Don't demonize China and Russia-but don't defend their leaders

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Ken Burch
Don't demonize China and Russia-but don't defend their leaders

Obviously, the U.S. is the global imperialist hegemon.

Obviously, this needs to change-not only for the good of the world, but the good of the people of the U.S., most of whom don't wish to be the center of an empire.

Obviously, China and Russia counterbalance U.S. dominance to some degree.

Equally obviously, neither Russia NOR China are models of the type of world the Left should be trying to build.

Neither of those regimes is running an egalitarian society.  Neither is a transparent or democratic society.  Neither is a place where the creation of a real alternative to capitalist exploitation is possible under the current power structure.

Neither of these regimes should be seen as singularly evil or a present danger-at the same time, neither represents much of anything hopeful for the world.

We need counterbalance to the U.S. empire, but for once, for ONCE, could that counterbalance NOT be a paranoid, militaristic police state?

Just trying to argue for some position on the question of rival global powers that doesn't involve either emulating the Cold War or reducing anti-imperialism to "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".  

Nothing good can come from replicating the choices some on the Left made on which states to support or defend in past decades, OR from going to the other extreme and "Choosing 'the West' " and ending up defending things like the mining of Haiphong Harbor and arming the Contras.

Neither side is worth it.


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I'm sorry that makes too much sence, we're going to have to ask you to leave... (Good post 8-)...) mean while at rabble HQ...

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China and Russia are doing what is best for them... Can't blame them.

Take a look at what south Korea has done in the last decade. They peacfully removed a corrupt president and threw just about every president before that one in jail or convicted them of crimes... (and not a peep on this board) The left in the west can only dream of that shit.

Ken Burch

Well yeah, any regime anywhere acts based on what it sees as its country's best interest.  And I salute South Korea for what its people have caused to happen.  The future, everywhere, hinges on the people, acting democratically and from below, forcing all regimes-these days I see pretty much any government as a regime-to either center the will of the people or to do the decent thing and give up power.  There really isn't any country on the planet that can only be run by a strongman or a group of strongpeople.  Dictatorship in all forms should be relegated to the past.