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 Water H2O can't be radioactive but it can contain radioactive atoms like iodine.  Once in the ocean though which is so vast and contains so much water, those problem atoms would be dilluted and unimportant .  Ocean water already contains some radioactivity, like the soil and the air.


Rikardo wrote:

 Once in the ocean though which is so vast and contains so much water, those problem atoms would be dilluted and unimportant .  Ocean water already contains some radioactivity, like the soil and the air.

Taking a short river cruise on de Nile?


The World Community MUST Now Take Charge at Fukushima  -  by Harvey Wasserman


"We are now within two months of what may be humankind's most dangerous moment since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

There is no excuse for not acting, All the resources our species can muster must be focused on the fuel pool at Fukushima Unit 4..."


Fukushima Develops Into Global Catastrophe


"A global catastrophe, 85 times worse than Chernobyl, 15000 times worse than Hiroshima could develop at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan at any moment.

Experts warn that the situation in Fukushima has deteriorated to such a degreee that it is beyond the control of the power plant operator TEPCO or the Japanese government, [and are] calling for a global response to prevent the looming catastrophe."



the govt of Japan has taken over Fukushima management from TEPCO -- about 2 years too late!




Japan's Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) on Wednesday officially raised the severity rating of a new leak of radioactive water at Fukushima to Level 3 on an international scale for such incidents.


The move raises the scale of what was Japan's first warning on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale (INES) since the Fukushima meltdowns in 2011. Those meltdowns were classified as Level 7, the highest INES rating.

Tepco said last week that 300 tonnes of highly radioactive water leaked from a storage tank at the facility, apart from leaks into the ocean confirmed by the utility in July, prompting an initial INES rating of Level 1, the second lowest.

The government has said it will get more involved in resolving the plant's growing problems with contaminated water and seek the advice of foreign experts.

Tepco was not capable of resolving the situation, the governor of Fukushima prefecture said on Wednesday.

"There is no risk management at Tepco and they are no longer capable of dealing with this on its own," Governor Yuhei Sato told the chief of the regulator at a public meeting.




all very disturbing, but somehow no planetary "catastrophe" yet, 

although that remains possible until these pools are emptied ..


at least SOME major-media reporting:


While the continuing environmental disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant has grabbed world headlines — with hundreds of tons of contaminated water flowing into the Pacific Ocean daily — a human crisis has been quietly unfolding. Two and a half years after the plant belched plumes of radioactive materials over northeast Japan, the almost 83,000 nuclear refugees evacuated from the worst-hit areas are still unable to go home. Some have moved on, reluctantly, but tens of thousands remain in a legal and emotional limbo while the government holds out hope that they can one day return.       

As they wait, many are growing bitter. Most have supported the official goal of decontaminating the towns so that people can return to homes that some families inhabited for generations. Now they suspect the government knows that the unprecedented cleanup will take years, if not decades longer than promised, as a growing chorus of independent experts have warned, but will not admit it for fear of dooming plans to restart Japan’s other nuclear plants.




DaveW wrote:

at least SOME major-media reporting:



I found it somewhat amusing that the CBC did a brief radio story on Fukashima a couple of days ago.

The story was about some Japanese coming over to Canada to help the Canadians deal with Fukashima debris washing up on the west coastline.

I guess any media story about Fukashima is better than no story.  :(

I wonder when Japan will send a contingent over to Canada to help deal with radioactive waste that is polluting our wildlife and our country?



Gov't Officials: 'All of Japan' At Risk of Flooded Water having Serious Contaminants from Fukushima, Now and Into Future


"Land is contaminated out to 250 kilometers from plant.."


Radioactivity Level Spikes 6,500 Times at Fukushima Well (and vid)


"Officials of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) said on Friday, they detected 400,000 becquerels per liter of beta-ray emitting radioactive substances - including strontium - at the site, a level 6,500 times higher than readings taken on Wednesday.

Robert Jacobs, a professor at Hiroshima Peace University, told RT the compounding problems at Fukushima Daiichi underscore one critical reality: no one really knows what to do.

'Nobody really knows how to solve the problems at Fukushima."

no worries, sports programming will continue as usual..


