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The Ukrainian Nazi puppet regime is in a near state of panic. The DNR and other self-defense forces have routed them. Hence we have the fabrications of a "Russian invasion" at the moment. The liars simply have no other lies to tell.

Sakar wrote:
  Friday, August 29, 2014 August 29th 15:35 UTC/ZULU Ukrainian SITREP The Ukrainian civil war has reached a turning point and a lot of separate facts point to this conclusion:

Military situation on the ground

The Ukies are losing, badly.  All the reports from Novorussian sources agree that the Ukie forces are either surrounded or in full retreat.  But Ukies sources also confirm this.  In Kiev, angry demonstrations by nationalists accuse the military high command of minimizing the real casualty figures, of having abandoned the forces fighting in the Donbass.  Even Oleg Liashko has stated that the Ukie forces have been "betrayed".  Demonstrations have taken place in from of the Ukie General Staff which many Right Sector protesters which are demanding the creation of a "generals battalion" which would be formed of only generals who would be sent to fight personally (an excellent idea, which I fully approve of!).  Others are also demanding the resignation of the Ukie Minister of Defense.  Ukrainian woman are regularly stopping military convoys on the roads, often by standing or lying down in front of trucks, to prevent their men from being sent to death.  Entire Ukie battalions are deserting from the front and Special Forces are sent to stop them.  Apparently, the Ukie police is afraid to arrest the soldiers for desertion because of their large numbers.  The city of Mariupol is now surrounded and the local political elites and SBU personnel have fled.  Poroshenko cancelled his trip to Turkey and gathered his Security Council.  Kolomoiski, who controls the southwestern Ukraine, did the same thing with his own Security Council (yes, since he has his own army, is also has his own security council).  Tymoshenko wants the introduction of full martial law.  The male population up to 60 is now conscripted (though not called up as far as I know).  Iatseniuk and Poroshenko have both demanded that NATO intervene and accept the Ukraine as some special ally.  In other words, all the signs are of total complete and utter panic in Kiev.

and the political situation ...

Sakar wrote:
Political situation

Russia: Putin met with Poroshenko and the EU leaders and delivered them a very simple yet stark message: "don't talk to us, we are not a party to the conflict - talk to the Novorussians".  By the way, the Kremlin now openly speaks of "Novorussian" and "Novorussian forces".  Furthermore, the Russians are also officially sending in a second aid convoy and they have announced that this will not be the only one.  In the UN Security Council the Russian Representative, Vitalii Churkin, has dared the Ukie Rep to explain where the recording of the conversations between the Kiev ATC and MH17 were hidden and why.  With the Fall rapidly arriving, the EU has pushed Kiev to renew gas negotiations which the Russians have declared "deadlocked".  By all accounts, the "Voentorg" (a Russian contraction meaning "Military Trade", which was the name for the Soviet era building were military gear could be purchased) between Russia and Novorussia has further increased and the Novorussian are now getting more men, including specialists, and more equipment. ...

Putin's latest move is nothing short of brilliant.  Think of it: the mothers and wives of Ukie servicemen are demanding that their men be returned to them, the regime in Kiev ignores them, and Putin steps in to agree with them and asks the Novorussians to open humanitarian corridors to allow them to safely leave and go back home.  Thus, he shows more concern for the Ukies than the Ukie regime, he encourages the desertion of Ukie soliders, he minimizes the casualties on all sides, and he deals another death-blow to Ukie morale.  Best of all, he achieves all this by a simple statement written in such a way that nobody can possibly condemn him for anything ...



Saker has moved to New Zealand?

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He's everywhere. Heh.

For those who still cling to the idea that the DNR rebels etc are acting like a bunch of terrorists, check out this Kiev-appointed oligarch and his approach ...


M Sleboda wrote:
Kolomoisky, Ukraine Putsch-appointed oligarch-baron & merc warlord of Dnepropetrovsk, threatens to blow up Dnepr Hydro-electric Dam if rebels or partisans take Zaporozhe. Who's the terrorist?

Kolomoisky threatens to blow up a hydro dam if the civil war goes badly ... (in Russian)

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Alexei Mozgovoi: Freedom and Conscience: this will be Novorossia !


A stunning journal of freedom.


“Yes, we have won fights; we pushed the enemy and they have retreated, but they always returned, in greater numbers, with more weaponry. Here is a shining example of this pattern. They set up a checkpoint at Staraya Krasnyanka, between Kremennoye and Rybezhnoye. We worked it over ten times. One day we destroy it; the next morning it is already manned with new people. Today – destroy, tomorrow morning – new people. Ukies load up Kamaz trucks with corpses and straight away, bring in new personnel – new men destined to become corpses the following day.

“One gets the impression that their personnel are not informed about what is happening. The newcomers do not know what happened to their predecessors. They arrive uplifted, ignorant of their future. What they think about at the time of arrival is a mystery. They are surrounded by the clear signs of a recent struggle: the transport, the checkpoint, everything stained a dirty crimson. Those fresh forces are blameless people; obligated into service, and threatened with prison. If you don’t join the military, you’ll spend 7 years locked-up. They are incapable of putting aside life for 7 years. They go to war, hoping to survive.

