to expect from Academi/Blackwater when it trains hundreds of its troops next month. The reason they went through the PMC and not the US government was likely to provide Washington with a thin semblance of ‘plausible deniability’ in having anything to do with training Ukrainians to kill their own people.

Yeah, cuz like killing your own people is only allowed in, like, Ferguson, Mo., and places like that.

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Interview with an Azov Battallion fascist.

Warning: full of frothing Russophobia, anti-Semitism, and expressions of pleasure at the death of other people.


Are you going to post that rumour (which has no source) in every one of your Russia threads, ikosmos?

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Are you the same babbler who insisted on actual live footage of torture in order to "prove" the allegations?


No,must be someone else, or  something you are making up, but I do expect an actual source or two before I consider something, unless you also expect us to believe that Santa Claus is in charge of that nonexistent training camp.

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So if Academi says "Nothing to see here, move along!" or, for that matter, the US government says the same thing, we should believe them?

You do remember their claims about WMDs in Iraq, right?

C'mon, Smith, this is like shooting fish in a barrel.


No. I expect a bit of evidence, not a tweet from a right-wing idealogue.

Strangely enough, the real source for the hoax WAS those fellows telling people to "move along".

PressTV misunderstood and thought they were saying "Blackwater" when they were actually telling people to get away.

But since you ask whom we should believe, here's the page (page 3 of the top 60 hoaxes) containing the Academi claim. You might want to look at the other photographs from Lebanon, Russia, Canada and other places that Russian media have used to concoct baseless lies:

Again, this is old news that has been debunked half a dozen times.