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DPR Militia Report 153 Episodes of Shelling by Kiev

"Ukrainian troops opened fire at DPR Republic's territory 153 times. As a result they commited 23 violations of the ceasfire regime."


Interview: Tatiana, resident of Ilovaissk, DPR. Volunteer-superviser in Khartsyzsk's Temporary Accommodation Facility

Tatiana: "...People keep coming, because despite the Minsk Agreements, there is no truce, we don't see it. Peope are still in their basements, People have spent more than a year in their basements.

Q: What would you like to say to our foreign viewers from Europe, America, Canada?


"If you have a chance to get in touch with us, residents of Donbass - territory considered to be 'seized by militants', don't miss the opportunity.

We are no 'separatists' and no 'militants', as we were declared to be to the whole world. We are just people who fight for their freedom and right to have their own opinions, that's all.

I'd like to thank those who support and help us. I know there are many people who didn't stay indifferent to this misfortune. Many thanks for helping us..."


DPR Deputy Vladislav Brig - 'Donbass Will Not Return To Ukraine'

"When we went to the dialogue in March 2014, we would have agreed to the establishment of a Federation. But it was trampled with a boot. This included Ukrainian tanks and Grads falling on our houses. How many of our people have been killed?

And so today how can we tell the relatives of our dead that we are going back to those who brought them so much grief?"



'Donbass Seasons': A  Documentary Film by Eliseo Bertolasci and Sarah Reginella (and vid)

"To show the horrors of war in Donbas, a war insufficiently illuminated by the Western media."

Especially in the frozen wastelands of the 'slava ukraini' Canadian mediascape.


Sitrep Novorossia: Kiev Keeps on Targeting Civilians

"Ukrainian military units shelled front line territories of the Donestsk People's Republic 231 times in the last 24 hours, the Deputy of the DPR Command-in-Chief Eduard Basurin reported."


DPR - Life in Zaitsevo

"There will be a payback time..."


Donbass, Democracy and the Order of Things

Interview with Italian journo


Militia Report Worsening of Situation in Donbass

"The DPR's operational command has registered 247 cases of shelling in areas adjacent to the line of engagement. 'The situation in the DPR has dramatically deteriorated' - Eduard Basurin, DPR.


Militia Report Helicopter Shot Down Over Eastern Ukraine Had NATO Advisors On Board - DPR


'Vatnik' To the Ukrainians: 'Why Would We Liberate YOU?'

"Recently, I received yet another message from 'the other side' in Ukraine. The gist of it - 'When will you come to deliver us from Poroshenko and Co?"


Welcome To Donbass (Part 1)

"The War That Is Not There."


Dealing With Damage: Locals in Donetsk Clear Debris After Days of Shelling (and vid)

"The scale of damage is harrowing: five schools, two kindergartens, shops, a lot of homes were hit. 'Kiev's barbaric attack on E Ukraine violates Geneva conventions - Russia."


Violence Returns to E Ukraine

"Who is to blame?"


DPR Head Zakharchenko: Press Conference (Feb 1)

"...As everyone knows, as of today, Ukraine is chairing the UN Security Council for a month. And the escalation of the conflict is directly related to this. Kiev needs a political motive which they will try to play to their advantage.

I believe this is the [final] agony of the Kiev regime. If you remember WWII, people used to say: 'This is the last bite of the dying fascist vermin.' This is the last chance Poroshenko has to hope the world community pays attention to him. But he will not succeed..."


Donetsk Resident Makes One Request of Ukraine

"Don't come here!"


'But one thing is for sure, that Canada remains committed to Ukraine.' - Sajjan



Trapped: Life on the Donetsk Frontline

...through the eyes of a little girl


A Possible Shift in the Russian Position on Novorussia

"There is a distinct possibility that 2017 will see a fundamental and crucial transformation of the war in Ukraine..."


Watch: NYC To Donestsk & Back (documentary)

Russian-American actor Peter Berg goes on a journey from his home in NYC to the DPR


"Head of the DNR Aleksandr Zakharchenko has died as a result of a terrorist act."


Lavrov Calls Murder of Donbass Leader 'Blatant Provocation.'

"The assassination of the DPR's leader Aleksandr Zakharchenko is intended to undermine the ceasefire deal in eastern Ukraine and make European-backed peace talks 'impossible' Russian FM Sergei Lavrov said. 'It is a blatant provocation aimed at undermining the implementation of the Minsk Agreement in eastern Ukraine,' Lavrov told reporters on Sunday..."


Donetsk Intelligence Notes Regrouping of Ukrainian Forces - Official

"...This act of terror is aimed at destabilizing the situation in the Republic and was carried out by Ukraine's special services under the control of US special services,' the operational command said in a statement, released by the Donestk New Agency. 'All military units have been put on the highest possible level of alert,' the statement reads. 'The enemy will have no opportunity to make use of the situation and violate our borders..."


What is not mentioned here is the role played by Canada s special forces in Ukraine, engaged in training? mission?
Were they not aware? Didi they not report on the plot to our Embassy in Kiev?


I'm struck with a certain parallel with us.  We have our own "Donbass"  We're helping Kiev militarily crush their "Quebec" which only wanted autonomy.  Its Trudeau, Freeland and our pro-Kiev lobby. and our "commitment".


Well Aleksandr Khodakovsky had a good idea where some of the threat came from.

Guess they didn't take his advice this time.


Enemy media. 


