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epaulo13 wrote:

If they want to unite, they will have to leave the country.

Despite the use of the future tense to describe the effect of this racist law, the law has been in effect for nine years already, so it has been reality for many years for Israeli Arabs.

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Supreme Court’s latest decisions inch towards West Bank annexation

The country’s highest court supports Israel’s right to despoil the West Bank – but won’t allow its residents to marry Israelis

About two weeks ago, the Supreme Court, sitting as the High Court of Justice, rejected an appeal by the Yesh Din NGO against the activities of quarries in the West Bank. Such quarrying seems to contradict international law, which forbids the exploitation of the resources of an occupied territory. The High Court, led by outgoing President Dorit Beinisch, rejected the appeal, citing some pretty strange reasons (read the decision in full here). One was that the quarrying has been going on for some 40 years, prompting the court to wonder why the petition was filed only recently, in 2009. Which means that yes, there’s exploitation, but it’s been going for quite some time, so that supposedly makes it fine. Another reason was that the quarrying is actually helpful to the Palestinian economy – which ignored the acknowledged fact that 94 percent of quarried stone and sand are exported directly to Israel....


IDF Arrests Palestinian Parliamentary Speaker in West Bank

"...Hamas officials said Thursday that the speaker of the Palestinian Parliament was arrested by Israeli soldiers. The IDF confirmed that Israeli soldiers arrested Duaik on suspicion of being a member of a terror organization.."



Haniyeh: PLO Must Suspend Talks with Israel Until MPs Freed

"Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Friday called on the PLO to suspend talks with Israel until PLC speaker Aziz Dueik is released. 'A Palestinian should not shake the hand of his enemy, the enemy who arrests the symbols of Palestinian legitimacy, Haniyeh said.

'This is the minimal response to the detention of Dueik and all lawmakers until they are freed.' Israeli forces detained Dueik, the speaker of the Palestinian parliament, at a checkpoint near Ramallah on Thursday.

On Friday, Israeli soldiers detained the MP Khaled Ibrahim Tafesh, 50, from his home in Bethlehem. The detention raises the number of parliamentarians in Israeli jails to 25.

'Talk To Us' Says Hamas in Rare Visit to Europe

"Three Hamas politicians made a rare visit to Europe this week.

'Although the pro-Israel lobby has tried to jeopardize our visit to Geneva, we are here to tell you about our suffering under the siege of Gaza. We are here to defend the rights of the Palestinian people living in Gaza and the West Bank, to defend the rights of all the political prisoners adn to defend the rights of the Palestinians who live outside Palestine.

Al Masri called on European states to be just and impartial and not always to follow the United States. 'The European Union made a mistake by adding Hamas to its terrorist list. Hamas was elected by the people. The European countries should apply international law. Our ultimate goal is to obtain our freedom by all means. No matter the strength of our occupier, justice will win.'

Socialist Party member of the Swiss national parliament, Carlo Sommeruga, told the audience that, 'it does not make sense to bury one's head in the sand. Hamas won the majority at the 2006 elections and then the movement and the Palestinian people were marginalized by the US and Europe - a policy that has brought us nowhere.."


* And Canada was the first to follow in support of this shameful and illegal Zionist suppression of Palestinian democracy. Please call for the release of  Palestinian parliamentarians in Israeli jails. Call for Canada's NDP 'loyal opposition' to abandon their shameful policy of silence, support and collaboration with these Israeli outrages and violations of international law.

Opposition Foreign Affairs critic: [email protected]

Consulate of Israel (Toronto): [email protected]


Continued Maltreatment of Palestinian Prisoners (and vid)

"there are still 4500 Palestinians in Israeli jails..."


Israel Detains 2 More Lawmakers

"Israeli forces on Monday detained two Palestinian MPs during a raid on the Jerusalem headquarters of the International Red Cross. The ICRC said Mohammad Tawtah and Abu Arafa were arrested inside its premises and said a relative of one of the men was also detained, in a statement Monday.

The ICRC has said it told Israeli authorities that international humanitarian law prohibited the forcible transfer of Palestinian residents from their homes, for whatever reason. At the ICRC compound a crowd of Palastinians smashed its gate to protest against what they saw as the failure of the organization to protect the MPs..."


If Israel is an Ally, Press Them for Peace, Abbas Urges

"...Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas delivered a message to Canada this week: Now that you are Israel's best friend, use your relationship to push the country into substantive peace talks...