Tens of thousands of protesters attend anti-nuclear events in Tokyo


With all the nation's 50 nuclear reactors offline, an estimated 40,000 people attended a series of demonstrations in central Tokyo on Oct. 13 organized by three anti-nuclear civic groups to express their opposition to the government's push for restarts.

In the events called "One for No Nukes,” participants raised their voices in protest, saying, “No to restarts.”

The Metropolitan Coalition against Nukes organized the protests along with two civic groups “Sayonara Genpatsu 1,000 mannin Action” (Good-bye to nuclear power through action by 10 million people) and “Genpatsu wo Nakusu Zenkoku Renrakukai” (National conference on abolishing nuclear power plants)....



Fukushima, Nuclear Power and Repression With Osaka Professor Masaki Shimoji


Osaka Professor Masaki Shimoji who is the president of the Hannan University Teachers Union discusses the fight against the burning of nuclear rubble from Fukushima ordered by the Japanese government and the jailing of him and others for providing educational material about the growing dangers of radiation and contamination from the meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear reactors.
Professor Shimoji was jailed for 20 days in Osaka along with other anti-nuclear activists and he discusses the continuing repression by the Japanese government in order to prevent the Japanese people from learning about the continuing dangers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant catastrophe.
Professor Shimoji spoke in Berkeley, California on October 17, 2013 The criminal charges against Shimoji have been dropped but the repression continues.



Fuel Removal From Fukushima's Reactor 4 Threatens 'Apocalyptic' Scenario


"TEPCO set to begin to remove fuel rods whose radiation matches the fallout of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs..."


"Wasserman says that the plan is so risky it requires a global take-over, an urging Gunter also shared, stating that the "dangerous task should not be left to TEPCO but quickly involve the oversight and management of independent international experts."

Wasserman told Common Dreams that

The bring-down of the fuel rods from Fukushima Unit 4 may be the most dangerous engineering task ever undertaken.  Every indication is that TEPCO is completely incapable of doing it safely, or of reliably informing the global community as to what's actually happening.  There is no reason to believe the Japanese government could do much better.  This is a job that should only be undertaken by a dedicated team of the world's very best scientists and engineers, with access to all the funding that could be needed.  

The potential radiation releases in this situation can only be described as apocalyptic.  The cesium alone would match the fallout of 14,000 Hiroshima bombs.  If the job is botched, radiation releases could force the evacuation of all humans from the site, and could cause electronic equipment to fail.  Humankind would be forced to stand helplessly by as billions of curies of deadly radiation pour into the air and the ocean. "


And the reason this isn't getting headline news around the world is ..........................???


High cancer rates emerging among Fukushima children

video report with transcript

It's what post-Fukushima Japan fears the most; cancer. Amid allegations of government secrecy, worrying new claims say a cancer cluster has developed around the radiation zone and that the victims are children.
In a private children's hospital well away from the no-go zone, parents are holding on tight to their little sons and daughters hoping doctors won't find what they're looking for. Thyroid cancer. Tests commissioned by the local authorities have discerned an alarming spike here. Experts are reluctant to draw a definitive link with Fukushima, but they're concerned. "I care because I went to Chernobyl and I saw each child there, so I know the pain they went through", says Dr Akira Sugenoya, a former thyroid surgeon. What terrifies parents most is a government they feel they can't trust. It's created a culture of fear; one which has led a number of women post-Fukushima to have abortions because they were worried about birth defects. "The doctors in Fukushima say that it shouldn't be coming out so soon, so it can't be related to the nuclear accident. But that's very unscientific, and it's not a reason we can accept", Dr Sugenoya insists. "It was disclosed that the Fukushima health investigation committee was having several secret meetings. I feel the response has been unthinkable for a democratic nation", agrees Dr Minoru Kamata from the Japan Chernobyl Foundation.
ABC Australia





Harvey Wasserman: Risky Operation at Fukushima Demands World Action


On Monday the process to remove over 400 tons of spent fuel began at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan. The delicate rod removal is an unprecedented procedure that Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), the company that operates the plant, has continually reassured the world that it can handle. But after years of obfuscation by TEPCO, ever since the tsunami and earthquake that laid waste to parts of Fukushima in March 2011, nuclear researcher and activist Harvey Wasserman of nukefree.org, doesn’t want to give the company another chance.  

