G20 Seoul summit - Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan

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G20 Seoul summit - Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan

Newly appointed Japanese Prime Minister, Naoto Kan just took his office in June 2010.

Joined the cabinet in 1996 as a minister of health, labor and welfare,

his efforts instilled sensational impression to Japanse people

when he squarely opposed against the bureaucrats

regarding the tragic case in which dozens of hemophilia patients were dead

due to the governments sanction on HIV infected blood.

Although not much major political achievements were made as a newcomer,

Prime Minister Kan's courageous character

and potential have been rated the best.

Furthermore, in 2002, Japan successfully co-hosted the World Cup with Korea,

and fully showed its status as one of the world's biggest economies, Hence,

expectations are running high for what harmony will be made between Japan and Korea.

Essentially, collaboration of Japan and Korea in the global community

is a must for the development of both countries

and it's our desire that two countries genuienly cooperate with one voice.
Moreover, we hope all 20 participating nations to agree with one another so they can bear fruitful outcomes during the G20 summit Seoul.

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Hi again triple jump.

Please don't start a new thread for every G20 topic you want to post on.

I'm closing this and re-directing you to post in this thread that you started a few days ago.

And here's some of what I said in that thread as well. Please read it and let me know if you have any questions.

Maysie wrote:

[Y]ou seem to be very favourable regarding the G20 countries themselves, as well as posting positive information about the upcoming G20 talks in Korea. 

babble is a critical, progressive, left-leaning and pro-human discussion forum. The countries represented by the G20 represent the elites, not the marginalized communities in their countries. Of course I include Canada in that statement. Policies the G20 "leaders" support are in no way good for humans, or the planet. I need to tell you that there will be little to no support for your position here, and possibly a lot of arguing. I wonder if this is the right discussion board for you.


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