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Sri Lanka IV

because i'm into my v. busy season now, and don't have a lot of time to check news elsewhere.thx


Part 4: Sri Lankan Conflict Thread


(Link to Part 3) (Link to Part 2) (Link to Part 1) (Link to Orginal that began the debate on Sri Lanka on Rabble)


I wonder if the Admin can get this thread changed to "Sri Lanka IV" from the current title "hope people can keep informing us of the Tamil situation,"


[Channel 4]
Grim scenes at Sri Lankan camps

Video Clips

Channel 4 just one step further then Al Jazeera.


Here is a detail of one of China's major intrest in Sri Lanka


Chinese billions in Sri Lanka fund battle against Tamil Tigers

China - Sri Lanka's Biggest Aid Donor



I wonder if the Admin can get this thread changed to "Sri Lanka IV" from the current title "hope people can keep informing us of the Tamil situation,"



As you have spoken, so shall it be done.


We were talking about this at some length in our team meeting today, and a colleage was saying that the average working stiff Sinhalese in Sri Lanka was becoming fairly disenchanted with the government, because of all the resources the government is putting into the war. This is a pretty huge effort, and it's not like the gov't in Columbo can really afford this.



 Thank you for the change of title.

Yes, you are right that the average Sinhalese are already tired of the way the governments have decided to deal with this problem. The IMF loan if granted would give the Sri Lankan government and the extremist to carry out their agenda on to the next year without much financial difficulties for the Sri Lankan government (as for the average Sinhalese, they will starve and the news will be suppressed as the controlled media will paint pretty pictures and promote further Sinhalese nationalism). The last time the Sinhalese youths (JVP Rebellion in the late 80's) decided to rebel because of poverty and social instability saw the government wiping out estimated 35 000 (still unaccounted and the exact number is thought to be much higher) Sinhalese youths of the island.

 Reminds me of the Nadarajah Thangathurai's Statement from the Dock (1-March-1983)

  "...What we ask for is not division but freedom. Why we ask this is not because of narrow thinking. What we hope to achieve is not only the emancipation of the Tamil people but the greater good of the Sinhalese people themselves. Why? Because, thereafter, the so-called Tamil problem will cease to be a livelihood for opportunist Sinhalese politicians. That will provide a chance for the Sinhalese people to free themselves from the political, social and economic shackles that bind them today and realize where their true slavery lies.....

...Do you accept as correct and justified the various acts of oppression that the Tamil people have suffered until now not only in our land but in various parts of your land as a result of various acts of thuggery and terrorism? Do you also consider wrong our attempt to free ourselves from the inhumane oppression of your government? Or does it mean that you do not care what happens because the victims are Tamils? If that is so, our sympathies are with you.  Believe me our freedom is an assured fact and will come. Once that happens your law books and terrorist laws cannot touch us. Thereafter you will be the sole 'beneficiaries' of the very laws that oppress us now..."


Deaths of elderly Vanni IDPs increase in Vavuniyaa

'State terror' waging 'racist war' - Sonali Wickrematunge

Images taken with Lankan consent: UN

Cluster bombs used on highly congested areas

Asian Director of Human Rights Watchdog is prohibited to visit Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka minority 'threatened'

Sri Lanka invites U.N.'s Ban, rebels allege starvation


Behind Colombo's P.R. Battle Against the Tamil Tigers


Four people die inside Sri Lankan internment camps


On Sri Lanka, UN's Ban Declines To Call for Cease-Fire, Double Standard Unexplained

On Sri Lanka, UN Responsibility to Protect Cited, Abuse of IDPs Surfaces


Looks like the Sri Lankan government is really low on money and in a desperate position. They are circulating emails asking for donations to the local Sri Lankan embassy and material support from people especially in western countries (particularly of Indian heritage). They also opened up numerous websites using the plight of the Tamil civilians to collect funds. This is just like the tsunami drama that they did where the money did not reach the Tamil civilians who were hardest hit in the island during the natural disaster and an estimated 2 billion went unaccounted from the international communities' contribution which is still yet to be answered by the Sri Lankan government.


This is one of the methods they used to pump up their military strength.


If anyone wants to donate please donate through International Humanitarian Agencies like ICRC, UN agencies etc. Even giving to ICRC or UN agencies would be useless as they don't have access to these civilians and please pass on this message.