Wait, there is more. Much more.



I think that Novorossiya will be a Republic – an autonomous part of Russia. I stand for the creation of the exemplary governance that is required, within the sovereign Republic of Novorossiya. Taking that as a foundation for future regulation and direction, correction and distribution among the other regions; for currently it is not only Ukraine and Russia that are suffering from a political crisis, but the whole world.

“It is one thing to wish for an ideal government, while sitting in a café and modelling such from reading books, but it is another thing when —in order to win it in battle and to conquer destroyed territory— the ideal government model must take a step back, delayed into the future, to allow room for the necessary, super-centralised, military present.

And still more.


How can I formulate that idea? Conscience. That is what a human must have, a conscience. Honour and dignity; virtue. Righteousness. All else is just chatter. The main thing is to have a conscience; preferably, a spotless one. It is that conscience, which is constantly tested and tempted by war – it is a constant trial of conscience, of virtue. War is a litmus paper. Every person is clearly seen for what they are, be it a private or a general.

“Certain shocks to our society are necessary, healthy even. But war is bad.

It sounds for all the world like an old fight re-fought again.

Why shoudl they have to whip the Nazis twice in a row? Who is supporting these evil bastards anyway?

Oh yeah. Nato. Canada.

There is war weariness among civilians. After the first couple of weeks of war, they were already screaming “we are tired of it!” I ask the question “How would you have reacted if this were the Second World War? Your grandfathers fought, spending years in the trenches. Were they not tired? You just heard shots fired, watched the news of someone’s death, and you are already tired.” Today, it is virtually the same war, fighting the same Fascism.


You fascists cannot win. And your crushing defeat is beautiful to watch.


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August 29th 15:35 UTC/ZULU Ukrainian Sitrep

"The Ukrainian civil war has reached a turning point and a lot of separate facts point to this conclusion.

All the signs are of total, complete and utter panic in Kiev..."


NATO Moves To Drop Non-Aligned Status, Apply For NATO Membership

"Ukraine's Cabinet has asked the country's parliament to consider dropping the country's non-aligned status and seek membership in NATO.

The move follows a decision by Ukraine's National Security or Defense Council. It also coincided with an emergency meeting of NATO ambassadors in Brussels to discuss the ongoing crisis in east Ukraine.

NATO said it would respect Kiev's possible decision to seek membership in the military alliance. 'At the Wales Summit next week, we will meet President Poroshenko to make clear NATO's unwavering support for Ukraine,' Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen said earlier they would attempt to overcome internal opposition and agree to the deployment of military bases near the Russian border..."


From your starry-eyed, bloody-minded philosopher, ikosmos


I think that Novorossiya will be a Republic – an autonomous part of Russia.

What a fool. Does he really not realize why Vladimir Putin did this in the first place?

If there was to be any autonomy on the table he would have made that deal with Ukraine. It wasn't as if there was no offer there.

And never mind that it doesn't exactly fit with Alexander Dugin's Russian vision for NovoRussia, I can think of a few people who would likely take him to task on that "freedom and conscience" crap, if they weren't dead or being held hostage.



ikosmos wrote:

He's everywhere. Heh.

For those who still cling to the idea that the DNR rebels etc are acting like a bunch of terrorists, check out this Kiev-appointed oligarch and his approach ...


M Sleboda wrote:
Kolomoisky, Ukraine Putsch-appointed oligarch-baron & merc warlord of Dnepropetrovsk, threatens to blow up Dnepr Hydro-electric Dam if rebels or partisans take Zaporozhe. Who's the terrorist?

Kolomoisky threatens to blow up a hydro dam if the civil war goes badly ... (in Russian)

There's more on the self-described  'Jewish Banderovite' Oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky and his pivotal role, in english, in this April SCF article:

Zionists and Anti-Semites in Ukraine: A Strange Union  -  by Dmitry Minim

"The ultra nationalist slogan 'Bandera will come and put things in order!' today sounds like 'Kolomoisky will come and put things in order!' Kolomoisky, the third richest person in Ukraine, declares everywhere that he is an Israeli citizen and the president of the Jewish Congress of Europe, but that did not prevent him from being appointed the head of the Dnepropetrovsk region.

Under his leadership and on his money, this region has now become a hotbed of newly minted politzeis from the Right Sector, who are being sent out throughout the country. And he previously, along with Pyotr Poroshenko, who has a similar world view, was one of the main sponsors of the Maidan.

Some of the disillusioned more radical participants of these events, such as the members of the White Hammer group, have already rebelled against the fact that they were blatantly used for the sake of what they call the 'Zionist revolution' in Ukraine.

However, how did it happen that Kolomoisky, who is not embarrassed to wear a 'Jewish Banderovite' T-shirt (apparently he invented the uniform himself), has forgotten the role played during the war by members of the Ukrainian nationalist movement oriented toward Stepan Bandera in the extermination of the Jewish population of Ukraine?

