Hillary Clinton is a feast for conspiracy theorists who are some of the biggest obstacles to intelligent discourse

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Of course a clean bill of health would just be proof that she is even more of a liar and covering up the Parkinsons, the stroke, the dementia, the brain damage and everything else, right?



Cody87 wrote:
Mr. Magoo wrote:
She would have hit the fucking pavement if people hadn't been there to catch her.

Can you tell us more about people having to "catch her"?

And your poor attempts to gaslight people in the face of the obvious will backfire, and make them more distrustful of you and those whose narrative you push in the future.

cody i'm now distrustful of your posts seeing as how you don't know magoo doesn't have a narrative let alone one he's pushing.

shows me you're only in this for your own narrative. :D