Future Olympics

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Wilf Day
Future Olympics

As one angry Chicago bid official put it afterward: “Hasn't the Olympic world just said to America, ‘Screw you'?”

Umm, excuse me, do you recall


Does the USA expect to get every fifth Olympics, 20% of them?

Let’s look at the demographics. The USA is 5% of the world. Logically the next games should be something like this:

2012 London

2016 Rio

2020 Delhi

2024 Cape Town

2028 Shanghai

2032 Jakarta

2036 Cairo

2040 Mumbai

2044 Lagos

2048 Mexico City

2052 ChongQing

2056 Karachi

2060 Sankt Peterburg

2064 Kolkata

2068 Tokyo

2072 GuangDong

2076 New York

Papal Bull

The olympics should atrophy and fall apart, becoming smaller, more disinct competitions that are held more jointly to spread out the risk of the ridiculous finances required.