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With the Tamil people lost of LTTE's strength to defend, the geo-political game is becoming more open. Isreal which once was one the best friends of Sri Lanka has now changed the path.

This is Isreal-Sri Lanka relationship during 2000 when Tigers were on the verge of having control of the entire Tamil Eelam and declaring independence:


"While the LTTE continues its ``all-out'' offensive on Jaffna, Sri Lanka has acquired new fighter jets from Israel and is awaiting a shipload of arms from Pakistan, highly placed Government sources here said.
Sources pointed out that seven Israeli Kfir fighter jets had already arrived in Sri Lanka. Besides, Israel has also landed 24 containers of arms and equipment in Colombo.
The presence of Israeli Kfirs is meant to build the depleted stocks of the Sri Lankan Air Force. With the Sri Lankan Army losing ground, its Air Force which already has a handful of Kfirs is under pressure to deliver. The Air Force, analysts say, has to target the LTTE artillery which otherwise can impose enormous pressure on its ground troops in the Jaffna peninsula."


Israel went from being a major source of weapons for Sri Lanka to totally against it. Why? Sri Lanka's new friends are not very friendly to Israel. Here is the new Israel relationship with Sri Lanka in May 2009:


"WHO: Anti- Sri Lanka proposal defated
A proposal by Israel to send a comprehensive investigation team to Sri Lanka to inquire into what they termed as alleged human rights violations by the Government of Sri Lanka has been defeated by countries which are friendly with Sri Lanka at the 62nd General Assembly of the World Health Organisations.

Addressing journalists on his return to the island at the BIA, Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva said Israel brought forward a proposal calling for the United Nations and the World Health Organisation to send a high profile investigation team to inquire into alleged Human Rights violations perpetrated by the Government under the pretext of eradicating terrorism.

The Minister said the Israel representative attempted to mislead the WHO General Assembly citing that the Sri Lanka Government is engaged in violating Human Rights under the pretext of launching an operation against the terrorists and these right violations need to be investigated.

"Sri Lanka has been trading on the non alignment path and our friendly countries countered this threat in the form of Isreali proposal effectively," the minister said.

The Minister said the proposal was defeated among the strong objection by our friendly countries such as China, Russia and Japan. They cited that such an investigation is untimely and unwarranted when the country was rescued from the clutches of terrorism. They cited that the LTTE is responsible for violating the rights of the people.

Almost all representatives except Israel commended the Government's efforts to liberate the country from the clutches of terrorism . Talking of Human Rights by a country like Israel is hilarious, the Minister said.

All members of the World Health Organisation except Israel approved the appointment of Health Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva as the Chairman of the WHO at this august assembly."


[url=][color=blue]Sri Lanka rejects Tigers' offer[/color][/url]


Sri Lanka's defence secretary has rejected the Tamil Tigers' offer to enter a democratic process after their military defeat by government forces.

In an interview with the BBC, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said the LTTE rebels could not be trusted to give up "terrorism".

"I do not believe the LTTE can enter a democratic process after years of their violent activities," Mr Rajapaksa said.

The rebels had said they would give up violence after their leader was killed in recent fighting in the north-east.

"I am not interested in LTTE at all," the defence secretary - the most senior civilian official in charge of the war against the Tamil Tigers - told the BBC in a wide-ranging telephone interview.

He said there were "enough democratic Tamil political parties in the country" to represent the Tamil minority.


Freedom Denied: The Crushing of the Sri Lanka's Tamils - by Mike Cowie,

"So, with the war in Sri Lanka now over and the Tamils having been crushed adn brought to their knees, I'd like to ask just one question: Are we happy now? With the Tamils decades long struggle for self-determination quashed and their dreams of an independent homeland shattered, are we fully satisfied? Should we givce ourselves a pat on the back?"


