Financial Fascism in America

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Financial Fascism in America

Listen to this Max Keiser Interview on Guns & Butter and try to understand what is really going on. There has been a worldwide coup d'etat by the financial elite and the future for workers is not pretty.


Banksters are holding governments and workers to ransom with threatening to crash the market unless taxpayers handover trillions of dollars to them. It's extortion. It's treason. It's simple - bank robbers, crooks and con artists should be arrested and thrown in jail. It's broken and hopelessly bankrupt.

He says there were a lot of people on Wall Street betting on terror attacks on 9/11. Millions of dollars in windfalls, and as as result of put option/bets traded in a market for disaster capitalism/fascism at ten times normal volume,  were left unclaimed. Predatory? Absolutely. Capitalism is devouring and consuming itself right on schedule. They can't help themselves. Asian and other major economies now trying to get away from dealing in the "problematic dollar." Thanks Donold.

It's obvious that since 9/11 and the resultant disaster fascism that followed in the decade of the 2000s that other nations see the US as a corrupt and lawless rogue military dictatorship. They no longer want to finance the USSA's military buildup all around them. And they no longer want to donate their national savings through central banking to prop-up an unsustainable system of trade based on US willingness to consume and import more than they can afford to pay for. The writing is on the wall, and other countries are now having to wage a counter-war against financial terrorism. He says "capitalism is not the problem" because it doesn't actually exist in the US anymore. I don't think they've practiced laissez-faire capitalism since the early 1930s or so. What they have now is kleptocracy.

A very good report from GunsAndButter.