Fukushima: Continuing Global Catastrophe and Coverup by Media, Nuclear Industry and Politicians

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NDPP wrote:

thanks  - the lack of reliable accessible regular Canadian information, readings  and updates is quite alarming and only reinforces the impression there's some heavy duty information omission/suppression going on. Obviously please post anything relevent you may come across..

I went to the Health Canada website & entered "nuclear" into the search engine. "radiation" would also work


Doctors Express 'Deep Concern' About Fukushima Impacts on Canada  -  by Linda Solomon


"How do we know how much radiation is reaching Canada from Fukushima? Physicians for GLobal Survival asked, in a press release today. They added that Physicians for Global Survival 'would like more openness from safety regulators and government about all isotopes, honesty about methods of measurement and regular updates about risks to vulnerable populations.

Physicians for Global Survival is deeply concerned about the long term health and populations exposed due to accidental or planned releases of radioactivity from Fukushima and from domestic power plants.."


Fight To Stop Fukushima Radiation Leaks 'Could Take 9 Months'


"The company at the centre of the world's worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl has announced it could be nine months before the Fukushima Daiichi plant is under full control, tripling some previous forecasts..."

that's a lot of poison and radiation pouring out into the world

From The Low-Level Radioactive Zone - A Civil-Bio Society?


"...The government calls the information shared on the internet 'rumours' and repeatedly urges the public not to believe them. In addition a public advertising organization called Advertising Council Japan is airing a TV commercial asking people not to believe rumours...The head of the organization is the president of TEPCO. The commentators in news programs single-mindedly repeat similar messages. This is a warfare we are fighting every day in the low-level radioactive zone.

For us, the more the word 'safe' is repeated, the worse our worries become..."

9 More Months: TEPCO's Plan Released


"Hundreds of contract workers sleeping in hallways under lead blankets living on 2 meals a day and no running water...

There are many international concerns stemming from the disaster at Fukushima. Many of those living in the affected areas on the West Coast of the US are urging their local agencies to test water and precipitation, and are being informed that the EPA is leading the investigation and local testing is not required...

On Sunday, Tokyo Electric said it will try to contain the radiation leak crisis in 6-9 months, however this timeline does not sit well with many international communities.." (more)


A Primer On The Dangers Of Radiation  - by Robert L Wolke


"...nuclear radiation per se is not a substance; it is energy, being emitted by zillions of radioactive atoms as if they were tiny light bulbs emitting light. It would be nice if media begain reporting their 'radiation levels' in millisierverts per hour, because the effects of Fukushima are going to be with us for a very long time."


N Korea TV Reports Seriousness Of Radioactive Leaks At Japan Plant


"...What is most serious is that even a month after the accident, we see no prospect of getting radioactive leakages under control,' an expert said. The crisis at the Fukushima plant 'is getting more serious', KCNA said."


It has been nearly a MONTH now since the B.C. "Ministry of Health, Office of the Provincial Health Officer" told British Columbians that "there is nothing to worry about".

Since then, radiation has continued to spew forth from the damaged Japan nuclear plant. I wonder what the TOTALS are by now, or what they will be in 6 months? No information is available on that...

 Isn't there a concern about "cumulative exposure"? Can the daily data be added up and exposures for people in various locations be calculated?  The Iodine radiation is short lived and therefore not a concern over time, but Cesium and others have a long half-life and cumulative exposure would therefore be a concern. {does anyone here know about this?}


Here are government/industry links with updates -

Fukushima Nuclear Accident Update Log
Updates of 18 April 2011


NISA - Nuclear Industry Safety Agency:


I am not sure this hasn't allready been discussed, but what about cumulative exposures to the isotopes with longer half-lives?

From the SFU site link above, some interesting comments:

Kevin [email protected]
Why has Vancouver "stopped" or ceased using detection units and what exactly do they detect of the the 200 radio nucloids now in our atmosphere?

In light of the news that Plutonium has been found in the soil around the nuclear plant are you going to be testing for other types of Radioactive fallout? ie Caesium-137 or Caesium-134?

I noticed that when I Google something to do with radiation and Japan that most of the results are a month old, from March. I googled cumulative Cesium Japan B.C. , for example.