And why does he refuse to see the ideological continuity between them and their modern-day followers from the Freedom Party and the Right Sector? Why does he hate Russia so passionately? Natan Khazin, one of his henchmen who commanded a company on the Maidan, stated that he did not see any evidence of anti-Semitism there, and that it is 'better to be a Jewish Banderovite than a Jewish Muscovite.'

It seems that the 'unique crook' I. Kolomoisky (to use Putin's expression) is as of yet a step ahead. The Right Sector is no longer demanding the continuation of the 'anti-oligarch' revolution and has dispersed throughout the country as punitive 'special units' to suppress the people's protests in the southeast.

However, events are developing such that very soon the dark Banderovite forces will most likely declare that they have been 'betrayed' and then they will make their erstwhile ally one of those to blame for their inevitable defeat..."



So it's not a "World Jewish Conspiracy" any more, it's a "World Jewish Movement" I suppose that's not quite so offensive, is it.

The good news is there has been no response to my request regarding Israeli passports, so I guess you're free to write and post whatever you want about Ukraine's Jews and their supposed links to Nazis and international conspiracies. Funny though, all I could find on the Strategic Culture Foundation is that it is a "Russian anti-Zionist thinktank".

Too bad the article is tied together on a ridiculous point - the assumption that the Poroshenko government is ideological allies with Right Sector in anything other than the territorial sovereignty of Ukraine. They don't even agree on closer ties with Europe - the issue that started much of this.

On the other hand, one interesting thing I did see in that latest Saker post was someone actually complaining about all the openly anti-Semitic material. While he liked Saker's posts, he did say some of the responses would be better to suited to Stormfront.

If you get to the post talking about Jews controlling the media and the Jewish entertainment industry priming the situation for war you have gone too far.

And as for Kolomoysky's plan to murder hundreds of thousands of people,  let me know when there is a source other than the Rebel's press office. That's where LifeNews picked it up from. I know Stalin had no problem dynamiting the dam back in the day. Not so sure someone who actually lives in Ukraine would resort to such a scorched earth tactic.






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 The Nuclear Answer to Chamberlain

S Naylor from wrote:
The Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Geletei, has announced that Ukraine will choose to drop its nuclear-free status and arm its army with nuclear weapons in the event that “the world does not help [the country].” In Russia this announcement prompted a not-so-polite proposal that Geletei undergo psychiatric treatment; however this issue does not exist solely as a subject of the field of clinical research.



It is clear that under normal circumstances, the West would not have agreed to this under any conditions. Both Russia and China alike would react most severely to the idea of the transfer of nuclear weapons to a failed state. However, the circumstances are no longer normal. This is a pre-war situation, and the West is frankly engaging in a conflict by using a drugged-up halfwit as its champion in the war.... If it comes to the transfer of warheads, delivery vehicles will also be donated to Ukraine. It is also clear that the Ukrainians will not be allowed to staff or to command all these systems, although there is always the option of issuing Ukrainian passports to some Ukrainian-speaking American or Canadian citizens to address this problem.

Great. Canadian warmongers, Russophobic zombies, playing a role in starting WW3.



In essence, such an operation would be analogous to the Syrian one. The conflict will be given a second wind by the introduction of new (or, rather, of qualitatively strengthened) participants. No one will allow Ukraine to return to civilian life—the claw has stuck. The current Nazi authorities have proven that they will, without flinching, apply any type of weapon to anybody, including its own civilians. Would they be prepared, in demanding the return of Crimea, to threaten Russia with these weapons? It is quite possible. Especially if the West supports it in this undertaking by threatening to respond to Russia’s counterstrike with its own arsenal. This would be a game of nerves, and it is quite uncertain how strong they are in the Russian leadership.

Nuclear weapons in this case would become an entirely adequate analogue of the Islamic State—only this time for Ukraine.

In other words, it makes sense to take Geletei’s words with a grain of salt, but without dismissing him as a complete fool. He may, in fact, be a fool, but the same does not necessarily apply to his words.

By the way, a few months ago my friend from Kiev warned about such a development. At that time, his statements were received very skeptically by those who commented on his message. Something tells me that this time around the number of skeptics will be somewhat smaller.

Very informative site. See, for example


Igor Ivanovich Strelkov "We Will Not Allow for Russia to be Ripped Asunder and Ruined"



The minister of defense did not say that Ukraine was restarting its nuclear weapons program. In fact, he said that was not on the table right now.


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Following the prisoner exchange, self-defense fighters and others discuss what it is like

... in the torture chamber of the Ukrainian secret service.

About these sorts of things, the useful idiots will have nothing to say and nor will the western media. I can't imagine why.


ikosmos wrote:

... the useful idiots will have nothing to say and nor will the western media. I can't imagine why.

Actually, I think all the western media covered the human rights violations documented by Amnesty International, and the fact that it was being committed on both sides of the conflict. There are plenty of examples of similar coverage over the past year.

As for this "torture chamber" story, of course some of it might be true. Thing is, with all the disinformation that is being spread, it is hard to verify what is true and what is just another crucified baby story.