Obama's First Humanitarian Crisis


Hitler believed his own lies but Rajapakse wants the world also to believe his lies


Joint Committee on European Affairs in the Irish Parliament on 5 May 2009: Situation in Sri Lanka: Discussion with Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka.


"Thereafter you will be the sole 'beneficiaries' of the very laws that oppress us now..."  bingo.


Sri Lanka? the only possible action

"It has taken the Tamils, both in and outside Sri Lanka, a long time to realize a simple truth. To put this crudely, "It is not possible to bring down KFir jets with bows and arrows". I was sent a heart-rending video from the Tamil North which moved me deeply. A Kfir jet had dropped a bomb on a hut, killing the mother. The daughter, about 10 years, rescued a piece of her mother's saree, all that was left of her. Her 5 years old brother was by her side. The Kfir jet retuned for a second round of bombing. The girl protected the only part of her mother, the piece of cloth, while the boy, with anger written all over his face, picked up a stone which he threw at the on-coming jet to bring it down. It was one of the most moving scenes I have seen, and illustrates in a dramatic way, the problem."

More writing of Brian Senewiratne:


No support for LTTE - Canada


Fierce offensive continues in northern Sri Lanka


Power appeals to Rudd over Tamils


Canadian academics support self-determination, ask direct US action


Government sets up Tamil committee, a trick for the opposition


Sri Lanka's displaced now numbers over 192,000, UN reports


In LTTE capital, now a ghost town, the silence of the grave


On Sri Lanka, UN Says Responsibility to Protect is a "Concept" Only, Video Not Seen


Despair among Sri Lanka's refugees


Sri Lanka conflict: refugees 'shelled in no-fire zone'


Tamils Ask U.N. to Appoint Bill Clinton or Kofi Annan as U.N. Envoy to Sri Lanka


Is this the end of the Tamil struggle?


The Conflict in Sri Lanka: A Cornered Tiger Is Still Deadly


Premier Supports Peaceful Resolution In Sri Lanka


"We failed to do our duty by the suffering people in Vanni"- SL journalist writes


Situation Report [May07]: Heavy shelling and cluster bombing reported


Sri Lankan 'detention' camps swell with Tamils




Anna Neistat, HRW Researcher banned from entering SL


SRI LANKA: UN Secretary General's offer of assistance should not be ignored


Sri Lanka troops break more rebel defences


Cannon repeats call for ceasefire in Sri Lanka


To Visit Sri Lanka, Ban Ki-moon Called "Too Busy" by UN Sources, Despite Japanese Urging and Invitation


Sri Lanka: UN agency boosts support for displaced pregnant women


Sri Lankan government whips up communal hysteria as war reaches climax

S Lanka army 'maintains advance'

Life as a female Tamil Tiger guerilla relived by one of first female soldiers


Grim picture emerges from Tamil camps


Rains expose callousness of mass imprisonment

Rotrand seeks intervention for ‘out of control' situation in Sri Lanka


Time to Speak Out: Bring the Perpetrators of Genocide to Justice


Urgent international scrutiny needed in Sri Lanka, say UN rights experts


Situation Report [May08]: Shells explode among civilians waiting for food, more than 100 killed today


clear photos there in your last link, thirusuj, of bombed civilians in their tents today. 


SLA steps up carnage on civilians


'Sea battle' near Tamil war zone


SLA removes young women to Thellippazhai SLA camp


Extortion through abduction of children increases in Jaffna


Sri Lanka: Repeated Shelling of Hospitals Evidence of War Crimes

How did Obama do on his first humanitarian crisis?


Pakistan and Sri Lanka, a Tale of Two Counterinsurgencies


Sri Lanka and Responsibility to Protect Arise in UN, Would Ban Take to Council?

At UN, Obama's Magic Rice on the Speakers List, Sri Lanka Below the Basement

On Sri Lanka, UN Split on Visit by Ban, Russia Lends an Ear, Monday Not Council

An Imprisoned Sri Lankan Journalist


Tamils plan renewed protest on University Ave


Situation Report [May 09]: Heavy fighting reported;thousands of lives at risk


'Hundreds dead' on bloodiest day of Sri Lankan battle to destroy Tamil Tigers

Sri Lanka rebuffs reports that 257 civilians were killed in last 24 hours


Sri Lanka artillery barrage kills 378, doctor says

Situation Report [May10Eve]: Shelling resumed at 6 PM in Vanni


from your UN/scrutiny link at #19 to

" 'There is an urgent need to establish an international commission of inquiry to document the events of recent months and to monitor ongoing developments.'  The Experts called upon the UN Human Rights Council to establish such a commission, as a matter of urgency, to address the critical situation in Sri Lanka, and demand full respect for all human rights."