Noah: as you have noticed -The Nuclear Industry is very powerful as are the governments of Canada that are in their pocket - the results, as you see are plain to not see. It's called information management.  As you can also see even progressives largely follow the agendas of the MSM. I notice it here on babble all the time - if it's not in the MSM they largely ignore it here too and conversely if the MSM decides its an issue suddenly they flock to the thread immediately. It's quite instructive, frequently depressing and alarming too. Of course people should be pounding on the doors of all the wannabe 'representatives' demanding solid information on rad levels, cesium, etc, but as you can see if all of them can manage to disappear our complicity in torture and a decade long Aghan war and the newest Libya one as well, - I wouldn't hold out much hope for them doing the right thing by raising Fukushima's shocking ongoing effects upon us here. In my experience Canadian politicians of all stripes only respond to carrot or stick not what's right for their constituents. It's a shocking and alarming omission of obviously important, necessary information, and you are correct to keep remarking how little concern there appears to be. The cult of believe what they tell you (or don't tell you) is a big one here.



"Unpublished NILU radiation forecast showed much larger Cesium 137 Cloud over North America (video)



"Latest webcam image shows clouds of radioactive steam rising from Fukushima"

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NDPP wrote:

Noah: as you have noticed -The Nuclear Industry is very powerful as are the governments of Canada that are in their pocket - the results, as you see are plain to not see. It's called information management.  As you can also see even progressives largely follow the agendas of the MSM. I notice it here on babble all the time - if it's not in the MSM they largely ignore it here too and conversely if the MSM decides its an issue suddenly they flock to the thread immediately. It's quite instructive, frequently depressing and alarming too. Of course people should be pounding on the doors of all the wannabe 'representatives' demanding solid information on rad levels, cesium, etc, but as you can see if all of them can manage to disappear our complicity in torture and a decade long Aghan war and the newest Libya one as well, - I wouldn't hold out much hope for them doing the right thing by raising Fukushima's shocking ongoing effects upon us here. In my experience Canadian politicians of all stripes only respond to carrot or stick not what's right for their constituents. It's a shocking and alarming omission of obviously important, necessary information, and you are correct to keep remarking how little concern there appears to be. The cult of believe what they tell you (or don't tell you) is a big one here.

I really hate to agree with you here but you've nailed it.


I wish it wasn't so and really hope it can be changed soon...

Surviving Planet Earth In the Next 90 Days


"The purpose of this investigation is to show how volatile the situation really is and the global implications it contains. Because we do not have all the necessary information to make a complete model of what effects the nuclear disaster may have on the world, we have to start by compiling information released from public and independent information sources.

There is a discrepancy between government regulatory agencies in the United States, like the EPA and International and independent  testing labs. When will the truth finally come out?"

FDA Refuses to Test Fish For Radioactivity - Gov't Pretends Radioactive Fish Is Safe


"The FDA says it won't monitor radiation in fish on the West Coast of the US. And - in typical Orwellian agency-speak, the FDA is trying to reassure people that eating contaminated fish poses no health risk. Is this yet another example of the government responding to the nuclear accident by trying to raise acceptable levels and pretending that radiation is good for us? Indeed the ocean currents head from Japan to the West Coast.."

as does the jet stream, North America, especially the west coast is clearly a Fukushima 'collateral damage' zone - and at the least there's six to nine months of steady, relentless poisoning coming this way. Some suggest rather longer than that...

Crews 'Facing 100 Year Battle At Fukushima'


"A nuclear expert has warned it might be 100 years before melting fuel rods can be safely removed from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant. 'The final thing is that the reactors will have to be closed and the fuel removed, and that is 50 to 100 years away. It means the workers and the site will have to be intensely controlled for a very long period of time.."


Thanks bekayne. My confidence in the accuracy of these reports is waning daily but I'll keep copies in any event.


bekayne wrote:


The information regarding Govt. Canada's monitoring through Fixed Point Surveillance has been removed from Govt. Canada's website. All that I could find was a cached page with British Columbia's levels from April 12, 2011. There has been multiple pages removed regarding these issues. As well a search turned up a Twitter page under the name 'ColmanJones', a technician for Fixed Point Surveillance. The purpose of this page was specifically for 'UPDATES'. Upon going to the page, I got: PAGE NO LONGER EXISTS.

Something's amiss that's for sure. Anybody who wants to take the govts. 'good word' on these developments should immediately email me. I've got some beautiful, unspoiled land for sale, a naturalists dream, cheap, in sunny Florida...