Couldn't help but notice that most of their demos and rallys in T.O. were 99.99% brown people. And the same redneck tribe that emerges whenever Indigenous people confront this settler state over our own continuing plundering and genocide, were out in force in all the 'comments' sections of the land spewing bile and bs. Too bad, because until such time as the rest of Canada can muster the kind of passion, commitment, organization and turnouts to their demos and rallies, elite elements will continue to run our affairs as they see fit. If divided we stand united we fall.



Sri Lanka rejects Tigers' offer

Saving the distress people in Sri Lanka

Army Holding Three Doctors Who Gave Information to Press in Sri Lanka


No access to relief camps even after UN chief's visit

UN faces fierce clash over call for Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

U.N. Human Rights Council Due Over Lanka "War Crimes"

Toronto sideshow in Sri Lanka tragedy

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What Next for Sri Lanka's 2.5 Million Tamils?,8599,1900888,00.html


Sri Lanka army chief vows never to allow Tamil rebels to rise again

Military manpower will be increased from 200,000 to 500,000 within 5 years: Sarath Fonseka


Sri Lankan government must fulfill Tamils' demands - Indian New Foreign Minister


Far from needed reconciliation in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka accused of 'ethnic cleansing' of Tamil areas


Cult of personality grows around Sri Lanka's leader


Media rears racist head during protests


thirusuj wrote:

Media rears racist head during protests

From Ashifa Kassam's article:

The Toronto Star editorialized that the inconvenience the Tamil community was causing undermines "any sympathy that the rest of us might have felt for their cause." Exactly who were they speaking for when they evoked the "rest of us?"

I fully support the right of people in Canada to assemble, to demonstrate, to protest - and I was disturbed but unsurprised at the racist tone of much MSM comment on the protests.

Ashifa Kassam, however, is [url=][color=red]much more selective[/color][/url] when it comes to the rights of people in Canada:

[M]any Ottawa residents are still angry. And it's not only because some bus routes won't resume until April.

They're angry at the city, for allowing a bus strike to continue for 51 long days. [b]They're angry at the bus drivers' union for holding the city's most vulnerable hostage[/b] during the most unforgiving time of the year. [...] Transit must be declared an essential service -- at least partially.

While blithely calling the events in Sri Lanka "genocide", this same columnist had not one word of support for the right of busdrivers - not to blockade highways - but simply to stay home and not work. And she did not blast the government authorities for failing to provide alternate modes of transport. Her entire venom was reserved for the workers.




Has anyone seen the similarity between Serbia and Sri Lanka?  Both have provinces/territories with minorities, the Kosovar Muslim Albanians in Kosovo and the Hindu Tamils in Eelam.  Both minorities had militants who didn't follow the path of 'non-violence', the USK (Kosovo Liberation Army) and the Tigers.  But the USK has so far succeeded by its violence and the violent (but humanitarian) 11 week bombing by NATO.  Not so the Tamils who have been crushed and admonished for not following Gandhi.  And there is no US military base in Eelam.  Joe Biden has chosen the 10th anniversary of the NATO bombing to visit Kosovo.


VOTE: Tamils have the legitimate right to an independent Tamil Eelam

at or


Former Aid Worker Tim Martin Hunger Strike for Tamils' Plight


Who are the Tamil Tigers? - PAGE 12


Riz Khan - What now for Sri Lanka's Tamils? - 25 May 09 - Part 1


Riz Khan - What now for Sri Lanka's Tamils? - 25 May 09 - Part 2

"Glaring hypocrisy, blatant sophistry" Boyle slams Swiss UN Resolution


thirusuj wrote:

VOTE: Tamils have the legitimate right to an independent Tamil Eelam

at or

I'm not voting on this, thanks very much. Take it to the U.N.



Unionist wrote:
I'm not voting on this, thanks very much. Take it to the U.N.


If the Tamil people have to depend on the UN for any kind of justice then we are surely screwed for life.