"Philip Alston, Professor of Law and Faculty Director of the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law, and appointed Special Rapporteur in 2004 by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Mr. Anand Grover, appointed Special Rapporteur in 2008 by the United Nations Human Rights Council, Mr. Olivier De Schutter, appointed Special Rapporteur in 2008, and Ms. Catarina de Albuquerque, who began her work as Independent Expert on the issue of human rights obligations related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation in November 2008, signed the statement."

re: 'an international commission of inquiry to document the events of recent months and to monitor ongoing developments'- necessary but not entirely sufficient? Does the Harper gov't even support such an inquiry?


-from the third innercitypress link at #18,

"Inner City Press pointed out that if Ban waits to go until after the final assault, it might become a tour of a dead zone. The advisor agreed, saying, "people will be locked in concentration camps for five years." Some say that if the UN knows that the camps they are funding are concentration camps, perhaps a change is needed. They say Ban should go now, taking the Press, and demand entry into the conflict zone." especially when, in the same article there are links to videos reporting rape of young women in the IDP camps. 



Correspondent expelled from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka arrests three British journalists


SLA artillery barrage hits 'safety zone' as ICRC ship leaves Mullaiththeevu

Sri Lanka arrests 3 journalists after refugee camp reports


2,000 civilians feared slaughtered in a single night

UN experts demand international scrutiny in Sri Lanka

LTTE urges IC to act in the international way


Malnutrition in mothers triggers Jaundice, Hepatitis in newborns

1200 bodies counted, hundreds seriously injured, aerial bombing continues

Gaza II' unfolding in the East


Rights group accuses Sri Lanka of shelling hospitals


Tamil march ends


Tamils march for their families


Hundreds of civilians die in Sri Lanka fighting

Refuge Refuge's picture

Tamil Protestors block the Gardiner today

The Gardiner Expressway came to a standstill as a more than a thousand Tamil protesters stormed onto the highway, blocking all lanes Sunday night.

Police were caught off guard as the demonstration swelled.

Police had been monitoring several groups of demonstrators who had joined up on Spadina Ave. as they headed south at about 6:30 p.m.

Once the marchers hit the lakeshore hundreds of people began running up the ramp to the westbound Gardiner. Marchers held flags, banners and placards demanding a stop to the violence in their homeland.

Police closed ramps to the expressway from Jarvis to Spadina Ave. Traffic backed up in both directions. From the Don Valley Parkway to the east and as far as the Humber River in the west end. A group of demonstrators had crossed over the centre concrete medium spreading themselves out across all lanes

Police have closed all on ramps onto the DVP from Steeles and all traffic on the DVP is being diverted at Richmond.

Refuge Refuge's picture
Refuge Refuge's picture

680 News reporting the the DVP southbound is closed from the 401.

Skinny Dipper

Just to confirm from my home, the DVP southbound is closed from the 401.  Northbound is open.

Skinny Dipper

One thing I notice about the Tamil-Canadian protests in the past week or two is that they seem like rapid (re)action protests.  They are not like the typical Canadian protest where a group posts information weeks in advance on Facebook, in the local newspapers such as NOW Toronto and Eye.  My guess is that when members of the Tamil community who lived in Sri Lanka decided to protest, they had to move quickly.  I'm not sure how the Sri Lankan government actually reacted.  I don't think its police and military forces would be acting with the same kind of organized police protocol as is supposed to be done here.

Even if the protest on the Gardener Expressway ends tonight, another protest could pop up elsewhere next week without notice.  This could take place on the 401 west of Yonge Street, at the Yonge-Bloor subway stations, at the borders, or who knows where.

Whether one agrees with the Tamil-Canadian protests or not, the Tamil community has introduced a new style of protesting in Toronto.

