Facebook group on January 10th anti-Israel protest in Toronto

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Facebook group on January 10th anti-Israel protest in Toronto

[url=http://www.facebook.com/event.php?sid=d7ebe1b3c82a4a017957385c375a489d&e... Here [/url] is the facebook group for the protest on Saturday at the Israeli Consulate in Toronto.

There are racist filth calling for the destruction of Palestine/Gaza and the IDF is killing hundreds of civilians. This needs to be protest strongly. Why though is the host of this protest group " ISRAEL MUST NOT EXIST ANY LONGER? Why call for the destruction of Israel as a response? The call should be for an end the violence, an end to the blockade and the border walls (in both Israel and Egypt).  Israel is then described as the "Zionist enemy".

 What does the future look like if Israel does not exist any longer? Where do the citizens go? Does anyone know anything about this protest ? Is this a hateful description of a desire for a peaceful one-state solution where all citizens have equal rights, regardless of religion?

 Is anyone planning on attending this and do they agree with the organizers' view that Israel should exist no longer?


Why are you asking US why someone posted something on Facebook?

I think it's probably most appropriate to ask that question of the person who posted the event there.

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