Canada, he suggested, goes further in supporting Israel than the United States..."


Text of Doha Declaration of Palestinian Reconciliation

"President Mahmoud Abbas and Khalid Mishal expessed their deep thanks and appreciation to the efforts HH the Heir Apparent Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani has exerted for completing the reconciliation process ending the partition and division in the Palestinian arena to contribute to enhancing Palestinian national unity..."


'Israeli Claims of Democracy Absurd' (and vid)

"The situation in Gaza continues to worsen as the coastal strip's main power plant remains without fuel. The Ministry of Health in Gaza has warned the lives of more than 80 percent of hospital patients are at risk. Press TV interviews Ralph Schoenmann


New Meditteranean Oil and Gas Bonanza

"The discovery of huge reserves off Israel's coast is changing the geopolitical balance in the region.."


Exhibition: A Child's View From Gaza (and podcast)

"Barbara Lubin has just returned from her latest visit to Gaza, a trip she describes as the most difficult she has ever taken. Barbara Lubin is bringing an exhibition of children's art in Gaza to Vancouver in March.."


Gaza Under Attack! 18 Killed, Including Children

"Besieged Gaza, Occupied Palestine -- We condemn in the strongest possible terms the latest Israeli war crimes committed against our people in the Gaza Strip. We call on the international community and the Arab and Islamic world, to take up their responsibility to protect the Palestinian people from this heinous aggression and immediately terminate the continuing Israeli policy of Collective Punishment.

Over the last 48 hours Gaza has been bombed by Apache helicopters, F16s and V58 fighter-planes. 18 civilians have been killed in Gaza City, Jabilya, Rafah and Shejaaiya. In the latest attacks on Jabilya, 12 year old Aamer Asaleyah was killed as a result of an Israeli air strike which targeted a group of children on their way to school..."

Israel's Bogus Case for Bombing Gaza Obscures Political Motives  -  by Max Blumenthal

"...Almost as soon as he limped back to Jerusalem in frustration, Netanyahu gathered with his generals to gin up a case for pounding Gaza. The Gaza Strip, with its warehoused population of stateless refugees, would serve as their punching bag and pressure release valve. They could not have their war on Iran - not yet, at least - but they could assault Palestinians in Gaza without fear of repercussions from Washington.

Yesterday, as the Gaza death toll climbed into the teens, US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice took to Twitter to declare: 'We thoroughly condemn terrorist rocket fire from Gaza into southern Israeli towns and cities and call on both sides to restore calm.'"



Netanyahu: Israel to Target Gaza As Long As Necessary

"We extracted a high price from them and will continue to do so,' Netanyahu said at the beginning of a cabinet meeting in al-Quds on Sunday, referring to the Palestinian Resistance groups based in Gaza. Eighteen Palestinians, including a 12-year-old child have been killed in Israeli airstrikes on the besieged coastal sliver since Friday. Thousands of mourners participated in a funeral procession for the victims on Saunday.

'We condemn the silence of the international community, including the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly: Because it is clear now that Israel is a criminal entity and continues to defy all international law. Therefore it is our right to resist the occupier. We tell the world that we will defend our people using all available means,'

said Abdullah Shami, a member of the resistance group, Islamic Jihad in Palestine on Sunday..."


'As Long As It Takes' : Netanyahu Not Done With Gaza Campaign (and vid)

"Gideon Levy, a journalist at Haaretz newspaper, believes that the latest exchange of fire between Israel and Gaza is a short term escalation, dictated by the Israelis seeing an opportunity to eradicate al-Qaisi.."


15 Killed As Israel Strikes Gaza Overnight (and vid)

"Political analyst Dr Hani Al Basoos told RT the current escalation of tensions in Gaza reflect and are linked to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's trip to Washington on Monday. ' I think such an escalation comes after the Israeli PM Netanyahu came from the US, taking a green light from Obama to attack the Palestinians after they failed to attack Iran.

And now I think they're trying to use their own power and might against the Palestinian people as the people in Gaza are a weak society. Even Palestinian resistance factions do not have the ability to respond to the Israeli state. I think the peace process is dead and there are no negotiations anymore.

The Israeli government hasn't accepted the Palestinian initiatives for peace. They do not want any kind of truce or ceasefire. There is no hope for peace with the Israeli state."