Refuge Refuge's picture

Youtube clip on when the protestors took the gardener

Photos from a blogsite of taking the gardiner


Refuge Refuge's picture

680 News is now reporting that the protestors are making their way off the Gardiner.


Sri-Lankan government perpetrates a [url=] bloodbath [/url] , according to the UN:




A doctor working in the war zone said on Sunday that the bodies of 378 people had been registered at his hospital.

He said 1,122 others had been injured - and more bodies were lying on beaches and by the sides of roads.

He said heavy arms appeared to have been fired from government-run territory into a mainly civilian area under the rebel control.

The army denied shelling the designated "safe zone" for civilians.

The government said the Tigers had done the firing.

The claims are impossible to verify as reporters are banned from the war zone.

The BBC's Charles Haviland in Colombo says the issue of civilian casualties is highly sensitive here and the state-owned Daily News on Monday makes no mention of the incident at all.

Meanwhile, the pro-rebel TamilNet website said a key Tamil rebel figure has been seriously wounded.

"Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) military spokesman Irasiah Punitharooban - alias Ilanthirayan (Marshall) - sustained heavy injuries in the latest artillery barrage by the Sri Lanka army in the early hours of Sunday," TamilNet reported, quoting sources close to the rebels in the Vanni region.

The British Foreign Secretary David Miliband is to co-sponsor informal discussions in New York on the island's humanitarian situation.

The Sri Lankan government is dismissive of calls from him and other diplomats for a ceasefire in the north: it says it is about to defeat the rebels permanently and that a ceasefire would not help civilians.

In response to claims of civilian deaths, military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said the Tamil Tigers had used artillery and mortar fire on two occasions on Saturday morning, directed against civilians within their zone.

Sri Lankan defence spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella also told the BBC that reports of government shelling were "propaganda" of the Tigers.

I read these chilling reports, but what is the truth? With no media allowed in (not that they would be trustworthy if let in anyways), how are we to know the truth?
Due to the passion and dedication of the protesters in Canada, I am leaning towards the view that the Sri Lankan government is overseeing a massacre. A description of the major hwy shutdown in Toronto on CBC this morning, outlined that there were people of all ages there who had no fear. They interviewed two 17 year old girls linking arms against the traffic and determined to stay put.
The radio piece noted that protesters agreed to leave overnight due to assurances from Micheal Ignatieff's office that he would raise the issue of sanctions, etc. against Sri Lanka in parliament. I cannot find any mentino of this on and I laughed out loud when I heard it. I think my most recent issue of Maclean's said it best "name an issue and Ignatieff will agree with you on it. Even if he has to twist himself inside and out to do it".


Here is what you can do that is circulating in emails:

How can Individuals help us?:
-Let your friends, family, colleagues etc. know about this mass killing of Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government.
-Talk to your MPs in your area and urge them to do more then put out press releases. Tell them to put immediate diplomatic sanctions and cut start cutting business ties between Canada and Sri Lanka.
-Attend rallies in solidarity with the Tamil community.
-Comment on articles on websites, write letters to the editor, make videos and post them on Youtube, post articles and videos on Facebook etc.
-Send Canadian medias information to use to cover this story immediately.


Requests To Student Unions, Labour Unions, Peace Alliances, Anti-War Groups, etc:

-Inform students, labour members, and peace and anti-war group members to attend the Emergency rallys in solidarity with the Tamils.
-Please do immediate press release condemning the attroctious acts of the Sri Lankan Government.
-As an organization, please contact the foreign affairs department or the Prime Minister of Canada by emailing, calling, writing or visiting them and tell them that you are concerned about the civilians safety.
-Send information your list servs.
-Send Canadian medias to cover this story immediately and let the media know about your organizations stance on this issue.
-Please go HERE and get your organization to sign onto the CPA statement.
-Please do as much as possible to help us.

What are the Tamil Media sources to follow the News?
LankaSri News
Tamil National
Tamil Canadian
Tamil Eelam News
EuroLive TV - Raw Genocide Footages
Tamil Sydney
War Without Witness

Actions and Materials to Download and Give Out:
Halt Genocide

Understand the Background to the Conflict in Sri Lanka:
The Unspeakable Truth
Understanding Sri LankaWar

In Solidarity,

Tamil Community Activists


Situation Report [May11]: Shelling and gunfire continued throughout the day


Video: Mother's Day Massacre by GOSL (May 10, 2009)

Warning: The subject matter may be disturbing to some.,view_video.aspx


CNN Poll: Should The International Community Intervene In Sri Lanka?