The fuel rods at Reactor Number Four, can’t heat up, be exposed to air or break without releasing deadly gas, says Wasserman, but the cooling pool they’ve been resting in is leaky and potentially corroded by seawater and it’s feared it could not withstand another tremor or quake. The cooling pool is also 100 feet up:

“These rods have to be brought to the ground. It’s never been done under these kinds of circumstances.” Says Wasserman.  “I believe we got better information from the Soviet Union about Chernobyl than we’re getting from TEPCO and the Japanese about Fukushima,” He told GRITtv.


Fukushima Fallout Damaged the Thyroids of California Babies  -  by Chris Busby


"A new study of the effects of tiny quantities of radioactive fallout from Fukushima on the health of babies born in California show a significant excess of hypothyroidism caused by the radioactive contamination travelling 5,000 miles across the Pacific..."

Ignoring it won't help either...


Fukushima: The ticking nuclear bomb


Good (scary) article with both numbers and anecdotal evidence.


Canada Busted Covering Up Spikes in Fukushima Radiation


"Falsely stated that there were no unusual radiation levels..."


The Fukushima Coverup: 'Biggest Industrial Catastrophe in the History of Mankind' (and audio)


"Mainstream media and government officials have apparently done a better job containing the truth of the Fukushima disaster, than they have the radio-active debris the catastrophe has generated..."


They're Going To Dump the Fukushima Radiation Into The Ocean


"Tepco is planning on dumping all of the radioactive water stored at Fukushima into the ocean. The industry-controlled nuclear regulators are pushing for dumping the radiation as well.

Tepco - with no financial incentive to actively fix things - has been insanely irresponsible and has only been pretending to contain Fukushima..."

Perfect solution as most have forgotten it already anyway...


USA's Sick Sailors


"In 2011, the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan assisted with rescue operations after the Fukushima earthquake and nuclear disaster. At least 51 members of the crew have now developed radiation-related illnesses..."



Gundersen: 'All of Japn is Contaminated'


Sports programming however will continue as usual..


TEPCO Detects Record Radiation At Fukushima's Reactor 2, New Leak Suspected


"TEPCO has found a record 1.9 becquerels per litre of beta ray-emitting radioactive substances at its No 2 reactor.  Also radioactive cesium was detected in deeper groundwater at No. 4 unit's well, as fears grow of a new leak into the ocean..."



Fukushima Radiation Hits San Francisco [Dec 2013] (and vid)


"This shocking video was taken December 23rd, 2013 with a quality Geiger Counter at Pacifica State Beach (Surfers Beach), California."


[quote]December 28, 2013  11:00 PM EST -- (TRN http://www.TurnerRadioNetwork.com ) -- Persons residing on  the west coast of North America should IMMEDIATELY begin preparing for another possible onslaught of dangerous atmospheric radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster site in Japan.  The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) says radioactive steam has suddenly begun emanating from previously exploded nuclear reactor building #3 at the Fukuishima disaster site in Japan. TEPCO says they do not know why this is happening and cannot go into the building to see what's happening due to damage and lethal radiation levels in that building. Experts say this could be the beginning of  a "spent fuel pool criticality (meltdown)" involving up to 89 TONS of nuclear fuel burning up into the atmosphere and heading to North America. Steam photo, full details and suggested methods to protect yourself appear below.[/quote


It really does beg the question, in terms of continuing to attract international tourists from Japan, of how authorities in charge of airport scanners around the world will be able to differentiate between people trying to smuggle radioactive dirty bombs on their persons and effects, and average citizens from the region.  Over time, one would assume that citizens who live along the West Coast of this hemisphere will need to be singled out of the line-ups for closer inspection, just to be on the safe side.


Fish Testing At 124 Times Over Radiation Limit Caught Off Fukushima


"We've already seen some effects in infant mortality and thyroid cancer in Jpan,' Chris Busby said. 'So I think this is just going to get worse. I think we're going to see a major effect on the general health of the Japanese population in northern Japan. There's going to be a decrease in the birth rate and an increase in the death rate..."


Fukushima Out of Control January - 2014 (and vid)


"A nuclear war without a war..."