Israeli Airstrikes on Gaza Strip Injures 35

"Fresh airstrikes by the Israeli military on the blockaded Gaza Strip left at least 35 persons, including nine children, injured. The raids took place late on Sunday after Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said Israel would continue to launch airstrikes on targets in the coastal enclave as long as it deems necessary.."



Israeli Airstrikes Kill Two [More] Palestinians in Gaza: Medics

"Medical sources say two Palestinians have been killed in new Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip, bringing the death toll from the Israeli air raids in the past few days to 20. The latest attacks were carried out against the city of Khan Yunis during the early hours of Monday. At least 40 more Palestinians, including nine children, were also injured in earlier Israeli aerial attacks against Gaza on Monday.

Meawhile the Jordanian government condemned the 'barbaric aggression' of the Tel Aviv regime on Sunday.."


Bibi Stirs Trouble With Attack on Gaza  -  by Ramzy Baroud

"It is election year, and Israel knows that a window of opportunity will not be open for long. 'Netanyahu won a crucial battle in Washington this past week. No one brought up the Palestinians [Nor in Ottawa] Netanyahu has quite masterfully shifted the conversation to the subject of Iran.."

Israel & Gaza Militants Reach Ceasefire After 4 Days of Attacks

"Israel and groups of militants in the Gaza Strip have agreed to an Egypt mediated truce, Reuters reports, citing a senior Egyptian security official. It will put an end to 4 days of border violence between the sides.."

of course there is no equivalency 'between the sides'..


Israel Initiates Bloodbath on Gaza  - Which Continues 4 Days Later -   by Eva Bartlett

"Whenever you hear Israel's tired hasbara refrain about rockets, rockets, rockets, remember to ask the question Yousef Munayyer recently asked:

Why don't Israel's spokespeople ever tell us how many rockets, missiles and bullets Israel has fired on Gaza?

As Gaza endures its 4th day of intense bombing from Israeli F16s, V58 Fighter planes, Apache helicopters, UAVs and warships, please take the time to look at these websites and read these key articles.."


New Israeli Invasion of Gaza Looming?

"The Israeli military is ready for a major ground incursion into Gaza in response to attacks from the Palestinian territories. The news comes as the latest escalation of violence continues into its fifth day, despite an Egypt sponsored ceasefire announced on Monday."


Experts Float Canadian Naval Support for Israel

"...Do we send a frigate to help the Israeli navy enforce its blockade against the Gaza Strip, for instance, so that the Israeli navy can focus on other problems?"

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Maybe we could arrange to have a Canadian frigate there to fire upon the next humanitarian aid boat from Canada that tries to get to Gaza...


Netanyahu Raises Prospect of Ground Invasion of Gaza  -  by Jason Dix

"Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is openly talking of a full scale ground invasion, and the Israeli military says it is 'ready' to launch such an operation, the first of its kind since 2009's Cast Lead, which killed about 1,400 people. Meanwhile, Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman says that rockets fired in retaliation to Israel's attacks meant the Palestinians no longer would be allowed to have a territorially continguous state..."



UN Expert Urges Israel To Free Female Hunger Striker

"A UN human rights expert has urged the Israeli regime to free Hana Shalabi, a Palestinian female prisoner, who has been on a hunger strike since being rearrested by Tel Aviv a month ago. 'The situation of Ms Shalabi is morbid and life threatening..This is an appeal to the conscience and to humanity and a desperate call to all of us,' said Richard Falk, the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights, on Wednesday.

'Israel ought to end its inhumane treatment of Ms Shalabi. Release her immediately,' he added, urging Tel Aviv to live up to its responsibilities under international law."

Call To Action: Support Hana al Shalabi As Her Health Declines 4 Weeks into Hunger Strike in Israeli Jail

"...Approximaely 310 Palestinians are currently held in administrative detention in Israeli prisons. Administrative detention allows Israel to hold detainees for indefinitely renewable six-month periods. The arrest is granted on the basis of 'secret information' and without a public indictement. Therefore, administrative detainees and their lawyers cannot defend against these allegations in court."

Release Hana al Shalabi!

[email protected]


Ongoing Israeli State Terror - by Stephen Lendman

"After days of violence, will Cast Lead II follow?..."