Sri Lanka impacts India elections


Grand response to Norway ballot: 80 percent turn out


99 percent Norway Tamils aspire for Tamil Eelam


Tamil survivors bear phosphorous burns - report


Aid workers tell donors not to fund Sri Lanka, reports Channel-4's Walsh


On the day written by blood - 3200 civilian deaths confirmed


Aid workers tell donors not to fund Sri Lanka, reports Channel-4's Walsh


IC, refocus whether the IDP camps are ethically a good idea - Paton Walsh


Situation Report [May10]: A day written by blood in Vanni


U.N. Tells of ‘Bloodbath' in Sri Lanka

Doctor says up to 1,000 dead in Sri Lanka shelling


‘Bloodbath' in Sri Lanka barrage, U.N. says


UN condemns ethnic Tamil 'bloodbath' in Sri Lanka


Joint Letter to Japanese Prime Minister on Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka: Arrested Tamil editor speaks to the WSWS


Nervous Sonia rakes up 1987 Lanka accord


UN: Sri Lankan attack a 'bloodbath'


Jaffna Library: Cultural Clash


UN in Sri Lanka Admits 400 Killed, No Word from Ban Ki-moon on Visit


Aid worker: Shelling kills 378 civilians in 'no-fire' zone


Crossing the Line in Sri Lanka


This Sri Lankan army spokesperson at Radio France Internationale (RFI)


NPR Media


Blog : Sri Lanka's Rajapaksa tells Channel 4 News to leave

Tamil protest surprises Toronto


Tamil protesters end blockade on major Toronto highway


Gardiner chaos averted

Tamils continue protests


'More than 1,000 civilians killed' in attacks on Sri Lanka safe zone


Torontoist vs. Torontoist in... Tamil Protests


Tamils Take to the Gardiner


appreciate these updates thirusuj.

 link to the CPA at #31 ?



Yes, it was a email promoting the CPA rally in solidarity with the Tamils.


Tamils block University again


Speaker criticises Tamil protests


'Sri Lanka factor' in Tamil Nadu poll


Indian election: Tamil leader calls for invasion of Sri Lanka


At UN, Kouchner Speaks On Sri Lanka to Select Reporters, IMF and Tariff Views Not Known


Turkey Says UN Must Cooperate with Sri Lankan Army, PKK Off-stage


Mount Royal MP Irwin Cotler calls for ceasefire in Sri Lanka


EU Diplomats Urge UN To Focus On Sri Lankan Crisis


Tamils battle with new lives


Send US forces to Lanka to save innocent lives: Tamils to US


Sri Lanka war zone hospital 'hit'

SLA attacks hospital, 47 massacred


Sri Lanka hospital attack kills dozens

Shelling kills dozens at Sri Lankan hospital

Sri Lanka brushes off criticism and guns for Tigers

Sometimes price of freedom is gloriously inconvenient


Tamil protests open political minefield for Ottawa


Tories praise Layton for diffusing Tamils' Gardiner blockade


Leading Sri Lanka Tamil Politician Claims 'Genocide' by Military


Sri Lanka brushes off criticism of civilian deaths


UN Security Council joint statement on Sri Lanka (12/05/2009)


Sri Lanka Puts Obama to the Test - And He's Failing,8599,1897632,00.html


McGuinty urges protesters not to carry Tamil Tiger flag


Sri Lankan doctor describes shelling


Sri Lankan military will launch an even heavier military offensive after 13 May - Amnesty International


SLA shells hospital again, several killed including doctor, ICRC worker


Sri Lanka: Satellite Images, Witnesses Show Shelling Continues


Horrifying images of Sri Lanka torture killings, secret location in Polanaruwai.
Please do not see if you are weak hearted.


Another Tamil Protest Expected Downtown On Wednesday


War in Sri Lanka Weighs on India Vote


Tamil community in Toronto to stage another protest


UN Security Council must act immediately to stop "bloodbath" in Sri Lanka


Tamils In Conflict Zone in Sri Lanka Have Little Food


End Colombo's Media War


Sri Lankan Civilians Used as 'Cannon Fodder'


More Sri Lanka civilians die in second raid on hospital in Tamil war zone


ICRC worker killed in Sri Lanka


Interview with Dr Paul McMaster, MSF Surgical Advisor, arrived in Vavuniya, in northern Sri Lanka, on April 16 and left on May 8


Tamils need new tactics to woo Canadians


Protests aren't the way, Tamil Tiger leader's Canadian family says


Be lawful or else, police tell Tamils


Tamils plan human chain at Queen's Park today

Army's war crimes continue in northern Sri Lanka


Eyewitness Sri Lanka: 'This is too much to take. Why is the world not helping?'


