Greg Palast: Steal Back your Vote

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martin dufresne
Greg Palast: Steal Back your Vote


martin dufresne


Steal Back Your Vote!

Bobby Kennedy Jr. and I have had it UP TO HERE. They stole 2000. They stole 2004. Now, they’re snatching it again. So Bobby and I are doing the most important thing we can do in a crisis of democracy: write an investigative comic book.

Here it is: Steal Back Your Vote is out today. Download it right now at [url=http://StealBackYourVote.ORG]http://StealBackYourVote.ORG[/url]

Its 24 full-color pages cut open the Rove-arian cancer on our ballot box: the Six Ways They’re Stealing Your Vote – plus a two-page pull-out guide – 7 Ways to Steal it Back.

Print it out. Pass it out. Right now.

Illustrations from the rapier-sharp pencils of Ted Rall, Troubletown’s Lloyd Dangle and Lukas Ketner.

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Ted Rall is fantastic.