Do I take the accusation seriously even if it has not been independently verified as true? Of course.


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Those are first person eyewitness reports given by people who have just obtained their freedom. You can watch the videos for yourself.


What do you want? Actual footage of the torture?


And why does he refuse to see the ideological continuity between them and their modern-day followers from the Freedom Party and the Right Sector? 

Once the Krupp's and the other elite German industrialists overcame their squeamishness about the word 'socialist' within the German Worker's Party, and were reassured that the word was a front to draw nationalist elements of the proletariat to the Nazi banners, profiteering overcame ideological differences.  Indeed, Alfred Krupp worked very closely with the SS.  All of those 'punitive' battalions and extreme right outfits operating in Eastern Ukraine have a notoriously genocidal, historical precedent.  Putin referred to this latest unusual marriage between what would normally be considered ideological enemies in his speech regarding the Crimean referendum, when he said that Russian speakers in Ukraine will never be bandarist.  Isn't it telling when bankrupt ideologies, one of hate and one of greed, make use of one another?


Slumberjack wrote:

Putin referred to this latest unusual marriage between what would normally be considered ideological enemies in his speech regarding the Crimean referendum, when he said that Russian speakers in Ukraine will never be bandarist.

Well never mind the false equation of "banderist" as being the same as Nazi (and the veiled accusation that to be a nationalist is both) he is wrong there, since the most hard line of those battalions - Azov - was founded in the east, by easterners, and like most in the east, they are Russian-speaking.

Or more accurately, I would say he is lying. He knows full well not everyone in the east supports this Russian imperialist dream (and in that I include those who honestly want more autonomy, but not to be absorbed into Russia - the ones who were kicked out of the Donetsk administration building in that mini-coup) but playing this up as a cultural war is the obvious way to divide Ukraine.



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Russian President Putin is being criticized by the more clear-headed elements in Novorossiya as not being supportive and betraying them to the brutal regime in Kiev. Time will tell, of course, but the attitude of the people on the ground has to count for something. And they want nothing to do with Kiev ever again. Why would they?

1,000,0000 refugees, (most fleeing to Russia where it is safe)

destroyed infrastructure

thousands killed

The Minsk agreement is the document that is the starting point of a settlement. But the Western, thuggish approach is to escalate the sanctions even as a ceasefire takes hold. And that's the real aim here. Ukrainians are just cannon fodder for the West.

What the US Empire wants, as represented by the neocons, is to divide any European/Russian relations whether economic, political, etc. And the Russians will have to continue with their counter-sanctions to prove their own point. Such counter sanctions will have to be well thought out - as the ban on food imports was - bearing in mind that Europe is divided over the current feverish US-inspired Russophobia.

I think a thread on Ukrainian atrocities and war crimes would be very helpful right now.

Doug Woodard

A message from Donetsk:'s-republic-of-donetsk

since this website truncates the URL, go to

and scroll down to "Writing the truth..."

It's two months old but still relevant. 

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That link looked interesting, and it is, a little; however, I coudn't find anything about the many Russian journalists that had been harassed, tortured and/or killed by the Ukrainian regime ... in and around Donetsk. There was a lot about how the Ukrainian journalists were "oppressed" by the Donetsk authorities, mind you; maybe they were "too busy" to report on what happened to their Russian colleagues. 

They I investigated the site a bit more and discovered - imagine that! - that it bore the same knee-jerk pathological Russophobia that is typical in Western media right now. Finding balanced reporting about Russia in any manner in the West is almost impossible right now; even the faux left swallows most the bullhorn propaganda of the US State Department without a murmur of disapproval.

I've started a thread about Russophobia in the media but the silence is, well, rather deafening. Now if I were to start a thread about Ukrainain war crimes and violations of human rights, I'm sure there would be lots of debate, vigorous replies and angry denunciations. lol.

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Why did the Ukrainian Resistance win? Why did the Kiev regime's troops lose?

The Resistance won the war for essentially the following reasons:  

  • High Motivation: The Resistance fought to defend its own territory and people. 
  • Its ability to recruit increasing numbers of highly motivated volunteers throughout the fighting. 
  • The superior knowledge of the territory it was defending. 
  • The moral and operational unity of its fighters. 
  • Its effective use of small unit sabotage tactics that enabled it to inflict losses demoralising and weakening its adversary. 
  • The support of the local population, in all the territories in which there was fighting. 
  • The support of the Russian Federation especially in dealing with the humanitarian crisis caused by the fighting and in offering safe havens along the border. 
  • Its effective air defence, which denied the Government air force unrestricted access to the battlefield.
  • The strategic retreat from Slaviansk accomplished by Strelkov and his men, that slowly began to turn the tide of the conflict.


Ukraine Army

  • Low Motivation. Many soldiers were forced into the army through repeated mobilisations and did not feel committed to the struggle. 
  • The lack of effective strategies to conquer and occupy continuously captured territory. 
  • )Poor training and knowledge in the use of available weapons. 
  • Internal conflicts within the Ukraine army and between the Army and the National Guard and the paramilitary battalions answerable to various oligarchs. 
  • High losses of men and material caused by poor tactics causing demoralisation amongst the soldiers.