Is this what you're looking for? It seems they've added these readings that weren't there before (the page was modified on Apriil 15):Canadian Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Station Radioisotope Concentrations 



I'm not sure what Dr. Coldicott's position on the 'Globalist' is but her information is very alarming to say the least...



I hear ya, NDPP. The lack of information on the really dangerous types of radiation points to a cover up... and that means IF we are likely being blasted by radiation here in BC, they would not tell us.

  Are you saying that it might be happening right now? - that we might be getting significant doses of radiation in BC.??  Is that why me, and so many others around here, are feeling so tired and sick, and why some even have diarrhea? No, probably not - if it was that bad we would have heard something... but the distrust is going to create hysteria.


MEANWHILE.... a far bigger secret is wriggling it's way towards deaf ears: The problems at Fukushima may have been complicated by a SECRET WEAPONS PROGRAM there.

Does a nuclear weapons program explain the presence of Plutonium?   "a hydrogen explosion ripped Unit 3, run on plutonium-uranium mixed oxide (or MOX). Unit 6 immediately disappeared from the list of operational reactors, as highly lethal particles of plutonium billowed out of Unit 3. Plutonium is the stuff of smaller, more easily delivered warheads."

- or is Plutonium part of normal operations at these kinds of nuclear power plants?


Or, is this article just swatting at shadows? > http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=24275



Radiation Network


"depicting environmental radiation levels across the USA, updated in real time very minute.."


2010 Recommendations Of the European Committee On Radiation Risk


'The health effects to low doses of ionizing radiation..'


'Every Amount of Radiation Exposure Increases Your Risk of Cancer - THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF RADIATION': Expert


Fukushima Forecast: More Radiation Clouds To Hit West Coast Beginning April 24 (video)



Here is another site with that same map of radiation levels > http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/03/17/live-real-time-monitoring-map-of-r...

Did you notice that a marker north of Calgary was there yesterday, but not today? It would be just off the top of the map. It had readings from about 9 to 12.


If they are keeping radiation levels secret in Japan, does it mean we cannot hope to get our own authorities to tell us about radiation in Canada? Wouldn't there have to be "total control worldwide"? Ah, yes Grasshopper, and that tells you what? Have you learned these lessons?

Article about keeping the secret in Japan > http://www.truthout.org/fukushima-residents-seek-answers-amid-mixed-sign...


Why Naoto Kan Should Resign:  -  Russell D Hoffman


"...Those who are in denial of the dangers of radiation poisoning should not be in charge of how MUCH radiation the rest of us are poisoned with.."



Speaking of denial.... "Nukespeak" does not use the words meltdown or Tsunami !!

 That from this article >http://www.consortiumnews.com/2011/032811c.html


* the word "meltdown" appears nowhere in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's glossary of atomic-related words and phrases

* Despite the fact that the word is one of the few from the Japanese language to attain universal use, "tsunami" didn't even appear in Japanese government guidelines and standards for nuclear plants until 2006 {several decades after nuclear power plants dotted the east coast of Japan}.



Why does the Japanese PM, Naoto Kan, appear to be a bungling fool?

   Well, I wonder, it is because he is impotent? There are powerfull forces swirling around him.

   Naoto Kan, the Japanese PM, cannot tell the truth about how much radiation is spewing forth from Fukushima because he is not in the loop. Maybe he made the mistake of trying to be noble, or honest? That could get him killed... so I suspect he agreed to shut up and stay "on message" or be taken out, one way or the other.


Some Indications of the Impotence of the Japanese PM -

   TEPCO is more important than he is, and they tell him what to do. In fact, TEPCO might be in thick with the NSA and CIA, etc. - there are rumours that nuclear weapons were being made at Fukushima [which explains the plutonium releases?], and that would likely be without the PM's knowledge or ability to stop if he does know about it.

Furthermore, TEPCO has more media control than the PM!!
Quote: " TEPCO [is] a giant media sponsor, has an annual 20 billion yen advertising budget. The media keeps defending the information from TEPCO"

And then there is nuclear connection to the primary organised crime group in Japan, Yazuka, which profits greatly by handling nuclear waste [under a separate company name of course] -
   "There is a bigger issue and that is the Yakuza have for the last 20 years been incasing Nuclear waste in concrete blocks and dumping them in the ocean"



interesting - given that governmnents ARE generally organized crimes themselves, I suppose it should come as no surprise to find them collaborating with other gangsters like the nuclear industry and Yakuza as well.

