Holocaust By Bullets

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MacIntyre: Now what was it about the Nazis that made you nervous right now? You didn't ask them for candies, you didn't ask them for cigarettes.


Levin: No, we...because the way I analyze now, because some of them who run away from the Nazis from... Poland, they told us stories what's happened, what the Nazis are doing. This is why we already knew some bad information, bad news what's going on. Some of them did not believe, the elderly people did not believe that this could happen. They remember the first world war, the same like my brother before he retreated together with the Russians, he came with a horse, with food and said to my father, let's retreat. My father said, "[for] so many generations we are here. And he remembered the first world war, he ignored the proposal of my brother. My brother didn't listen to him.. with some cousins and friends they retreated. And we remained in our town.


Long thread.  And I don't have the energy to see "who started it" when it comes to all the nastiness that went on here, so I'm just going to close it.


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