Victory for the Donbass!


The new protocol is a victory for the resistance.  It means the Ukrainian government cannot defeat it militarily.  It also means the Ukrainian government now recognise it as a negotiating partner.  In summary:  

  • The Government launched a military operation (the so called "anti terrorist operation") to quell an uprising and arrest those it labelled terrorists  It has not achieved either objective. The "anti terrorist operation" has failed. 
  • The conflict has now moved from a military to a political phase between two well-defined and mutually recognising legal entities: the Ukrainian Government and the political entity formed by the Resistance called Novorossiya
  • The fighting has ended with the Resistance in control of most of the territory it controlled at the beginning of the fighting in May. 
  • The Government has been forced to propose a "special status" for the regions that have rebelled contrary to what it stated when the conflict began. 
  • The Resistance has the political option of rejecting any deal that does not grant full independence from Kiev.


boo rah! Let Freedom Reign!




"Boo Rah"?

The only people who yell that around here are painted green and wearing watermelons on their heads.

They haven't moved past military action.

The rebels have continued to shell Donetsk airport since the truce started, and despite that editorial opinion that they are superior human beings, they have not managed to take it.

And "the Resistance" is in control? Somehow I don't see that working out too well for any kind of political solution



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Don't kid yourselves, the only thing that saved the separatists was the Russian Federation's on leave contract army's intervention over the past three weeks.


The US should have sent in a 1000 troops to train the Ukrainian military as they did with the Georgian Armed Forces prior to the Russo-Georgian War, and crossed their fingers for a better outcome.

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It's over. As I've already posted on this thread or elsewhere, even right-wing (that is, those that agree with you) media like the Washington Post note that Novorossiya is a de facto country. The Ukrainian oligarch, Chocolate-shenko, got less money from the USians ($50 million) than ... Burundi. lol. He has moved on to more important matters like ... keeping warm this winter and upgrading the military. Ukraine is teetering on being a failed state .. if it isn't already.

How to de-Nazify Ukraine? Is it possible? Those are more important questions. The Saker asks whether peace in Ukraine is even possible and comes to the conclusion ... that the de-Nazification is essential.

under what conditions can the Ukraine know peace? Not just any ‘peace’ but a peace without wholesale disintegration of the country into petty fiefdoms, without a bloodstained dictatorship, without ethnic cleansing and without genocide. In order to answer this question, it is necessary, above all, to look at Kiev and Donetsk.

So, here is one scenario .

In theory the only way that Kiev can go back to normal would be in the context of sustained economic growth. In that case it might be possible to brush the nationalist slogans back under the carpet and for everyone to benefit from the resultant financial in-flows, but here Kiev has fallen into a trap of its own making. It is a simple fact that economic growth is only possible in collaboration with Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union. There is simply no other option.

Insofar as Kiev has adopted a radically anti-Russian model, the chances of growth in that country are precisely zero. The European Union has no money and judging by the way that the crisis is developing the prognosis is not positive, and even if we were to look, more optimistically, into the medium term at the global economic situation, the European Union is most likely to help out the Eastern European Countries and the Baltic States before it bails out Ukraine. Nothing personal, just business.


In other words, Kievan nationalism is going nowhere. The Saker's sobering conclusion is ...

If we believe that the best outcome is a united (that is relatively united, without either the Crimea or Galicia) Ukraine, a Ukraine which is peaceful and prosperous, it is essential that the insurgents take control of Kiev. Until this happens, the war will continue. Unfortunately, there is simply no way of stopping the war and preserving Ukraine until Kiev falls to the insurgents.

I hope he's being pessimistic but he's a lot closer to events on the ground than I am.


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You do realize he lives in Edgewater Florida USA right? 


I'd certainly welcome and support chunks of the US breaking away to form their own republics.  Florida, Alaska, Texas, and Arizona for starters.  Hell, every state should be their own, unaffiliated republic.


Yes I know.

Some want to gerrymander California that way (I doubt it is JUST because they can't stop marriage equality legally, but that is likely part of it).

I'm sure Sergey Glaziev's vision of a conservative religious state is right up their alley (the welfare, maybe not so much, but then dangling that carrot doesn't play quite so well in the U.S. of A as it does in some parts of the former Soviet Union)


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Even the Washington Post is acknowledging the obvious. Novorossiya will be a new country - whatever attempts at ethnic cleansing and other despicable atrocities and war crimes were carried out by the NATO puppet regime in Kiev.

a de facto country is born

a de facto country is born - 2nd link

It is easy to dismiss the historical reality of a place called Novorossiya. Denouncing it as little more than Russian propaganda has become a common refrain among Western journalists and policy commentators. But the experience of Eurasia’s other disputed regions points to a sobering prospect for Ukraine: Cease-fires and last-ditch promises of a “special status” have traditionally been the starting points for the creation of a durable de facto state — one that the international community cannot unbuild, that the central government cannot defeat, and that average people come to accord a certain degree of loyalty.