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When the same thing happens in California... well the same thing will happen.



Here is something else happening in/to California [and Seattle, and maybe Vancouver but it is not on US soil so it is not indicated]

... from a site that appears more and more usefull -

EPA data shows Fukushima Uranium in California

Elevated levels of Uranium at Hawaii, California and Seattle are indicated on a graph found in the RADNET EPA website.
This data shows that uranium (and probably also therefore plutonium) particles have been or are being released by the Fukushima catastrophe. They are appearing in California some 8000km away at levels which are greater than background, which is indicated on the graph as 300mBq. The level for Seattle appears to be about 600mBq.


EPA RADnet Reports Show Plutonium In US Since March 18


"Plutonium was found from Alaska to San Francisco, California and down into Guam from 03/18/2011. Strontium was detected on 03/18/2011


RT: Japan's Nuclear Leak Into Ocean At Catastrophic Levels (vid)


"The Tokyo Electric Power Company says radioactive substances that leaked into the sea at the damaged Fukushima plant over six days in April exceed the annual allowable limit by 20,000 times..."

A Day In Tokyo  -  by Yoshihiko Iliegami


"...the recent focus in the news from the Fukushima Nuclear Plant is that the waste-water contaminated wiath radiation 7 million 500 thousand times higher than normal, is ceaselessly discharged into the nearby sea. This definitely proves that the cooling water is flooding out of the reactor, therefore the core of the reactor is damaged..

It is only natural that the neighboring countries are cautious of the water gushing out of Fukushima, as several tens of thousands of tons of water  in total would eventually be thrown out into the ocean that is connected to the entire globe."

it sure is creepy how little interest/awareness or concern there is about this...


April 22  2011 - The Rainbow Warrior {Greenpeace} is headed back to the coast of Japan to measure radiation of the seawater near Fukushima.> http://newsjunkie.co.nz/rainbow-warrior-to-conduct-marine-radiation-moni...

 Here in North America... "Radioactive contamination of milk has been found throughout the United States, especially on the West Coast."

and other observations about contamined food, etc. by Dr. Robert J Gilbert > http://www.realnewsreporter.com/?p=2804


This thread is getting long, what shall we call the next one? - Fukushima Fallout Continued ? [you choose NDPP]


Same title 2 should do after 100 here


Chernobyl: A Million Casualties (and vid)


must watch


Measuring Radiation: From Becquerels to Sieverts, From Birth to Death  -  by Russell D Hoffman


"What are Curies, Becquerels, Rens, Rads, Grays, Sieverts, Roentgens, etc. Here are some answers..."


Quarter Century Retrospective On The Chernobyl Nuclear Accident  -  by Dr Peter Custers


"The accident could have served as a wake-up call to the whole of humanity.."


Thousands March Against Nuclear Power in Japan


'Bye Bye Genpatsu!' (Goodbye Nuclear Power!)


Hi-Res Photos Proof Reactor Core Exploded At Unit 3 !!


"...it is obvious that the huge hydrogen explosion at Unit 3 must have occurred in the reactor itself and that the entire top of the reactor containment vessel was obliterated, ejecting the contents of the core - as well as the spent fuel into the atmosphere.

This means, obviously, that significant quantities of plutonium were released, and that the release of radiation from unit 3 alone must be many times higher than has been admitted for the entire complex.

Chernobyl pales in comparison.."

This is a serious revelation but the MSM dome of silence has descended and there is no reporting on this here - the sheeple sleep on...


What a bunch of panic-inducing bullshit.

"No safe amount of radiation". Technically correct according to the linear no threshold conservative model used for estimating the risks linked to radiation, but, like the climate change deniers and the creationists, you twist around the meaning of technical terms to make them say something they don't say. In truth, the levels of radiation detected in all the little articles you post are generally so small that people have the time to die a natural death many times over before they're really affected by them. Otherwise, we'd have to evacuate Colorado, because the poor people there live in an altitude that exposes them to much more background radiation than we folks who live at sea-level. Better, let's create lead bunkers underground to protect us from EVIL radiation... sure billions would die because we'd lack food, oxygen and because they'd be breathing lead particles day in and day out, but hey, at least they wouldn't be irradiated, right?

