The Great Canadian TPP Swindle

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The Great Canadian TPP Swindle



The great Canadian TPP swindle

Only in Canada can you see a swindle coming down the tracks like a runaway freight train.


In our time governments suffer from a malady called predictive behavior.  In other words we know their decision on certain issues before they make them based on their past behaviors.

 We know Chrystia Freeland, our Minister of trade is really Hillary Clinton’s bag lady. We know that Chrystia has connections to powerful people in the US Democratic Party and that Hillary Clinton in her current bid to rule the world is the god mother of the TPP.  As Secretary of State she delivered the manifesto, “America’s Pacific Century”.  Delivered in 2011, this manifesto called for US military and economic control of the Pacific. To this end 60% of the US Navy has been deployed there, and economically the TPP will serve the purpose of colonizing the Pacific Rim economies while at the same time destroying China economically and if necessary, militarily. Hillary (now often referred to as “Killary”) loves a good war whether it is economic or military. 

We know that every government loves a so-called “free trade” deal. They can’t sign them fast enough and damn the consequences.

We know when it comes to selling war toys and going to war at the drop of a hat they can’t say no and damn the consequences.

They will support Harper’s notoriously despicable Draconian legislation Bill C-51 and then not lift a finger to repeal it when they become government…. and well … damn the consequences.   

It may be deemed unworthy to cast slurs on a minister of the Crown but these are hard times for the public interest as politicians have shown too often that their first loyalty is to the corporate good at vast expense to the public good.

This “first loyalty” to the corporate good is the cornerstone of their predictive behavior.

 Politicians are no longer genuine agents of change concerned with exercising real power. They are content to be acolytes to the real power, confine themselves to safe “housekeeping“ issues,  feeding on the public dole and indulging in the trappings of power- where else can you get a gold plated pension for life by sitting on your butt for two terms in office?

They love clichés like “real change, openness and transparency, responsible convictions” but these are well…. no more than clichés… and damn the consequences.

As Minister Freeland traipses around the country playing the role of Miss Congeniality, assuring us of the integrity of her consultations, there is treachery riding on the warm spring breezes.  We know she has very powerful masters who will abide only one answer on the TPP and her job is to deliver the goods- the ratification of the TPP.

Predictive behavior(remember that runaway freight train coming down the track) tells us there is a swindle afoot as once the TPP gets back to Parliament ratification is a slam dunk! 

So the question for we passive, gullible Canucks: Are we to be run over by a freight train one more time or are we going to turn this outrageous swindle into Freeland’s Folly?

Robert Billyard © 2016   

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