Which just goes to show that motivated fighters do a hell of a better job than disrespected cannon fodder, foreign mercenaries, and Russophobic zombie nationalists.

Meanwhile, of course, Chocolate-shenko is talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time: pleading for weapons to kill his countrymen at the US Congress while allegedly working to strengthen the ceasefire; all the while trying to hold back the Pandora's Box of fascists in Right Sector, Svboda, and militia death squads while drawing Ukraine as close as possible into the barbarous and aggressive NATO military alliance.

I'm just waiting for him to start chewing his tie. I repeat my prediction that this oligarch will have a warrant for his arrest in less time than it took for Georgia to issue an arrest warrant for the war criminal,  former Georgian President Saakashvili.


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lol. Why not exchange recipies for, I dunno, loser pie? 

At the end of the day, the fascists and Nazis got their asses kicked, their use of roving mortar fire on school children and residential neighborhoods failed, the ethnic cleansing of the Donbass was halted, and now the zombified "nationalists" and Ukrainian oligarchs can cannibalize each other.

Anyone taking bets on how long it will be before Poroshenko has a Ukrainian warrant for his arrest? Maybe Saakashvili can give him lessons on tie-chewing 101?

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This is what war sounds like.

Warning: live fire in a war zone.


Activists in Canada Hold Meeting to Support Militias of Donbas

"Activists in Canada hold meeting to support militias of Donbas. Gathered people expressed solidarity with protectors of Donbas and spoke against fascism in Ukraine..."

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Saker wrote:
Military situation

The situation in the Ukraine and Novorussia is a very tense and could lead to a major resumption of hostilities.

The Junta Repression Forces (JRF) have used the ceasefire to lick their wounds, get reorganized, concentrate their forces, bring in much needed reinforcements, prepare defensive fortifications and bring in new units.  The Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF) have done the same but, unlike the JRF, the NAF suffer from a lack of equipment, possibly made worse by a reduction of the flow of weapons, in particular heavy ones, from Russia (the so-called voentorg).  In terms of personnel, the influx of volunteers to the NDF has remained steady and strong....

Even though the Donetsk airport has finally been taken (I define "taken" not as "every Ukie killed" but as "every Ukie artillery system destroyed" because this is what matters for Donetsk), the JRF is still shelling the city the north, the west and southwest.  Furthermore, there are some very ominous signs that the JRF is preparing to try to encircle Gorlovka....

Will the ceasefire hold? The Saker seems to be of the view that it will be (significantly) broken, more than it is now, only by the JRF. The Novorossiyans will wait and see.

The situation in Ukraine itself is ... catastrophic.

The situation in Junta-occupied Ukraine (aka "Banderastan") is one of complete chaos.  Violence (political and criminal) is everywhere and the state has more or less ceased to function.  Take for example the numerous destructions of the statue of Lenin.  First, the fact that they are being destroyed to begin with is a telling example of the Ukie ignorance of history since it was Lenin which created the Ukraine as a state, Stalin which added the western Ukraine, and Krushchev which gave the Ukies Crimea.  So they can continue to go on repeating their slogan "Комуняку на гілляку" ("commies on branches" meaning that Communists should be hanged), but the modern Ukraine is a 100% commie-made entity.... the main point is that the destruction of these statues shows that law and order are gone and the mob rule is really the only "authority left".

Second, while there are clans who fight each other inside the junta (Poroshenko vs Kolomoiski vs Liashko vs Iarosh vs Tymoshenko etc.) there is no real opposition left.  Well, I guess you could say that there is almost no real opposition left....

As far as I know, neither Levchenko nor Bondarenko are running in the next "election" since they both consider it a total farce (and, besides, since the Donbass won't participate in this election anyway, what would be the point?).  As for the Ukrainian Communist Party, it has basically gone underground, with many of its members assaulted, murdered and threatened.  The sad but undeniable reality is that there is no opposition in Banderstan, only various clans and various flavors combining neo-Nazi and oligarchic interests.

Banderastan thus has no political future to speak of.  But then, neither does it have an economic, cultural, social or any other kind of future.  The only question now is whether it will resemble more Haiti, Somalia or Iraq.  The only certain thing about the future now is that coming winter will be terrible and violent.

In conclusion ...

On one hand, the ceasefire is being constantly and increasingly violated.  A major Ukie attack is definitely possible.  On the the other hand, the work on the creation of a buffer zone, possibly involving foreign troops, is actively being pursued and the conflict could temporarily be frozen along the current line of contact.  Both Banderastan and Novorussia are politically weak and neither is truly under the authority of one single person or group of people.  The following months will be catastrophic for the Nazi-occupied Ukraine and quite literally anything is possible there including a 3rd Maidan, a coup, local insurrections, false flag operations, assassinations and, of course, war.  In a way, the stupid trench-to-become-wall the Ukies are building along the borders with Novorussia, Russia and Transnistria might end up protecting Banderastan's neighbors from the effects of the explosion to come.

