Explosive Political Situation in Puerto Rico

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Explosive Political Situation in Puerto Rico

Explosive Political Situation in Puerto Rico
Written by Roberto Ramos-Perea  
Tuesday, 06 July 2010 15:27

Source: ALAI

It is 5:00 of the evening of June 30, 2010, groups of students, teachers and citizens asked for entry to the House of the Laws and they were struck and tortured by the Police, there are numerous injured people, while the National Guard is mobilized towards Capitol Hill. Violent shocks are scattered over the whole zone of the Parliament and the repression continues.

A constitutional coup has just been established in Puerto Rico.

After a year in which the present time government under the New Progressive Party (Partido Nuevo Progresista, that attempts to join the Island to the United States through statehood) tried to and succeeded in taking over many institutions that form the basis of the democratic government of Puerto Rico, an atmosphere of hostility followed by many reckless actions that threaten public peace had climaxed in violent and aggressive actions of this government against the parties of the opposition, the organized student movement, the labor unions, the press, the environment, as against every area and institution of Puerto Rico’s civil society.....