And studies that compared the health and life expectancy of people who lived in areas of natural background radiation generaly find that they are as healthy, if not more so, than people who live in areas of low natural background radiation. So, in layman's terms, there are levels of radiation that are safe, as in, not in any way likely to provoke health problems or premature deaths in people.

As to the "contamination", again, you confuse technical terms with popular understanding of the same terms, just like creationists abusing the dual definition of "theory" to denounce the theory of evolution. If we say that some radioactive particles likely coming from Fukushima were found in milk in the US, in technical terms, yes it is contamination. But not in the sense people understand, where "contaminated" milk is milk that isn't proper for human consumption.

The accusations of "coverup" are also completely ridiculous. You point to data showing increased radiation levels and claim you're uncovering a smoking gun... but  the data comes from government agencies of Japan or other countries. If it's a coverup, since the direct data is often available on the internet or shown in press releases, it is the worst coverup ever. Considering radiation measurements are taken by a very varied bunch of agencies, most of which not involved in the nuclear industry, claims of a coverup would mean the nuclear industry would have agents in nearly every agency in the world, which is completely absurd. You seem almost disappointed that people aren't dying in mass on the American West Coast to confirm your doomsaying predictions.


Well, ya, a reasoned approach by simonsomeone. I sure feel bad being lumped in with creationists and AGW deniers...

  Your primary assumption is that we should believe the reports of how much radiation is coming from Fukushima, but you seem to miss the point of this thread, which is that WE DON'T BELIEVE the MSM reports because, in contrast to what you say, some of the readings we quote are from non-government sources.

   I get it that the official reports of the amount of radiation found in milk is not harmfull. Please don't bother to argue that point.

   Please DO argue the point that "agencies measuring radiation are not involved in the nuclear industry". I say they are, just as the FDA is involved in the Pharmacuetical industry [the two trade personel regularly], or that the oil and gas regulators are not involved in the oil and gas industry - all these government humps are totally conspiring with the related industries!!! What havent you been reading??



Something Odd Is Happening At Reactor Number 4


"...On Friday TEPCO found that the pool's temperature had reached 91 degrees, the number 4 spent fuel pool stores 1,535 fuel rods, the most at the nuclear complex.."


Radiation Expert: 'For Now I Think It Prudent To Stop Drinking Milk'


"...Professor Busby replied: 'I attach my 'don't panic' paper. However, since then I have re-thought this advice as the thing is still fissioning and releasing 10 to the fourteen becquerels a day. This will mean that Sr-90 [strontium 90] and uranium and particulates will be building up in the USA, [Canada] and Europe. I will assess this later but for now I think it prudent to stop drinking milk. I also attach the particulates note."


Why Nuclear Power Will Never Be Safe    -   by Karl Grossman


"With the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plants in Japan, some people ask: can nuclear power be made safe? The answer is no. Nuclear power can never be made safe. The basic problem: radioactivity."


Milk is being tested, but not drinking water [is that because it is public knowledge that radiation concentrates in milk as cows eat contaminated grass, and by giving us some information we might believe we are being given the whole story?]

In any case, about radiation in milk, from Natural News:

  The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to release new data showing that various milk and water supply samples from across the US are testing increasingly high for radioactive elements such as Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137, all of which are being emitted from the ongoing Fukushima Daiichia nuclear fallout. As of April 10, 2011, 23 US water supplies have tested positive for radioactive Iodine-131 ( http://opendata.socrata.com/w/4ig7- ...), and worst of all, milk samples from at least three US locations have tested positive for Iodine-131 at levels exceeding EPA maximum containment levels (MCL) http://opendata.socrata.com/w/pkfj- ...).
 {note - those links now say "Page Not Available"}


And on drinking water:

   As far as the water supplies are concerned, it is important to note that the EPA is only testing for radioactive Iodine-131. There are no readings or data available for cesium, uranium, or plutonium -- all of which are being continuously emitted from Fukushima, as far as we know -- even though these elements are all much more deadly than Iodine-131.




Bioaccumulation: Why Fukushima Matters


"Some have called this incident the biggest manmade release ever of radioactive material...there is no place to store the radioactive waste and every day more elements are introduced into the environment.."



