Emergency Vigil - 100th Cdn soldier dies in Afghanistan

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Emergency Vigil - 100th Cdn soldier dies in Afghanistan

Not much notice but do what you can.

Not one more death. Not one more dollar. Not one more day.

Bring the troops home now!

Three more Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, pushing the death toll past 100

TODAY - Friday, December 5
5:00pm to 6:30pm
Peace Garden, Nathan Phillips Square
Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

TTC: Queen

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War will host an
emergency vigil today to mark the 100th death of Canadian troops in
Afghanistan. Earlier today, three more soldiers were killed by an
improvised explosive device as they were passing through the Arghandab
district in the southern province of Kandahar, bringing Canada's death
toll to 100. On September 7, Sgt. Scott Shipway, 36, became the 97th
Canadian soldier to be killed in Afghanistan.

Canada's death toll in Afghanistan is already the highest since the
Korean War, and Canadian troops continue to suffer one of the highest
casualty rates of all NATO forces.

The Toronto Coalition to Stop the War extends its condolences to the
families of the soldiers, whose names have not yet been released.

The Coalition mourns the deaths of all those killed in the war in
Afghanistan, including the tens of thousands of innocent Afghan
civilians who have died since 2001. In recent months, hundreds of
Afghan civilians have been killed by NATO air strikes.

These deaths must stop now.

A majority of Canadians oppose the war in Afghanistan, and want the troops to come home now. Tell Stephen Harper:

Not one more death.
Not one more dollar.
Not one more day.

Bring our troops home now!

Organized by
Toronto Coalition to Stop the War


There were about two dozen candlelight vigilers at the Peace Garden. The Canadian Peace Alliance will be holding another vigil tonight at 9:00 p.m. at Dundas Square in Toronto. They're holding their biennial convention this weekend.

When the mike was passed around I made the point that while Harper is now bowing at the feet of public opinion, he has not done so on Afghanistan. This hypocricy is rooted partly in our electoral system which gives the minority the power to over-ride the majority without consequence.

(and now parliament is shut down altogether in an historic and dramatic "stay of execution" as one friend put it.)


It's about time.

NATO kills more than that in just one Predator strike. Consistently.

Condolences for the perpetrators? I don't think so.


A vigil is normally held for those left behind, on behalf of the dead, so that the beraved can gather together to wait for the time when they pass into Valhalla, or wherever it is they're supposed to go.