Slaughter in Sri Lanka


Riot police stand guard over Tamil protest


Amnesty International Calls on Obama Administration, U.N. Security Council to Act Now to Save Sri Lankan Civilians


[url=][color=orange]NDP[/color] New Democrat petition on the conflict in Sri Lanka[/url]



We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Canada, call on the Government of Canada to:

  • Urge the international community and the UN to ensure the protection of all civilians;
  • Urge the UN Security Council to authorize timely and decisive measures to halt mass atrocities in the Vanni region of Sri Lanka, including the dispatch of a Special Envoy to the region, and the creation of a commission of inquiry into crimes under international law committed by any person or entity;
  • Demand that the Government of Sri Lanka remove restrictions imposed on access to the conflict zone for humanitarian workers and media and permit international observers in the detention camps;
  • Initiate internationally mediated efforts aimed at achieving a durable political solution to the conflict in Sri Lanka.



SLA barrage inflicts carnage, makeshift hospital reports disaster


thanks for the petition link, i've signed it.


Obama's Statement on Sri Lanka

Obama: Sri Lanka must end warfare
13 May 2009

[The Australian]
Obama tells Sri Lanka to stop shelling
May 14, 2009

Sean in Ottawa

Question-- and I know it will be controversial but this has been bothering me and I am hoping to have someone help come up with an explanation:

We understand that civilians are dying in the thousands.

We are told that militarily the Tamil cause is, at least for the moment, lost.

The government is using the excuse, at least, of the presence of Tamil Tigers in the civilian areas for the shelling.

Why don't the Tigers surrender now? Would that not take away any cover for the shelling? What is the point of continuing when your people are being slaughtered?

Is it because the Tigers value their cause, as hopeless as it now appears, more than the lives of their people or is there an explanation I am missing?

It is not uncommon historically when a war is lost for the losing side to surrender in order to stop the slaughter of its civilians. Why not now?


"Why don't the Tigers surrender now? Would that not take away any cover for the shelling? What is the point of continuing when your people are being slaughtered?"


Tigers will surrender if someone takes the responsibility to protect the Tamil people and look after their aspirations like India, UN or western countries. They are not going to give it up to Sri Lankan government which has done nothing to make peace with the Tamil people or meet their aspirations. The people are going to die unless the International community intervenes or the Tigers re-establish their military strength. What is the point of surrendering and letting the people live in concentration camps (I am sure you have read the report of starvation, torture, disappearance, sexual abuse in these camps), or without basic freedom and living at the mercy of someone else?


"Is it because the Tigers value their cause, as hopeless as it now appears, more than the lives of their people or is there an explanation I am missing?"


Tigers do value their cause to the point that their lives become nothing. Again you have to look into history when the Sri Lankan Army invaded Jaffna in 1995, Tigers didn't want to stand and cause the lost of civilian lives so they left and most people went with them. Starvation and lack of medicine forced the people back into the government occupied Jaffna which they now regret as Jaffna is under the administration of the Armed Forces for the last 15 years locked away from the rest of the world including the rest of Sri Lanka. The disappearances, rapes, lootings, unquestioned killings, media censorship of the population of 600 000 Tamil people with 50 000 Sri Lankan troops has been their lives. Do we want this to be repeated again for another portion of the Tamil population?


The eastern province was captured by the government like 2 years ago and the pro-government paramilitaries rules and makes laws while there is a makeup provincial council to fool the world that the government is willing to devolve power which is yet to happen and given like 14 dead lines the last time I checked on it. Again there is rapes, disappearances, lootings, unquestioned killings, media censorship in this province as well.

"It is not uncommon historically when a war is lost for the losing side to surrender in order to stop the slaughter of its civilians. Why not now?"


Japan was surrendering to someone who respects Human rights and willing to treat the people with dignity. The Tamils want an option anything else then the Sri Lankan government. Just because they surrender does not mean they are not going to be slaughtered.


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