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture

Citizen scientists can fill info gaps about Fukushima effects

A radioactive plume is expected to reach the West Coast sometime this year, but experts say it will be diluted by currents off Japan's east coast and, according to the Live Science website, "the majority of the cesium-137 will remain in the North Pacific gyre — a region of ocean that circulates slowly clockwise and has trapped debris in its center to form the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' — and continue to be diluted for approximately a decade following the initial Fukushima release in 2011."

With the lack of data from government, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is asking the public for help. In January, Ken Buesseler, senior scientist and director of the Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity at the U.S.-based non-profit, launched a fundraising campaign and citizen science website to collect and analyze seawater along North America's West Coast.

"Whether you agree with predictions that levels of radiation along the Pacific Coast of North America will be too low to be of human health concern or to impact fisheries and marine life, we can all agree that radiation should be monitored, and we are asking for your help to make that happen," Buesseler said in a news release.

Participants can help fund and propose new sites for seawater sampling, and collect seawater to ship to the lab for analysis. The David Suzuki Foundation is the point group for two sampling sites, on Haida Gwaii and at Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Data will be published at How Radioactive Is Our Ocean?, and will include an evolving map showing cesium concentrations with links to information about radioactivity in the ocean and what the levels mean....



Troubled Waters: Nuclear Radiation Found in BC May Pose Health Problems


"Discovery of Fukushima radioactivity raises concerns for local marine life, and the effect it may have on humans..."

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture

Fukushima No. 1 boss admits plant doesn’t have complete control over water problems

The manager of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has admitted to embarrassment that repeated efforts have failed to bring under control the problem of radioactive water, eight months after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the world the matter had been resolved.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., the plant’s operator, has been fighting a daily battle against contaminated water since Fukushima No. 1 was wrecked by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Abe’s government pledged half a billion dollars last year to tackle the issue, but progress has been limited.

“It’s embarrassing to admit, but there are certain parts of the site where we don’t have full control,” Akira Ono told reporters touring the plant last week.

He was referring to the latest blunder at the plant: channeling contaminated water into the wrong building....



epaulo13 wrote:
Fukushima No. 1 boss admits plant doesn’t have complete control over water problems

The manager of the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has admitted to embarrassment that repeated efforts have failed to bring under control the problem of radioactive water, eight months after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told the world the matter had been resolved.

“It’s embarrassing to admit, but there are certain parts of the site where we don’t have full control,” Akira Ono told reporters touring the plant last week.


When is the U.S. going to wake up and invade a country that's worth invading, for the benefit of mankind?

Like Japan?

Go over there, take control of their nuclear plants, clean them up, stop the leaks, use all of your technological know-how to demonstrate to the world what a super-power can do to help out another nation and the world.

Spend as much money is necessary to accomplish this, then leave.


of course it's an American-designed Westinghouse reactor...


SNAFUkushima: Updating Meltdowns, Still FUBAR and Deteriorating  -  by William Boardman


"It remains an out of control disaster with as yet unmeasurable dimensions that continue to expand.

Either way, it's not good..."


Fukushima's Ongoing Fallout  -  by John La Forge


"US papers don't report on the radiation diaster continuing at Fukushima-Daiichi in Northeast Japan..."

Nor do Canadian ones. Few notice.


Meanwhile in Canada...


Give your children The pills marked one and two In the C.D green container, then put Them to bed. Do not break The inside airlock seals until The radiation All Clear shows (Watch for the cuckoo in your perspex panel), or your District Touring Doctor rings your bell.




Made in Japan: Fukushima Disaster

What must be admitted — very painfully — is that this was a disaster ‘Made in Japan.’  Its fundamental causes are to be found in the ingrained conventions of Japanese culture:  our reflexive obedience; our reluctance to question authority; our devotion to ‘sticking with the program’; our groupism; and our insularity. . .The consequences of negligence at Fukushima stand out as catastrophic, but the mind-set that supported it can be found across Japan.



However let us not forget the outrageously badly designed reactors were American - Westinghouse...


RT-America: Conversations With Great Minds - Dr Helen Caldicott


"In tonight's 'Conversations with Great Minds', Thom talks with Anti-Nuclear Advocate Dr Helen Caldicott, author of the new book 'Crisis Without End,' The Medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe.'

'Canada is awful. It's really terrible....'



segment starts at 29:45


Why is Germany fazing it out?


