Easy to be pro-China here. Enough already!

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NorthReport wrote:


You seem clueless enough not to understand that if you go around attacking anyone who disagrees with your point of view and calling them a racist, you are probably not helping your racism concerns

Hey NorthReport, my handle is WWWTT. Not difficult so don't accuse anyone of being clueless.

Stick to what you're good at, spaming this site, changing thread titles and your relentless use of icm links



China is killing religious and ethnic minorities and harvesting their organs, UN Human Rights Council told

Lawyers for independent China Tribunal say UN member states have ‘legal obligation’ to act




PRC at 70 is an Orwellian nightmare



The Legacy of Colonialism and the Hong Kong Riots


"To put it bluntly, these protests are in no way leftist, progressive or peaceful. On the contrary, the protests so far have largely consisted of xenophobic rhetoric against mainlanders, violence against civilians based on their nationality and millions of dollars of financial aid pouring in from the US. Going forward I strongly urge those on the left to examine international affairs with a critical eye..."