Israel Underestimated Palestinian Response to Gaza Attacks (and vid)

"Israel has underestimated the Palestinian thinking that they could assassinate the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) without retaliation from the Palestinian side. Discussion with analysts"


They Will Never Beg  -  by Johnny Barber

"Why is it that the Palestinians have no right to respond to Israeli aggression? If rocket fire into Israel is a 'cowardly' act, what exactly is bombing with F-16s or drones? Why does Israel have a right to defend itself, but no such rights extend to the Palestinian people? But I assure you, those killed have a name, and each has a family that grieves for them..."


Palestinians Rally in support of Hunger Striker (and vid)

Report/discussion on hunger striker Hana Shalabi, now gravely ill.


Gaza Out of the Spotlight...and Power, Gasoline and Cooking Gas for that Matter  -  by Eva Bartlett

"Every time I speak with Emad in Gaza things are even worse than the day before. The impact is significant and catastrophic.."

Eva Bartlett will speak at a fundraiser for the Global March to Jerusalem. Saturday, March 24, 2012, 2-4 PM, 612 Markham St. Toronto


Gaza To Be Connected To Egypt's Power Grid

"The Egyptian Ambassador to Occupied Palestinian Territories Yasser Othman has announced that the Israeli blockaded Gaza Strip will be connected to Egypt's power grid within the next four to five months.."


Gaza Is Dying!

"Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into the largest concentration camp with the largest population of prisoners in the world. The international conspiracy of silence towards the slow genocide taking place against the 1.5 million civilians in Gaza indicates complicity in these war crimes.

We therefore call upon the international community to demand that the rogue state of Israel end its siege and compensate for the destruction of life and infrastructure that it has visited upon the Palestinian people. We also call upon all Palestinian solidarity groups and all international civil society organizations to demand..."


Ambulances, Bakeries Hit By Gaza Fuel Crisis

"Half of Gaza's ambulances and fire trucks are out of service due to the fuel crisis, officials said Wednesday. Emergency Services spokesman Adhems Abu Salmiya said no ambulances will be operating if the crisis is not resolved quickly.."


Palestinians Denied Essentials of Life - by Stephen Lendman

"Besides persecution, repression, and injustice, deprivation defines life in Occupied Palestine. Essentials fall way below minimum standards. Shortages and crises affect water, sanitation, electricity, fuel and vital healthcare when most needed. Only Jews have rights. Palestinians struggle for justice on their own, even to obtain essentials to life and survival.."


Israel Extends New Border Fence But Critics Say It Is A Sign of Weakness

"Israel's newest frontier fence is being erected at high speed along the 150 mile boundary between the Sinai and Negev deserts. Once it is finished, Israel will be almost completely enclosed by steel, barbed wire and concrete, leaving only the southern border with Jordan between the Dead and Red Seas without a physical border. That too, may be fenced in future..

But in a scathing commentary in Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel's biggest selling newspaper, respected defence analyst Alex Fishman recently wrote:

'We have become a nation that imprisons itself behind fences, which huddles terrified behind defensive shields.' It was, he said, a 'national mental illness.'


Palestine Has Always Been Off the Agenda - by Gregory Harms

"...So while the Palestinian question is presently eclipsed by other affairs in the international arena, it bears consideration that the Palestinians have always been off the agenda.. The occupation has become procedural and the Bush 2-Obama paradigm could conceivably go on for years to come..."


ICC Declines To Probe Into Israel's War on Gaza

"The International Criminal Court (ICC) has announced that it has declined to investigate the ISRAELI regime's WAR CRIMES in the Gaza Strip during Tel Aviv's December 2008-January 2009 offensives against the populated enclave.."

International Cangaroo Court (ICC) rules Israel above the law. Can mass-murder with impunity.


'The bloody Israeli sojourn in Gaza'

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The prosecutor of the International Court Luis Moreno-Ocampo pointed out that "it's only the states with full membership at the UN that are allowed to file a complaint with the court," indicating that "the PA has an observer status, not a state."

- [url=]Source[/url]


Dumb question - why doesn't the PA ask some member states to file the complaint? There are at least one or two "real" states that pretend to be sympathetic to the cause of the Palestinian people.

Mind you, there's a lot I don't understand about what the PA and Fatah and Hamas do and don't do. As an ally, I just keep hoping that they have some kind of game plan to achieve justice and freedom. It's not my place to criticize, so I thought I'd just ask a question, if anyone knows the answer.