The Fukushima Endgame: The Radioactive Contamination of the Pacific Ocean  -  by Michel Chossudovsky


"The ongoing dumping of highly radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean constitutes a potential trigger to a process of global radioactive contamination..."

As to MSM coverage of this outrageous planetary threat, 'out of sight - out of mind' doesn't mean it's gone away...


Is Fukushima Getting Worse?  -  by Robert Hunziker


"The Fukushima multiple nuclear disaster continues spewing out hot stuff like there's no tomorrow. By all appearances it is getting worse, out of control nuclear meltdowns.

Which may be why Einstein famously said, 'Nuclear power is one hell of a way to boil water..."


What's Really Going On At Fukushima?  -  by Robert Hunziker


"Fukushima will go down in history as the biggest coverup of the 21st century. Governments and corporations are not leveling with citizens about the risks and dangers. Fukushima is literally a time bomb in quiescence...a veritable destruction machine that consumes everything in its path and beyond..."

Yet Ontario is going to spend tens of billions re-building Darlington Nuclear, even though power from Quebec will cost 50% less.



Fukushima Mon Amour


"Is the crisis in Fukushima over or just beginning? You might be forgiven for scratching your head at that one. Nearly five years after the nuclear meltdown triggered by the Tohoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami, one of the planet's worst radioactive catastrophes has amost completely faded from both the media and public consciousness.

Amid that information void, the lethal history of those events has been swamped under pernicious myths being spread by nuclear hucksters.

Meanwhile, back at Fukushima, unnoticed by the global press corps, the first blood cancers (Myelogenous leukemia) linked to radiation exposure are being detected in children and cleanup workers ['glow-boys'].

And off the coast of Oregon and California, every Bluefin tuna caught in the last year has tested positive for radioactive Cesium 137 from the Fukushima meltdown.

The era of eco-radiation has arrived."

#fukushima  - even as you forget, it keeps on killing...

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

NDPP, I often enjoy the links you post, but this is a very poor article. The author spends most of his words attacking Edward Teller. Talk about shooting fish in a barrel. Then, because Teller recommended that nuclear power plants would be a good solution to greenhouse gas emission, he condemns every other person who supports nuclear energy as a follower of Teller. My personal opinion is that we would be better off putting our efforts into fully renewable energy sources. However, I have read plenty of well informed opinions by people who are not bought off by the nuclear industry that we wil need more nuclear for base load, even if we develop renewable sources as quickly as we practically can.

Jeffrey St. Clair wrote:

Freelance nuclear shills, such as the odious James Hansen and the clownish George Monbiot, have left carbon footprints that would humble Godzilla by jetting across the world promoting nuclear energy as a kind of technological deus ex machina for the apocalyptic threat of climate change. Hansen has gone so far as to charge that “opposition to nuclear power threatens the future of humanity.” Shamefully, many greens now promote nuclear power as a kind ecological lesser-evilism.

I think Mr. St. Clair is the last person who should be calling someone else "clownish". He barely mentioned any actual facts in this so-called article, and he gave no sources or context for the few scary factual statements he did make. He appears to be a rageoholic cretin, who can't be bothered with facts and evidence, because he knows what is true a priori. Disgusting.

Edited to add: the bold from your posts seems to be leaking over into mine. Probably a mis-matched set of tags. It would be nice if you could fix it.




Jeffrey St Clair is the CP editor. Why not email him? [email protected]

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

Because I have no interest in communicating with him?


Alternatively, find something you like on Fukushima and post that.


What Is Our Government Hiding From US About Fukushima?


Or Darlington...


I hope everyone there drank their fill...

Sake From Fukushima Served at Davos - Japan Night


"People from disaster-stricken Fukushima Prefecture have served locally produced sake to attendees at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort town of Davos. The move was designed to showcase the area's recovery.

The reaction from guests was favorable..."

Michael Moriarity Michael Moriarity's picture

NDPP wrote:

Alternatively, find something you like on Fukushima and post that.

Sorry to take so long to respond, but I had to find time to do some searching. Although I agree that Fukushima is an important issue, I have a finite amount of time and attention, and it is not one of those I follow regularly. Anyway, this article seems much more informative than the rant by Mr. St. Clair, which probably deserves the Snopes treatment.