Calm Before the Storm?


I don't know.... tossing politicians in the garbage can, Can't be all bad:

And ti could be worse. A bit better than torturing and drowning them, or shooting them in the back.

And here's the airport:

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The Daily Mail and the Telegraph? Really, Smith? That's like quoting the Toronto Sun and Fox News. But then, we all quote what we read, don't we?


So they didn't throw them in bins? I thought I was doing you a favour with the reference to Pravy Sektor.

Oh, I guess it happened after all:

And that's not the airport? Frankly I'd expect it to look a lot worse given the pounding it has been taking.


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DPR Prime Minister Zakharchenko: "We're looking to the winter with confidence."

‘On the 15 October we started the heating season. While it isn’t freezing we’re working in a gentle mode. We have tested all the communications and the only problem is those in the military actions zone where, for obvious reasons, we haven’t had enough time to carry out restoration works. It doesn’t mean that we can’t do it; it’s just physically impossible to do it under unceasing shellings. I hope that we’ll provide people with shelter step by step; we’ll live through the winter together, in concert, perhaps, with some difficulties, but we will. Owing to our storage of coal we’re looking to the winter with confidence. It’s always possible to heat residential houses with coal. In this respect it’s easier for us,’ said the Prime Minister.


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"Donbass has never been forced to its knees."

Joseph Kobzon, the most decorated artist in Russian history, went to the Donbass, where statues had already been erected in his honour, and sang for his countrymen/women.

A son of the Donbass returns!

Kobzon "My Yiddish Mama"

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Lavrov: Russia will recognize the Nov 2 elections in Donbass.

No word on if, or when, the Ukrainian puppet regime will start bombing again. My guess is when they're counting the votes in the Donbass. Because the puppet masters in Washington really "respect" democracy. un huh.


'Mother I Am Thirsty', these are the words which are heard more than any others

"...There isn't any water or bread in the district where this family lives; they are really glad to get some bread. If it is delivered, they have to manage to buy it, and the shelling has been getting heavier.

It's not difficult to imagine how the child reacts to all that has happened to him lately...He is frightened and cries more and more. When he wakes up at night, he asks his mother,' When will we go home?'

I would like to ask...Do children have to live in fear? Do children have to have such a life in Donbass?



Press Conference: Strelkov et al - For the Prospects of Novorossiya (and vid)

"...And by the way, many Kiev citizens have been serving in the militia. And even people from western Ukraine. So, telling myths about Russian troops allegedly organizing everything, that's a myth, a lie.

The local population has rebelled. As well, a large number of Kiev citizens, like myself, were forced to leave our hometown - where there's allegedly no fascism.

We're now told about Kiev being a great European town. There are new mores there. People can be kidnapped off the streets, beaten up. Our group has taken revenge by helping Crimea, helping Donbass.

We all came to defend our Motherland.

Great numbers of Ukrainian people are against the Junta.

Thank You..."


Some wide words by Igor Strelkov on War and Peace (and vid)

"Anglo Saxons always fight with someone else's hands. That's their trademark since the modern era - since the late Middle Ages - to hire mercenaries, or even make the neighbors fight one another to achieve their purposes. It's their favorite method."


Rabkor Editorial: Economic Sanctions Have Russia Seeking Compromise with West Over Ukraine

"...It was precisely for this that Moscow began the dialogue with the West, reduced its criticism of the Kiev regime, allowed the latter's military forces time to regroup by agreeing to the Minsk ceasefire and blocked delivery of ammunition to Novorossiya.

And also obliged Donetsk political leaders to accept compromising decisions smacking of one-sided capitulation. Field commanders and the people of the Donbass will never accept these conditions - but the Russian elite is not yet aware of this, since it has a poor understanding of what 'the people' really amounts to..."

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As expected, Zakharchenko was elected Prime Minister with something like 70% support. Disturbingly, the Communist Party was banned in Donetsk just as it was banned in [the country formerly know as] Ukraine.

It seems there has been a one day ceasefire on E day.

Donbass e day


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Gorbachev's Foreign Minister, N. Ryshkov: They've lost Donbass forever.

"You cannot defeat them. They are miners. If they have to, they will go underground and fight on. "


A Mormon in the Donbass Militia: 'A Volunteer's Motivation Beats That of a Draftee

"According to his data, and since he works with the staff he does know what he's talking about, 70 percent of the militiamen are natives of Donbass, 20 percent are from the rest of Ukraine, including its western regions, and 10 percent are volunteers from Russia.

The Donbass militia has had a total of 16,000 volunteers - and that's against the 30,000 Ukrainian troops. But you see, a volunteer's motivation beats that of a draftee. In my unit I had two fathers with their sons join us. And a family of a husband and wife..."


Kiev Effectively Cedes E Ukraine To Separatists; Poroshenko Withdraws Hospital and School Funding; Bank Card Operations

"Mr Poroshenko's ruling says all state companies and institutions should end their work in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions within a week.

Poroshenko just ceded major portions of Ukraine to rebels..."