Colombo to 'rehabilitate' rebels

UN call for Sri Lanka war probe

Tamil Tiger doubt over leader's demise


Sri Lanka's war-wounded leave MSF staff heavy with surgeries every day




Delicate Sri Lankan Peace Traps Refugees


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Sri Lankans divided by war: Tamils trapped in internment camps tell of desperate hunt for loved ones

Tamil refugees beg to learn fate of relatives held as terrorists


Back from Sri Lanka, UN's Holmes Admits NGO Killings and Restrictions Not Raised

SRI LANKA: U.N. Urges Focus on Relief and Reconciliation

Sri Lanka urged at U.N. to ensure aid reaches Tamils


No Victory in Sri Lanka


Sri Lankan refugee camps 'epidemic waiting to happen'$1298871.htm


Radio Basics - 25 May 2009: Discussions on Tamil and African Liberation



"Sri Lanka keeps state of emergency"

The Sri Lankan government will maintain its state of emergency, including sweeping powers to arrest and detain suspects, after the defeat of the separatist Tamil Tigers, according to a statement posted online ...

Under the state of emergency, police can arrest, enter homes and seize evidence without warrants and hold those they arrest for 18 months without trial ...

Veerasingham Anandasangaree, a Tamil politician, said it was unfair to keep the emergency powers in place, since most of the Tamil people "gave full support to the army to liberate them. If they are treated in this manner, there is no justice at all" ...





this whole situation just leaves me speechless.


UN supports Sri Lanka aid effort

Eleventh special session
26 May 2009

S-11/1    Assistance to Sri Lanka in the promotion and protection of human rights
The Human Rights Council,

Guided by the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants on Human Rights and other relevant human rights instruments,

Reaffirming the purposes and principles of the United Nations as contained in articles 1 and 2 of the United Nations Charter, including the principle of non-interference in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of States,

Bearing in mind the General Assembly resolution 60/251 of 15 March 2006,

Recalling the Human Rights Council resolutions 5/1 and 5/2 on institution-building of the United Nations Human Rights Council,

Recalling that States have the duty and responsibility to provide protection and humanitarian assistance to all segments of the population, including Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), without discrimination,

Recalling its decision 2/112 and its resolutions 6/28, 7/7 and 10/15, and recalling General Assembly resolutions 57/219, 58/187, 59/191, 60/158, 61/171, 62/159 and 63/185, and welcoming the efforts of the member States of the United Nations for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, and reaffirming the obligations of States to respect human rights law and international humanitarian law while countering terrorism,

Reaffirming the respect for sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, and its sovereign rights to protect its citizens and combat terrorism,

Condemning all attacks that the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) launched on the civilian population and its practice of using civilians as human shields,

Reaffirming its commitment to promoting international cooperation, as set forth in the Charter of the United Nations, in particular Article 1, paragraph 3, as well as relevant provisions of the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights on 25 June 1993 for enhancing genuine cooperation among Member States in the field of human rights,

Recognizing that the promotion and protection of human rights should be based on the principle of cooperation and genuine dialogue and aimed at strengthening the capacity of Member States to comply with their human rights obligations for the benefit of all human beings,

Welcoming the conclusion of hostilities and the liberation by the Government of Sri Lanka of tens of thousands of its citizens that were kept by the LTTE against their will as hostages, as well as the efforts by the Government to ensure safety and security for all Sri Lankans and bringing permanent peace to the country;

Welcoming further the recent reassurance given by the President of Sri Lanka that he does not regard a military solution as a final solution, as well as his commitment to a political solution with implementation of the 13th Amendment to bring about lasting peace and reconciliation in Sri Lanka,

Emphasizing that after the conclusion of hostilities, the priority in terms of human rights remains the provision of the necessary assistance to ensure relief and rehabilitation of persons affected by the conflict, including internally displaced persons, as well as the reconstruction of the country's economy and infrastructure,