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 That's actually a good question... maybe the plan is to have the PA try first and now that the ICC has rejected the PA request (this just happened right?) a "real" state will now make the request on the PA's behalf. Time will tell.



'Inhumane Israeli Siege of Gaza Must End' (and vid)

"Hamas Health Minister Basem Naeen has called for an end to the ongoing 'inhumane' Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip as health conditions of patients in the impoverished territory remain at grave risk. Naeem called on the international community to 'STOP SITTING IDLE and to intervene to help end the suffering of the people of Gaza. Patients are the hardest hit by the Israeli blockade and many have died.."

The Suffering of the Palestinian Child Under the Israeli Occupation

"This book is about the various dimensions of the suffering of the Palestinian children under the Israeli occupation. These children, whose basic rights are continuously violated, and whose psychological, health, education and social status is most alarming.."


'Israel has no greater friend in the world than Canada' said John Baird recently. 'I am an ardent supporter of Israel in all situations and in all circumstances.' said the Opposition leader, Thomas Mulcair. Looks like there won't be any support from official Canada..


'Israel Tightens Inhumane Seige of Gaza' (and vid)

"Israel denies about 1.7 million people in Gaza their basic rights, including the freedom of movement or the right to decent living, work, health and education. Interview with Kevin Ovenden organizer of the Viva Palestina Arabiya convoy to Gaza.."


Seven Injured By Israeli Shells in Gaza

"Palestinian medical sources reported Thursday that seven Palestinians were wounded when Israeli soldiers fired several artillery shells into the Al-Shujaeyya neighborhood in Gaza. The shelling came after the army carried out two invasions on the northern and southern part of the Gaza Strip. Media sources in Gaza reported that the Israeli army is still operating in the area east of Kham Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

just another day of Israeli occupation...


Gaza Population in Danger (and vid)

"Toughened restrictions, attacks by Israeli authorities on Gaza fishers, hunger strikers.."


Hass: The Old Man and the 'Strip and Swim' Procedure in Gaza

"...This strip-and-swim procedure is carried out several times a month, summer and winter, day and night, hot and cold, old and young, it makes no difference. More often, the gunboats shoot at the fishing skiffs. Al-Mezan, the Gaza human rights organization, has recorded 12 instances in May of the Israeli navy firing live ammunition at fishing boats that set out from the Gazan ports.

The navy detained nine fishermen (all of whom were released within 12 hours) and confiscated 4 fishing boats and their equipment (which are returned, usually in damaged condition, after about a year)."

Israeli Aircraft Strike Two Targets in Gaza

"Israeli aircraft have struck two targets in the besieged Gaza Strip, injuring at least two Palestinian men. A poultry farm in Rafah was also attacked. Human Rights organizations have called for an end to the attacks, but to no avail.."



'Every Third Child in Gaza Stunted by Hunger'

"Gaza's infrastructure has yet to recover and no one has been held accountable."

 And one of them is the Israeli military attache to Canada, Brig-Gen Eden Atias. Atias commanded the Nevatim Air Base from which air assets for  both the Gaza Operation and the attack upon the Mavi Marmara were launched. Atias has been named a warcriminal according to Turkish intelligence as well as the 'Dirty 200' list released by peace activists inside Israel. There has as yet been no official reporting of this fact inside Canada.

Canada was also the first country in the international community  to cut off all aid to Palestinians after Gaza voted in a Hamas government in free and fair elections. The Canadian Prime Minister has declared himself as "Israel's best friend'. The leader of the 'loyal' opposition, Thomas Mulcair describes himself as 'an ardent supporter of Israel in all circumstances and instances".


Five Years and Counting: Israel Creates and Manages Its 'Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza' - by Jason Wall

"...Here is just a part of the Gaza report from Save The Children. The report has gathered statistics on the effect os the blockade. These statistics reveal what we would rather not know.."

Vancouver Delegation Arrives in Gaza

"...We also are here to challenge Canada's complicity in the ongoing occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people and Palestinian land,' said delegate Aiyanas Ormond, an organizer with the Alliance for People's Health. 'Canada itself is also guilty of colonialism and genocide against Indigenous peoples, and Harper's government has become one of the biggest boosters of Israeli apartheid in the world. This is something that must change.."