From my limited understanding of the situation in Donetsk, from my personal experience there, the initial informal government had the local population totally behind it. It was accessible to the key sectors and their leadership.

In the west we are getting no idea of what actually is taking place off the battlefield.

There is the real potential for a genuine Peoples revolution there because of the close knit relationship between the people and their government....the social sectors and government people I met had a feel of total equality and respect amongst them. I wAS TOTALLY IMPRESSED!

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iyraste1313 wrote:
From my limited understanding of the situation in Donetsk, from my personal experience there, the initial informal government had the local population totally behind it. It was accessible to the key sectors and their leadership.

In the west we are getting no idea of what actually is taking place off the battlefield.

There is the real potential for a genuine Peoples revolution there because of the close knit relationship between the people and their government....the social sectors and government people I met had a feel of total equality and respect amongst them. I wAS TOTALLY IMPRESSED!

There is a reason for this. In the citadels of Western imperialism, under the lidless eye of Sauron in Barad-dûr (which is called in the common language "Washington"), getting their puppet in Kiev to continue the civil war serves to undermine support for such left wing politics. There is real support among Slavs for left wing ideas that cannot be beaten out of them, God bless them. This also explains why Ukraine has had 20 years of a frothing, Russophobic educational system and why the understandable wariness of Poland and the Baltic states towards Russia has been carefully cultivated by the USA and its satellites like Canada to make Russophobia in those countries always on a near boil. It distracts attention from the good ideas of the left.

This also explains why the USA continues with its barbaric blockade of heroic Cuba. It is the "danger of a good example" as Noam Chomsky, among many others, have noted.


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supplemental on the above point ....


The head of the populist-nationalist Russian LDPR party has warned that the Kiev regime is repeating Serbia’s steps of 1914 and could lead Europe to the start of a new World War.

Serbia’s moves against Austro-Hungary provoked the First World War and today history is repeating itself,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky said in a statement published on the LDPR website on Monday.

Through its current actions Ukraine is leading Europe towards a Third World War. Unfortunately, it is going to happen, and Ukraine is an instigator of this Third World War,” he added.

According to the Russian nationalist leader Poland can use the current uncertainty in the region and try to regain the Ukrainian cities of Lvov, Rovno and others. Hungary would go for the trans-Carpathian territories and Romania would claim Chernovtsy and Bukovina. “These lands belong to them. The maps of the 16th century will show you whose territories had been captured by Kiev,” Zhirinovsky said.

He also condemned events in Warsaw where thousands of radical nationalists clashed with police on the Polish national day in an attempt to attack the Russian embassy.

Zhirinovsky said that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union the bipolar political structure of the world vanished and the West is now interested in reducing a leftward trend in Eastern Europe.

Leftist ideas would get more support as the economic crisis gains pace. Nations will get attracted to Russia again. This is why they are deliberately turning Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Ukraine more right wing, to make a union with Russia impossible,” Zhirinovsky stated. “Even when it means a threat to their own nations they keep on pushing Eastern Europe towards fascism, they do everything to put them against us,” he said.

Ukraine pushing Europe to WW3


Putin has restrained some of the Russian oligarchs and has distinguished his position from that of the so-called Atlanticists (those in Russia who see everything from the "West" as good, an obsequious lot in the present situation) as a Eurasian Sovereigntist, but his nationalistic support of domestic industry (and not what Washington wants for Russia = foreign dominance) puts him at odds with the neo-liberal idolatry characteristic of the citadels of Western imperialism. It's not so much that Putin is left wing, which he's not, but that he represents a different path of development that the Empire cannot tolerate. 

To some degree there is tension between the more left-wing support in Novorossiya and the views of the Putin government. It's also noteworthy that not only the Ukrainian junta banned the very strong Communist Party from participating in the recent Ukrainian (minus Novorossiya) elections, but SO DID the Novorossiya administration in their elections. The Communists are still quite strong, and that applies to Ukraine, Russia, and Novorossiya. Next to Putin's party in Russia, e.g., the Communists have been the nearest political force, far ahead of the limosine liberals and their Atlanticist fifth columnists.


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Today the only synonym for “peace” is “The Victory of Novorossiya”


“In the summer, when we were based in Uglegorsk, I saw with my own eyes a child torn to pieces by a Ukrainian shell. He was only about six years old,” the Militiaman says. “Is it normal? At the punitive troops’ road blocks people are asked about the starting date of the school year. Why? To eliminate us by killing our children? That will only make us furious! If they want to fight so much—they should fight against us! They have the advantage in numbers, so why don`t they start a close-quarters attack? No, they are not brave enough for close-in fighting, firing with artillery…”


Interview with Alexandr Bednov - LPR RRG 'Batman' Commander (and vid)

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Guess where the latest volunteers in Novorossiya are coming from?

Chechen volunteers in Novorossiya!


from the Colonel Cassad live blog


'The Ghosts of the Past': Interview with DPR's Oleg Frolov

"Interview with one of the Donetsk People's Republic founders, ex-deputy of the DPR Parliament, Oleg Victorovich Frolov."