Donbass Bids Farewell to Hero: Roughly 200,000 flock to slain leader's funeral

"...According to DPR Deputy PM Dmitry Trapeznikov, who was appointed acting head of the republic, law enforcement agencies have already detained several suspects in the blast, who confirmed the Kiev government's involvement. Earlier the security service of Ukraine (SBU) denied any role in the blast."


NDPP wrote:

Enemy media. 

Maybe so, but he wrote the letter to the Russian authorities and posted it. Or are we going to have a Trumpian denial of that too? The article doesn't even mention other attempt, like Pavel Gubarev being shot at and drive into a tree.

There is also the coup that happened next door in Luhansk last winter, and threats made at the same time against Donetsk.


I'm struck with a certain parallel with us.  We have our own "Donbass"  We're helping Kiev militarily crush their "Quebec" which only wanted autonomy.  Its Trudeau, Freeland and our pro-Kiev lobby. and our "commitment".

Thanks for this...any intelligent reading of the Canada Supreme Court decision concerning conditions guaranteeing the right to self determination,(for Quebec)could only accept the right of the Donetsk people to sovereignty.


Minsk Accords, already agreed to and in fact a UN Security Council resolution are the way forward but Kyiv refuses to implement. Wacko Ukraine is the real problem here not Donbass which simply wishes to be left alone.


Who Was Behind the  Assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko

"The Duran's Alex Christoforou and international affairs and security analyst from Moscow, Mark Sleboda discuss the stunning assassination of Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic, who was killed in an explosion that took place in a cafe in central Donestk city."


Cross Talk Bullhorns on Alert

"Assassination in the republic of Donetsk..."


from Christopher Black in NEO....Zackharchenko...a hero is dead...and bloody flows the Don have to wonder where WWIII will commence


Ukrainian Sniper Plays Deadly Game with Little Girl (and vid)

"Is Canada proud about arming and training these snipers in Ukraine?"

Shhhh. It's supposed to be a secret..


Lugansk People's Republic May 2019 Anti-Nationalist Roundtable

"On May 2nd the civic organization 'Memorial' and the Federation of Trade Unions in LPR held an international roundtable at the Russian Word Hall in Lugansk. It commemorated the 2014 tragedy at the Trade Union Building in Odessa in which Kiev reported 48 people killed and over 200 injured, and the genocide in Donbass that followed it that Kiev is reporting [with] 13,000 casualties.

The expert panel discussed the reasons why such criminal acts happened as well as steps that need to be taken to make sure it doesn't happen again. The one point all the participating experts agree on is without Ukrainian nationalism, none of this would have transpired. They discussed the grossly apparent parallels between Nazi ideology in the 1930s and Ukraine in the twenty-first century and how this is ignored in Europe and the west..."

Canada supports.


Under Fire From Ukraine and Misperceived By The West, The People of the DPR Share Their Stories (and vid)

"...I asked her whether she had a message for Western governments supporting Ukraine' war on Donbass:

'I want them to open their eyes and see there is no Russian invasion here. Just local, normal, peaceful people who wanted to live another way. And we were not afraid to tell everybody how we want to live. In the beginning we didn't want to make a Republic, we just wanted to be autonomous. But we were not listened to. Ukraine moved its armed forces against the people and used their artillery against us.

Poroshenko once said that our children will spend their childhoods in basements*, and that's what happened. A lot of children lost their normal childhood, going to school in constant shelling. My youngest son already has grey hair. He has been under heavy shelling attacks ten times. I want Western leaders to open their eyes and see this. Western weapons are used to kill us. We don't wish for any person to live through what we are living through here now.'

This is the Ukraine the media won't tell you about, a state that can slaughter and maim civilians in the DPR and destroy their homes at will without repercussion. Western nations are not only politically backing Ukraine, but some, Canada for example, have elite military and intelligence on the ground training Ukrainian forces who then go on to not only battle DPR soldiers but to terrorize and murder the civilians..."

Azov Graduates for the first NATO commanding standards course received this...

*Canada-Backed Billionaire/Oligarch/CIA Asset/ President of Ukraine on the Children of Donbas:


Sputnik/Moscow: Leaked papers pertaining to the finalised JIT investigation that the source has bona fide reason to believe are authentic do not corroborate the study’s findings. They cite witness testimonies as well as a number of discrepancies in the probe that suggest the Boeing was downed by an air-to-air missile, rather than a surface-to-air rocket.

According to new data from unpublished MH17 Joint Investigation Team documents obtained and analysed by Bonanza Media investigative journalist Max van der Werff, there were no Buk missile systems in the vicinity of where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing crashed in eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014.

The journalist concludes, citing a letter from Dutch Military Intelligence, that it “becomes apparent that flight MH17 was flying beyond the range of all identified and operational Ukrainian and Russian locations where 9K37M1 Buk M1 systems were deployed”.

The letter, dated 21 September 2016, which is exactly one week before JIT held a press-conference on 28 September, proves the Dutch team obtained evidence that no Russian Buk system had crossed into Ukraine from Russia only days before the presser, der Werff wrote....

.....will the bsers out there ridiculing this theory, hang their heads in shame? of course not...just continue ridiculing anything other than the MSM dictates!
Will CBC be censored and riidiculed for calling the Donetsk people a bunch of hooligans on their Currents news? show...of course not...just continue to pour out their anti Russia bs......


Helmer: MH-17 Trailer...

"The truth before the Dutch, Australians, Ukrainians screen their lie show..."


Everyone is out of step except Johnny, eh!