Radioactive Jet Streams


"Bottom Line: 10,000 Terabecquerels (10,000,000,000,000,000 becquerels) of radioactive substances will be released into the atmosphere from the plant during the coming 3 months, according to simple calculations based on the estimated emission rate as of April 5. It is now safe to assume that there will be a lot of radiation circling at high altitudes and all that stuff is going to come down everywhere eventually, especially when it rains or snows...

'Amounts of radiation as far as 60 Km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant have measured far above the levels measured in Chernobyl.' Dr. Chris Busby

Most of us are in shock - the consequences are so dramatic and will be with us for so long it is beond most people's psychological capacity to deal with the full reality, and governments are happy to assist in ensuring that we stay in our comfort - not panic - zone."


Fukushima: Nuclear Apologists Play Shoot The Messenger  -  by Dr Helen Caldicott


"...25 years after Chernobyl, many billions of dollars are at stake if the Fukushima reactor meltdown's cause the so-called 'atomic renaissance' to halt or even slow down. This is evident from the nuclear industry's vociferous attacks on its critics. [clearly the nuclear industry is in no such danger here in Canada]

Nuclear Adviser to Japan's Prime Minister Resigns Amidst Controversy


"...I cannot help but think the PM's office and other agencies are only taking stopgap measures and delaying the end of the nuclear crisis. There is no point for me to be here as the Kan administration has failed to listen..."


Thanks for these updates, NDPP. Good to see that someone is keeping track.



No Protection For Fukushima's 'Expendable' Citizens or Us  - by Dr Ilya Perlingieri


"What is at risk to the nuclear industry, is not our lives. The risk situation for them are their profits and the future of nuclear energy. We live at a time devoid of ethics; so the corporations involved will do anything to keep it going, even sacrifice our lives for their greed...

The public's right to know about these environmental hazards that affect all our lives never figures into any governmental policy equations. This goes for all of us here in North America, as the onslaught of invisible ionizing radiation is hitting us 24/7 and we too are in danger.."

hi outwest, good to see that someone is actually reading them.


Deadly Silence On Fukushima  -  by Vivian Norris


"I have asked scientists I know, nuclear physicists and others about where they find real information. I have also watched as the news has virtually disappeared. There is somthing extremely disturbing going on. It is obvious information is being held back. Why is this not on the front page of every single newspaper in the world..?"


Nuclear Meltdown At Fukushima Confirmed


"TEPCO now faces the distinct possibility that the pool of molten radioactive fuel burned a hole through the containment vessel.."


Nuclear Contamination 101 (and vid)


"Listen to this video. It is a necessary lesson in nuclear toxicity. 'We have rising levels of radioactive dust in the northern hemisphere so beware and take care.'

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From the 2nd link of NDPP


The situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant remains very serious. There continue to be many earthquakes around Japan along with alarm that the ground is sinking in various parts of Japan, resulting from the massive quake on March 11. This earthquake that hit eastern Japan was so powerful it pulled the entire country down into the sea. The mostly devastated coastal communities now face regular flooding because of their lower elevation and damage to sea walls from the massive tsunamis triggered by the quake.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 jolted Fukushima Prefecture of Japan on the 7th of May. The epicenter was some 10 km deep in the eastern part of the prefecture. Earlier on May 5, there occurred a magnitude 5.9 quake in the eastern area. Its epicenter was 10 km deep in the waters off Sanriku, Iwate Prefecture. Today a  magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck 133 kilometres south-west off the Pacific island of Vanuatu near Loyalty Islands, the US Geological Survey (USGS) says.



But yet the peoples of the world appear to be on ignore.


The corporate media certainly is.

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Fair enough, then what is the excuse here?


clearly the management of international public opinion on behalf of governments and the nuclear industry has gone extremely well, while the management of the crisis itself has gone extremely, awfully wrong. This is a global threat which demands global action. Why do our politicians support bombing Libya but won't take action and 'humanitarian intervention' on Fukushima? Here's more:

Gross Mismanagement of Japan's Stricken Nuclear Plant  - Washington's blog


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Japan's Fukushima Catastrophe Brings Big Radiation Spikes to BC


"There has been massive radiation spikes in Canada because of Fukushima, said Gordon Edwards, president of the Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility. The authorities don't want people to have an understanding of this...

We are going to see fatal health effects,' he said."



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