Left Turn Left Turn's picture

[url= 2 Gaza: Vancouver Delegation Arrives in Gaza[/url]

A delegation from Vancouver, Canada has arrived in Gaza, Palestine on Saturday, June 16. The eight delegates will meet with health work, refugee rights, labour union, boycott divestment sanctions (BDS), women's, student and youth organizations and activists during their visit to the besieged Palestinian strip.

The delegation has a busy schedule of meetings and activities, including sailing with Gaza fishermen whose livelihoods are under attack by Israeli naval guns, sharing experiences - including the massive student movement in Quebec - with Palestinian student organizers, visiting Palestinian libraries, and meeting with former political prisoners and prisoners' families, including participants in the recent hunger strikes organized by Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The delegates will bring with them a letter of solidarity from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers to Palestinian trade unionists in Gaza.


he delegation will produce a written report upon its return, and will continue to blog on its website ( throughout its visit, as well as on its Twitter account, @Vancouver2Gaza. Delegates have planned a reportback for Sunday, July 22 at the Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre, Room 1700 (Labatt Hall) at 7 PM in Vancouver. Delegation members are available for interviews while in Gaza and will also be available for speaking engagements upon their return.

Most of the delegation members are folks I've worked with on Palestine activism here in Vancouver. I was not in a position to be able to be part of the delegation.


thanks for that LT, this is news to me, I"ve bookmarked and will follow with interest.



Their visit is an important one. Gratifying also to see the link made between Canadian coloniaism and genocide also - especially after the outrageous CIJA organized delegation from Norway House to meet 'the Indigenous people of Israel' I keep waiting though, for the anti-Zionist community in Canada to note that the new Israeli Defence Attache to Canada, Brigadier General Eden Atias, the former commander of the Nevatin Airbase, one of Israel's principal military bases, is named on the 'dirty 200' list of Gaza warcriminals but also cited by Turkish intelligence sources as one of those with 'command and control' responsibilities for the Mavi Marmara attack and murders. Please pass on this information Left Turn, as these things get missed and it may be important that they as well as Palestinians know that a primary Israeli warcriminal is now resident in Canada with no protest or consequence thus far from Canadians.


7 Gazans Die in Two-Day Israeli Killing Spree

"At least 7 Palestinians, including two teenagers, have been killed and five others injured in a series of airstrikes carried out by Israeli warplanes on the besieged Gaza Strip, reports say. The Israeli military frequently bombs the Gaza Strip, saying the actions are being conducted for defensive purposes.."

as always with complete impunity


Israeli Strike Kills 6 Year Old Boy in Gaza

"Relatives are mourning a six year old Palestinian boy who was killed by an Israeli strike on the Gaza Strip. Israel confirmed the strikes, which also wounded 20 other people, but denies any involvement in the child's death.."


Water in Blockaded Gaza 'Not Fit for Human Consumption'

"The water in Gaza is too dangerous to drink as it is contaminated with fertilizers and sewage says a new report. Several charitable organizations have called on Israel to immediately lift its blockade to allow crucial sanitation equipment in..."


Egypt, Israel's Accomplice in Gaza Siege: Analyst (and vid)

"A political analyst says the destruction of supply tunnels by the Egyptian Army shows that Cairo is collaborating with Israel in the siege of Gaza. 'It shows us that President Morsi is in complete collusion not only with the Egyptian military apparatus at the SCAF but with Israel itself,' Ralph Schoenman said in an interview.."

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Gaza Vittorio Arrigoni murder: Four Palestinians jailed

A Hamas-run military court in the Gaza Strip has convicted four Palestinians for their involvement in the abduction and murder of the Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni in April 2011.

Two of the men were sentenced to life in prison, another was jailed for 10 years, and the fourth to one year.

Arrigoni, a pro-Palestinian activist, was killed by ultraconservative Islamists known as Salafists.

The 36 year old was found dead hours after he was seized in Gaza City.

Before he was strangled, a video showing him beaten and blindfolded was posted on a Salafist website. The kidnappers demanded the release of Salafists being detained in Hamas jails, including their leader.

Salafists call for a return to the practices of the first Muslims, in particular the "righteous ancestors", known as "al-Salaf al-Salih" in Arabic. Many of them consider Hamas - the Islamist movement which has governed Gaza since 2007 - as too moderate, says the BBC's Jon Donnison in Ramallah.

There was widespread outrage in Gaza at the killing of Arrigoni, who had been a member of the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and had lived in the coastal territory for several years.

The Hamas authorities promised to track down those responsible.