Encouraged by the provision of basic humanitarian assistance, in particular, safe drinking water, sanitation, food, and medical and health care services to the IDPs by the Government of Sri Lanka with the assistance of the United Nations agencies,

Further encouraged by the recent announcement by the Government of Sri Lanka of the proposal to safely resettle bulk of the IDPs within six months,

Welcoming the successful rehabilitation and reintegration of former child soldiers after the conflict ended in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka, 

Acknowledging the continued engagement of the Government of Sri Lanka in regularly and transparently briefing and updating the Council on the human rights situation on the ground and the measures taken in that regard,

1.            Commends the measures taken by the Government of Sri Lanka to address the urgent needs of the Internally Displaced Persons;

2.            Welcomes the continued commitment of Sri Lanka to the promotion and protection of all human rights and encourages it to continue to uphold its human rights obligations and the norms of international human rights law;

3.            Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to continue to pursue its existing cooperation with relevant  United Nations Organizations, , in order to provide, to the full extent of their capabilities, in co-operation with the Government of Sri Lanka, basic humanitarian assistance, in particular, safe drinking water, sanitation, food, and medical and health care services to the IDPs;

4.            Welcomes the announcement of the proposal to safely resettle the bulk of the Internally Displaced Persons within six months, and encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to proceed in these endeavours with due respect to persons belonging to national, ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities;

5.            Acknowledges the commitment of the Government of Sri Lanka to provide access as may be appropriate to international humanitarian agencies in order to ensure humanitarian assistance to the population affected by the past conflict, in particular IDPs, with a view to meeting their urgent needs and encourages the Sri Lankan authorities to further facilitate appropriate work;

6.            Encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to continue to persevere in its efforts towards the disarmament, demobilization and rehabilitation of former child soldiers, recruited by the non-state armed actors in the conflict in Sri Lanka, physical and psychological recovery and reintegration into society, in particular, through educational measures, taking into account the rights and specific needs and capacities of girls, in cooperation with relevant United Nations Organizations;

7.            Urges the Government of Sri Lanka to continue strengthening its activities to ensure that there is no discrimination against ethnic minorities in the enjoyment of the full range of human rights;

8.            Welcomes the continued cooperation between the Government of Sri Lanka and the relevant United Nations agencies, and other humanitarian organizations in the provision of humanitarian assistance to the affected people, and encourages them to continue to cooperate with the Government of Sri Lanka;

9.            Welcomes the recent visits to Sri Lanka by Mr. John Holmes, United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator and Mr. Walter Kaelin, Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons and encourages them to continue to cooperate in the mobilization and provision of humanitarian assistance to the affected populations;

10.             Welcomes the visit to Sri Lanka of the Secretary-General of the United Nations at the invitation extended by the President of Sri Lanka, and endorses the joint communiqué issued at the conclusion of the visit as well as the understandings contained therein;

11.          Welcomes the resolve of the Sri Lankan authorities to begin a broader dialogue with all parties in order to enhance the process of political settlement and to bring about lasting peace and development in Sri Lanka based on consensus among and respect for the rights of all the ethnic and religious groups inhabiting it and invites all stakeholders concerned to actively participate in it;

12.            Urges the international community to cooperate with the Government of Sri Lanka in the reconstruction efforts, including by increasing the provision of financial assistance, including Official Development Assistance, to help the country fight poverty and underdevelopment and continue to ensure the promotion and protection of all human rights, including economic, social and cultural rights.

27 May 2009

                [Adopted by a recorded vote of 29 to 12, with 6 abstentions. The voting was as follows:

In favour:        Angola, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, South Africa, Uruguay, Zambia;

Against:          Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;

Abstaining:    Argentina, Gabon, Japan, Mauritius, Republic of Korea, Ukraine].


i don't get it.

what has the UN statement yesterday got to do with the call of the UN Human Rights Chief to investigate war crimes ?? and - posted at #113 by thirusuj above.

is the UN going to ignore the war crimes ?


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