Driver accused of trying to run cyclists off the road

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Driver accused of trying to run cyclists off the road


CYCLISTS tumbled topsy-turvy into the rear of a car that stopped abruptly in front of their pack travelling at up to 50 kmh, some falling into the path of traffic and many running into one another.

The Olympian Michelle Ferris was sent flying into the air, landing on the boot of the car with her face squashed against the rear window.

But the driver, Hassan Bakr, who sped away from the accident in May last year, told Downing Local Court yesterday it was "just an unfortunate incident … that I couldn't help".

"I have nothing personal against cyclists," he said.

About 60 cyclists had met at a Darlinghurst cafe that morning before riding to Cronulla as they did every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, the court heard, and by 6.35am they were travelling two abreast in the left lane of Southern Cross Drive in Kensington.

Glen Vigar, who was at the back of the group, said Bakr's Ford Falcon overtook the group in the right lane, but repeatedly veered into the left lane within half a metre of the riders before finally pulling in front of the pack and coming to an abrupt halt.

Most cyclists did not have time to swerve out of the way and either hit the back of the car or those who had already fallen.

Sydney Morning Herald