Gulf War illness is real, report finds

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Gulf War illness is real, report finds

A report...concluded that Gulf War syndrome is a legitimate
illness suffered by more than 175,000 U.S. war veterans who were exposed to
chemical toxins in the 1991 Gulf War.

The congressionally mandated report could help veterans who have battled the
government for treatment of a wide range of unexplained neurological illnesses,
from brain cancer to multiple sclerosis.

The Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses concluded
that Gulf War illness is a physical condition distinct from the mental "shell
shock" suffered by veterans in other wars. Some earlier studies had concluded it
was not a distinct illness.

"Scientific evidence leaves no question that Gulf War illness is a real
condition with real causes and serious consequences for affected veterans," said
the committee, which has been looking into the problem since 2002.

The panel found two possible causes: a drug given to troops to protect
against nerve gas, known as pyridostigmine bromide, and pesticides that were
used heavily during the war.

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